Stopwatch (LogiX node)

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'Stopwatch' LogiX node
  Impulse Start
  Impulse Stop
  Impulse Reset
  Impulse OnStart
  Impulse OnStop
  Impulse OnReset
  Float Time
  Bool IsRunning

The Stopwatch node functions like a stopwatch, allowing for discontinuous timing of a collection of events.


This node functions similarly to the Elapsed Time node, but contains inputs for stopping, resuming, and resetting the counter, along with output impulses for each respective input impulse. In addition to impulses, the node has a float output for the current time, and a bool output depending on if the stopwatch is running or not.


The following video showcases using the stopwatch node to create an in-world stopwatch. For clarity, the LogiX Interface nodes driving the text have been hidden, but all reference arrows points towards the Text value on each object's TextRenderer component.

Node Menu

Back Uncommon bool bool2 bool3 bool4 char
Color (RGBA) dT Elapsed Time Enum Input`1 Euler float float2
float3 float4 Impulse int int2 int3 int4
Rect Stopwatch string T T*10 T/10 T/2
Type uint uint2 uint3 uint4 Uri UtcNow