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'Tween' LogiX node
  Impulse Tween
  Object To
  Object From
  Float Duration
  CurvePreset CurvePreset
  IField`1 Target
  Impulse OnStarted
  Impulse OnDone

The Tween node is used to interpolate the value of Target starting at From, and ending at To over Duration seconds when an impulse is received at Tween.


When an impulse is received at Tween a [Tween (Component)|Tween]] component is created which drives the referenced Target value over the duration.

The To value determines the final value reached at the end of the Duration.

The From value determines the initial value at the start of the Duration.

The Duration input determines how long the transition from From to To takes in seconds. Default is 1.

The CurvePreset determines the shape of the interpolated values. Default is Smooth.

The OnStarted output fires an impulse when tweening of the Target begins as a result of an impulse received at Tween. An impulse will not be fired if there is no valid Target. This impulse continues the impulse chain which arrived at Tween.

The OnDone output fires an impulse when tweening of the Target has finished. This does not continue the impulse chain which arrived at Tween.

Note that only one tween operation for the Target can be active at any time. Currently target value changes work via sequential writes to the value which may not appear smooth depending on framerates and network latency. Similar, potentially smoother, effects can be achieved with e.g. the various Lerp nodes under Category:LogiX:Math


Tween example

Tween example

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