Local Leaky Impulse Bucket (LogiX node)

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Local Leaky Impulse Bucket
'Local Leaky Impulse Bucket' LogiX node
  Impulse Trigger
  Impulse Reset
  Float Interval
  Int MaximumCapacity
  Impulse Pulse
  Impulse Overflow
  Int CurrentCapacity

The Local Leaky Impulse Bucket node can be used as a buffer to store multiple impulses and release them at a constant rate. This node operates according to the Leaky bucket algorithm.


Trigger is the impulse source for the bucket. Reset will remove all remaining impulses from the bucket. Interval is a configurable time interval which affects how often impulses are poured out of the bucket. MaximumCapacity is the maximum number of impulses that can be stored in the bucket. Pulse fires whenever the specified time interval has elapsed if there are impulses remaining. Overflow fires whenever an impulse is received through Trigger while the bucket is full. CurrentCapacity is the current number of impulses in the bucket.


Node Menu

Back Events Boolean Latch Delay Delay With Value Dynamic Impulse Receiver Dynamic Impulse Receiver With Value`1
Dynamic Impulse Trigger Dynamic Impulse Trigger With Value`1 Fire On Change Fire On False Fire On True Fire While True For
If Impulse Demultiplexer Impulse Multiplexer Local Fire On Change`1 Local Fire On False Local Fire On True Local Impulse Timeout
Local Leaky Impulse Bucket One Per Frame Pulse Random Sequence Timer Update Updates Delay
Updates Delay With Value While