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'Write' LogiX node
  Impulse Write
  dummy Value
  IValue`1 Target
  Impulse OnDone
  Impulse OnFail

The Write node overwrites the referenced Target value with the input Value when an impulse is received at Write.


When spawned from the node browser, the Value input has a dummy datatype. This will overload to match the input data type when a valid input is connected. The input type and that of the referenced Target must match.

The OnDone output fires an impulse when the Target value has been successfully overwritten after an impulse was received at Write or the Target value is driven by a system which allows an attempted written variable to be hooked (e.g. Drive node, ValueCopy component, etc.). This impulse continues the impulse chain which arrived at Write.

The OnFail output fires an impulse when the Target value could not be set, e.g. if the Target value is driven from another source which does not allow hooking of the written value, or if there is no valid Target. This impulse continues the impulse chain which arrived at Write.

Changing the value of a Variable node, Component field etc. via a Write node results in a datamodel change which will then be synchronised to other users in the session. Note that changes are only synchronised at the end of every update so, if multiple writes to the same target are performed by a single client within an update, only the final value will be sent. Additionally, no changes will be broadcast if the value is reset to the value it held at the beginning of an update. Due to this synchronisation process, it is inadvisable to write to a value very regularly (e.g. every update) unless absolutely necessary. It is generally better to use the Drive system instead for continuously changing values to avoid unnecessary network traffic. Source.

Generally, with a Write/Write Latch node, one can only write to component or slot fields which are value-typed (e.g. bools, ints, strings, floats), whereas reference-typed fields (e.g. slot, user, IAssetProvider<AudioClip> etc.) require Write Ref. However, it is possible to write to reference-typed LogiX variable nodes using a Write/Write Latch node where it isn't possible to do so with Write Ref. It is also possible to write to reference-typed fields using Write/Write Latch if the input SetValue and ResetValue are RefIDs, rather than reference datatypes - it is generally not recommended to work with raw RefIDs though.


Example of Write

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