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A public folder is a folder that has been shared with other people. Anything in a public folder can be spawned and used by anyone who has the folder. Groups can also use them to collaborate.


A link to a public folder

A public folder link is a physical object. As with any other item, you can save it to your inventory by holding it in one hand and clicking the green plus icon with your free hand (or, on desktop, by hitting ctrl+s).

You can share any folder you have by selecting it in your inventory and clicking the envelope icon.

The space taken up by the contents of a public folder is only counted against the folder's owner. Only the owner of the folder can modify the folder's contents. This lets people get the latest versions of your objects, rather than having to find and save new copies every time they change.

Public Folder Access

When a public folder is created it is not immediately available for all Neos users. It cannot be found on any public listings or systems unless it is shared with those systems.

The only way for other users to gain access to your folder is if:

  • You give them the folder, like a regular inventory item within a session.
  • Someone else who already has the folder gives it to them.
  • You give them the text based link to the folder.
  • They find the folder within another folder that they already have or within a system that shares folders such as the directory.


There are a number of places you can get public folders from

The Directory

The Directory is a world full of public folder links. It is maintained by ProbablePrime. If you wish to have your public folder added, just send him a link via a chat message.

You can find The Directory by searching for "Directory" in the world browser.


Users are usually happy to share their public folders. Just ask them for a copy if you're interested in the stuff they've created.

Mega Public Folders

There are a few notable public folders that decided to go with the approach of collecting EVERYTHING. The caveat is while they do have a lot of folders, they can also make it difficult to find what you're looking for!

The Starter Pack

The Starter Pack is a "mega folder" full of stuff for new users. It includes some useful tools and information, as well as a variety of objects to play with.

Importing a Folder Link

You can copy a link to a folder from the context menu whilst holding it. Pasting that link into the game, either via the "Paste from clipboard" button in your home tab or by hitting ctrl-v, will import it.

For example, pasting this link into Neos will give you the Starter Pack: neosrec:///U-dawky/R-dd8a0493-2fc2-4199-b689-5e5a2109e192

List of Public Folders

See the list of community public folders that are frequently given to new users