Impulse Demultiplexer (LogiX node)

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Impulse Demultiplexer
'Impulse Demultiplexer' LogiX node
  Impulse Trigger
  Impulse Trigger
  Impulse OnTriggered
  Int Index

The Impulse Demultiplexer node fires an impulse from OnTriggered whenever an impulse is received at any Trigger input. It also indicates which input was triggered via the Index value.


The Index output value corresponds to the index of the input which was triggered. Neos uses zero-based indexing meaning that the top input being triggered corresponds to Index = 0. This value is only available for the duration of the impulse chain fired from OnTriggered. Default value is 0.

The number of Trigger inputs can be changed with the + or - buttons.


ProbablePrime has a tutorial featuring this node

Node Menu

Back Events Boolean Latch Delay Delay With Value Dynamic Impulse Receiver Dynamic Impulse Receiver With Value`1
Dynamic Impulse Trigger Dynamic Impulse Trigger With Value`1 Fire On Change Fire On False Fire On True Fire While True For
If Impulse Demultiplexer Impulse Multiplexer Local Fire On Change`1 Local Fire On False Local Fire On True Local Impulse Timeout
Local Leaky Impulse Bucket One Per Frame Pulse Random Sequence Timer Update Updates Delay
Updates Delay With Value While