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SkinnedMeshRenderer component as seen in the Scene Inspector


The SkinnedMeshRenderer component is used for rendering animated/dynamic 3D meshes in the world, and applying materials to that mesh.


Name Type Description
persistent Bool Determines whether or not this item will be saved to the server.
UpdateOrder Int Controls the order in which this component is updated
Enabled Bool Controls whether or not this component is enabled
Mesh Mesh The mesh to be rendered. Can be a StaticMesh or a Procedural Mesh
Materials Material A list of materials to be applied to the mesh
MaterialPropertyBlocks MaterialPropertyBlock
ShadowCastMode ShadowCastMode How this object will cast shadows onto the world, or if it only draws a shadow.
SortingOrder Int
BoundsComputeMethod SkinnedBounds How the bounds of this mesh will be calculated. Should be left as Static if possible, for performance reasons.
ProxyBoundsSource SkinnedMeshRenderer
Bones Slot Automatically Assigned — List of bones present in this mesh
BlendShapeWeights Float Automatically Assigned — List of blendshapes present in this mesh, and their respective weights.


While it can be used for rendering static meshes, it is not recommended as there is a slight performance penalty for using SkinnedMeshRenderer, even if the animation features aren't used — Please try to use MeshRenderer where possible.

Special Functions

Custom UI Elements
Name Description
Split into separate meshes by material Will split this mesh into additional submeshes, each having only one material
Merge submeshes with same material Will merge all submeshes that use the same material
Separate parts of mesh unaffected by blendshapes Any part of the mesh that isn't animated by a Blendshape will be separated into a submesh
Strip empty blendshapes Blendshapes that don't animate any vertices will be removed from the mesh
Strip empty bones Bones that aren't weighted to any vertices will be removed from the mesh
Visualize bone bounding boxes Shows the bounding boxes for all of the bones in this mesh
Visualize approximate merged bone sphere bounds
Remove bone bounding box visuals Hides the bounding boxes for the bones in this mesh.


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