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When provided a valid JSON file from the Command Line Arguments's -Config, Neos will read this file and alter itself based on the configuration parameters.


Start Neos with the -Config command line argument. Following the argument enter a space and then the file path to your config file. Example: -Config "C:\Cheese\cheese.json"

Configuration Properties

Property Description
noUI Identical to the -NoUI command line flag, hides any user space UI.
inputs allows you to tweak trigger dead zones and axis dead zones
universeId Specifies the UniverseId for this session
disableDesktop completely disabling the Desktop functionality in Neos
unsafeModeWhiteList TODO
autoStartWorlds Identical to the "startWorlds" parameter of a headless session configuration

Sample File

This is a sample file:

  "noUI": true,
  "disableDesktop": false,
  "inputs": {
    "triggerDeadZone": 0,
    "axisDeadZone": 0
  "universeId": "cheese",
  "autoStartWorlds": [
      "sessionName": "The Cheese Dimension",
      "customSessionId": "cheese-dimension",
      "description": "Cheese for all!",
      "maxUsers": 32,
      "accessLevel": "Anyone",
      "hideFromPublicListing": false,
      "tags": ["cheese", "dimension"],
      "mobileFriendly": false,
      "loadWorldUrl": "neosrec:///U-Cheese/R-c59ca2b2-2239-492d-98ee-b37cefbb6ba7",
      "loadWorldPresetName": "GridSpace",
      "forcePort": 4020,
      "keepOriginalRoles": true,
      "defaultUserRoles": {
        "CheeseLord": "Admin"
      "awayKickMinutes": 5