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If your account storage is full and you're not sure why, this guide is for you.

Things that affect storage

  • Items saved to your inventory
  • Items sent to Contacts
  • Voice messages sent to contacts
  • Worlds and their contents

How storage is calculated?

Storage calculations are quite complicated as we try to de-duplicate assets as much as possible. This means it is difficult to answer exactly how much an individual item will take up.

A few good pointers are that:

  • If an item is unique to you, as in no one else has a copy of it. Then it will take up the full storage amount
  • If you save multiple copies of an item with subtle or small changes, then the new copies will take up less storage than the original item as we'll de-duplicate things like Meshes and Textures.

How to reduce your storage use?

  1. Delete items in your inventory that you are not using
  2. Delete worlds that you have saved that you are not using

How to identify what is taking up storage?

If you're unsure what is taking up storage on your account, then you can follow these steps:

  1. Inside Neos, open up the contacts tab and selecting the "Neos" user. This is a bot and you can send it commands.
  2. Send it the command: /requestRecordUsageReport
  3. This will email you a report about what is using up the most storage on your account, you can use this to identify what you might need to clear up.

How to avoid using storage?

  • Don't save everything you see, you can usually find it in public folders, or re-get it later.
  • Avoid saving large items to your worlds.
  • Avoid saving videos and pictures to your inventory or worlds. Export Images to your computer.