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There are multiple log file types which Neos Produces:

  1. Regular Log Files
  2. Player.log Files
  3. Unity Crash Dumps

When asking for logs to diagnose issues we usually need just the "Regular Log Files" so start by providing these.

Regular Log Files

Neos logs can be found in the Neos installation directory.

For the Steam build of Neos, these is most easily accessed by:

  1. Right clicking on Neos VR in your Steam library
  2. Selecting Properties
  3. Then selecting Local Files
  4. Then selecting Browse Local Files.
  5. This will open a file browser, to the Neos Installation Folder
  6. Open the "Logs" folder

For the standalone build:

  1. Find the directory that you installed Neos to.
  2. You can right click the Neos launcher shortcut (the one with the blue Neos logo)
  3. Click Open file location
  4. Then open up the "app" folder.
  5. Then open the "Logs" folder.

In both cases, once in the log folder, you'll find logs named by build number, the date, and time of the log’s creation. When submitting them for help, select the most recent logs which correspond to the session the issue occurred in.

Player.log Files

Please start with the regular log files as listed above, these files are usually only needed if requested.

Unity Player.log files can be found by pressing Windows Key + R and entering %userprofile%\AppData\LocalLow\Solirax\NeosVR then OK. The Player.log is overwritten each time you launch Neos, so make sure to collect it right away after you encounter a crash, or bug. If you have launched Neos once since the issue occurred, the contents will be in the Player-prev.log file. If you’ve launched Neos twice or more since the issue occurred, the Player.log file will be gone as it will have been overwritten.

Crash log and memory dump

In the event that you crash, Neos will attempt to create crash logs, and memory dumps that are located in a Crashes folder found at %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Temp\Solirax\NeosVR\Crashes. Inside of the Crashes folder are folders for each crash logged, and inside of each is an error.log file, a Player.log file, and a memory dump.

If they exist, submit the error.log, and Player.log file from the crash folder alongside the Neos log from your installation folder. Otherwise, just submit the Neos log, and the Player.log.