Elapsed Time (LogiX node)

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Elapsed Time
'Elapsed Time' LogiX node
  Impulse Reset
  Float *
  Impulse OnReset

The Elapsed Time node returns the amount of time that has elapsed since the last impulse. If no impulse has been given, it returns the amount of time the session has been open.


This node accepts an impulse as input. Upon receiving an impulse, the float output resets to 0 and the node sends an impulse of its own.


The following video showcases using the node to test whether it has been at least 3 seconds since the last impulse.

Node Menu

Back Uncommon bool bool2 bool3 bool4 char
Color (RGBA) dT Elapsed Time Enum Input`1 Euler float float2
float3 float4 Impulse int int2 int3 int4
Rect Stopwatch string T T*10 T/10 T/2
Type uint uint2 uint3 uint4 Uri UtcNow