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Category Summary
Assets Materials, Procedural Components, Meshes.
Audio Audio Output, Reverb Zones.
Cloud Cloud User Information, Server Status.
Common UI UIX/touchable button events, UI Drivers.
Data Dynamic Variables, item Metadata, value fields.
Debug Component Debugging
Generators Maze Generator.
Input Controls for Desktop, VR inputs, haptic, inputs interactions.
Interaction Grip Pose Reference.
Localization Translations.
Locomotion User Locomotions, Locomotion modifiers, Character Controller interactions.
Media Audio clip player variations, Media Drivers.
Metadata Metadata about the object.
Network Twitch Interface, Websockets.
Permissions World Permissions.
Physics Colliders, Dynamic Bones.
Radiant UI Context Menus, Facets, General UI Elements.
Relations Multi-Drivers.
Rendering Render Providers, Animators, Text Rendering, Particle Systems.
Tools Tooltips & brushes.
Transform Field drivers, Object Tagging, button interactions.
UI Common Neos UI
UIX Components for UIX, Neos's two-dimensional user interfaces.
Uncategorized Unsorted Components that need sorting.
Users Basic Avatar & User systems.
Userspace Virtual Keyboard inputs.
Utility Value/Reference Multiplexer, Hyperlinks.
Wizards Asset/World optimization Wizards.
World World Based Components, such as WorldOrb, World Thumbnail Source.

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