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Neos Foundation manages Neos Cloud, Neos Accounts, Neos Credits [NCR] and supports groups developing Neos compatible clients. In addition to internal efforts it provides funding in the form of awards to independent developers or groups of developers furthering the Neos Metaverse ecosystem.


Name Role Social Media
Andrea Maloney COO Twitter
Karel Hulec CEO Twitter

Moderation Supervisors

The moderation team and its moderators are there to keep you safe. They handle policies, incidents, and moderation matters within the community.

Name Role Social Media Description
CanadianGit Moderation Moderation team lead.
Dante Moderation Moderation team lead.
Raith Moderation / Programmer Twitter Manager of the moderation ticket system.
Veer Chief Moderation Officer Twitter Manages all Moderation and Mentor matters, including policies, guidelines, and rules.

Moderation team consists of volunteers from the Neos Community.

Contacting the Neos Team

Please follow the info on this page