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Sometimes, when your account is syncing the sync status as shown on the dashboard will stick at various percentages(10% is common). This indicates that there was a problem while syncing that is halting or pausing the sync process.

Ensure you're reading the right guide

We have multiple guides for Sync related matters, please ensure you are reading the correct one for your problem, for the "Hub" of these see Sync Errors BEFORE you start.

These problems are slightly different and may require differing steps, so we've split them into separate guides.


  • Delete your Neos data/database or cache files.
  • Try to save and sync any more items/worlds.
  • Click "Exit & Save Homes"
  • Send any objects or voice messages through the Contacts tab.
  • Change any settings.
  • Reinstall Neos.

Diagnosing a Stuck Sync

The first step for fixing a Stuck Sync, is to ensure it really is stuck. Sometimes syncing may take a long time or appear stuck but, it's just being slow. Follow these steps to confirm the issue:

  1. Examine the sync status section of your Dash menu. It is in the top bar of the dash and will usually display "All Synced" in green
  2. If it says "Syncing" and then a percentage, examine this percentage. See if it changes or increases. Give it a few minutes to double check that its not just being slow.
  3. If it is still not moving, then you have a stuck sync!

Fixing a Stuck Sync

Fixing a stuck sync, is a little challenging depending on what exactly is wrong so make sure to follow our steps.

First, let's try some steps which are common to many sync issues:

  1. Try restarting Neos, this will re-start the sync process and can sometimes get it unstuck
  2. Try disabling any mods, plugins or other modifications you have made to Neos, these may affect syncing.

If you've tried these initial steps then let's move on to discovering exactly what's wrong:

  1. Examine your Log Files, Sync issues are usually shown in the "Regular" logs.
  2. The most recent file that shows a stuck sync, should be the one that you examine.
  3. Scroll through it looking for issues, If you're unsure try asking on the Discord in the #questions-help channel. Send the full regular log file to whomever is helping you.
  4. Once you've located or been told about the message that's related to your stuck sync. Follow the section below which most closely matches the issue you're seeing in the log file.
  5. If you cannot find a matching section, please share a log file in the #questions-help channel, where another user can examine it to see what is wrong.

Out of Space

If you've found a message in the log file that contains:

Fail Reason: Out of space

Then an item/world that you are trying to save is too large for the rest of your storage space, and your storage is now full. Even if your storage indicator says you have storage left.

Please follow this guide on what to do when your storage is full.

Too Many Requests

If you've found a message that contains something like this:

Fail Reason: Response status code does not indicate success: TooManyRequests (429); Substatus: 3200; ActivityId: ....; Reason: (
code : TooManyRequests
message : The request rate is too large. Please retry after sometime. Learn more:, 

This error means that there's a rate limit occurring between you and our data storage systems which are a part of the Azure cloud service offerings. This usually happens when items are being saved too quickly or are too large to save temporarily. The issue usually goes away on it's own if you are patient.

However, You can follow these steps to try and resolve it:

  1. Try restarting Neos, this will re-start the sync and try it again.
  2. Try waiting for a while before restarting or trying to sync again.
  3. Try waiting for a quieter time for Neos traffic before syncing. Later at night or earlier in the morning

This may take up to 48 hours to resolve.

If you are impatient, then there are some more items you can try. These WILL CAUSE DATA LOSS:

  • Force the Sync to ignore records which are causing it to get stuck. This is done by following the Sync Conflict guide and using the -DeleteUnsyncedCloudRecords option within this guide.
  • You can Clear your database.

Avoiding this problem in the future

The Neos team are aware and are investigating this issue, see the bug report on our issue tracker for more information. In the mean time, try these recommendations to potentially reduce the amount of times you see it:

  1. Avoid repeatedly saving the same object multiple times - For example, waiting a longer period of time between saving copies of worlds or avatars.
  2. Avoid saving multiple items at once - For example, don't grab and save every single object you see.
  3. Avoid saving very large objects, for example a very complicated world, instead save portions of the object such as individual rooms or objects separately.
  4. Break up your saves, save an item...wait 5 minutes... save another item.
  5. Try using your Local Home as a Local Backup.
  6. Continue posting reports, log files and information on the bug report on our issue tracker
  7. Ask in our discord for more information.

Large Items

We've also seen reports of this occurring with exceptionally large assets. For example very high poly scenes and worlds, anatomically correct research models etc. In these cases these assets contain so much information that they can exceed the rate limiting just by themselves. If this is the case, then please try breaking them up as recommended above.


If you find a message stating that there is a conflict, you'll need to see Sync Conflict page instead.

Something else?

If you can't find something that matches the above list. Please report it on our issue tracker or in our Discord. In both cases make sure to provide a log file.