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NeosVR supports multiple languages, so you can change it to your native language using the following below.

How to Use

" find folder where Neos.exe is installed (on Steam, you can do so by right clicking Neos, going to Properties -> LOCAL FILES -> BROWSE LOCAL FILES...) and then locate the "Locale" folder. Simply place your modified file into this folder and Neos will load it up. By default, Neos uses your system locale to determine which locale to use as default, and you will be asked to select your preferred one on 1st startup. You can change language by going to Settings, pressing Change language and selecting different language. " #Testing your translation in Neos


Name Code URL
English en
British English en-gb
Czech cs
Spanish es
Dutch nl
Japanese ja
German de
Finnish fi
French fr
Norwegian no
Polish pl
Russian ru
Estonian et
Italian it
Portuguese(Portugal) pt_PT
Icelandic is
Korean ko
Simple Chinese zh-cn
Traditional Chinese zh-tw
Turkish tr
Esperanto eo
Lojban jbo

How to Contribute

"Contributing translations to a language If you'd like to contribute translations for existing language file (or one you have just created), we recommend the following:

Make a fork of the repository or your own branch. Update the language file, either by modifying the translation strings or adding new ones for missing translations. Ensure you do not have any left-over English strings in the file. Your file should only contain actually translated strings. Any missing strings will automatically fallback (see below for details) Ensure your modified translation file works correctly in Neos (see below how to test) Create a Pull Request for your translations to be merged into the main repository. After merging they will be available publicly in the next public build of Neos. As Neos develop, we'll be constantly adding new strings in English or modifying the existing ones. We recommend watching the repository for activity through GitHub, so you can get notified when there are changes and new strings to be translated."

#Contributing translations to a language
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