Update (LogiX node)

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'Update' LogiX node
  User UpdatingUser
  Impulse Update

The Update node fires an impulse from Update every frame.


Impulses are fired owned by the UpdatingUser. This defaults to the world host if no UpdatingUser is provided. If a null user value is explicitly provided the node will not fire impulses.

Due to the frequency that this node fires impulses, one should be careful to ensure that impulses are filtered such that downstream LogiX is only evaluated when absolutely necessary. Unnecessary use of this node has the potential to incur significant performance penalties and there are almost always better alternatives.


Node Menu

Back Events Boolean Latch Delay Delay With Value Dynamic Impulse Receiver Dynamic Impulse Receiver With Value`1
Dynamic Impulse Trigger Dynamic Impulse Trigger With Value`1 Fire On Change Fire On False Fire On True Fire While True For
If Impulse Demultiplexer Impulse Multiplexer Local Fire On Change`1 Local Fire On False Local Fire On True Local Impulse Timeout
Local Leaky Impulse Bucket One Per Frame Pulse Random Sequence Timer Update Updates Delay
Updates Delay With Value While