Local Impulse Timeout (LogiX node)

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Local Impulse Timeout
'Local Impulse Timeout' LogiX node
  Impulse Trigger
  Impulse Reset
  Float TimeoutSeconds
  Impulse Pulse

The Local Impulse Timeout node can be used to filter the rate of impulses passing along an impulse chain.


When an impulse is first received at Trigger, an impulse is fired from Pulse which continues the impulse chain. No further impulses will be fired from Pulse, no matter how many arrive at Trigger. Until either an impulse is received at Reset or a number of seconds has elapsed greater than or equal to TimeoutSeconds. The duration to wait is fixed at the moment that an impulse is fired from Pulse. As such, if the TimeoutSeconds value is changed after the timeout begins, no further impulses will fire from Pulse until enough seconds have elapsed greater than or equal to the previous value of TimeoutSeconds (or an impulse is received at Reset).

As the node name implies, timeouts and resets are local for each user. Meaning one user may fire an impulse from Pulse and initate a timeout for any impulses owned by them, but another user would be capable of triggering an impulse from Pulse and initating their own timeout immediately afterwards.


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