Debug Vector (LogiX node)

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Debug Vector
'Debug Vector' LogiX node
  Impulse Display
  Float3 Position
  Float3 Vector
  Color Color
  Float RadiusRatio
  Float Duration
  Impulse OnDisplay

The Debug Vector node generates an arrow visual with the specified properties when an impulse is received at Display.


The Position input determines the global position of the arrow origin (tail).

The Vector input determines the global direction vector along which the arrow points. The values are not normalized before generating the visual.

The RadiusRatio input is a scaling factor which affects the radius and arrow head size of the displayed visual.

The Color input determines the color of the box visual.

The Duration input determines the number of seconds that the box visual persists.

The OnDisplay output fires an impulse when the vector arrow is successfully displayed.

Slots for the debug visuals are produced under a non-persistent slot under the root slot named '_DEBUG'. Children are produced under that slot for each individual user for whom a debug node fires.


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