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Lista de tipos de controladores

Index Controllers (click to show) 
Index controller.png

Vive Controllers (click to show) 
Vive controller.png

Windows Mixed Reality Controllers (click to show) 

Oculus Controllers (click to show) 
  • Oculus CV1
OculusCV1 controller.png
  • Oculus Rift S / Quest / Quest 2 (Q2 has minor differences, but the controls are the same)
RiftS controller.png

Cosmos Controllers (click to show) 
Cosmos controller.png

Desktop/Screen Mode Controls (click to show) 

Legacy Screen Mode Controls (click to show) 

Legacy Screen Mode Controls (click to show) 
These controls are for the Legacy Screen Mode that still exists within the Neos Launcher. It is NOT recommended to use this mode.
  • Mouse Movement - Aim cursor/look around
  • Left Mouse Button - Primary action - Interact with UI/use equipped tool
  • Right Mouse Button - Grab - Move objects/equip tool (double click)
  • Middle Mouse Button - Secondary action/pack Logix (with Logix tool equipped)
  • Scroll wheel - Scale grabbed object
  • Ctrl + Scroll wheel - Scale self
  • Shift + Scroll wheel - Translate grabbed object on z-axis (towards/away)
  • Alt + Scroll wheel - Rotate grabbed object on x-axis
  • Ctrl + Scroll wheel - Rotate grabbed object on y-axis
  • Shift + Right Mouse Button - Touch grab/Grab reference from inspector/drag and drop values.
  • WASDQE - Move (forward/left/backward/right/up/down)
  • ZX - Rotate (left/right)
  • Delete - Delete grabbed object (preserves assets)
  • F - Duplicate grabbed object
  • I - Open scene inspector to object under cursor
  • Ctrl + Tab - Switch between open sessions
  • Ctrl + Z - Undo
  • Ctrl + Y - Redo
  • Ctrl + S - Save world/Save grabbed item into inventory (while inventory is open)
  • Ctrl + I - Open legacy inventory
  • Ctrl + Space - Open/Close Dash
  • Shift + Double Press Esc - Leave current session/close Neos (if focused in local home)
  • Ctrl + Shift + Q - Leave current session/close Neos (if focused in local home)
  • U - Open user space inspector
  • C - Open tool menu - "Create New" panel (DevTool)/Node selector (LogixTip)/Material inspector (MaterialTip)
  • R - Open context menu (when a tooltip is equipped)
  • L + Left Mouse Button - Extract Logix interface of a slot/component
  • P + Left Mouse Button - Set packing root (with Logix tool equipped)
  • K + Left Mouse Button - Unpack Logix from the selected slot
  • B + Left Mouse Button - Bake skinned meshes (when pointing at a slot in the inspector)
  • O - Deselect all
  • F2 - Toggle edit mode
  • - Toggle UI editing mode
  • F8 - Toggle Desktop Mode

Atajos rápidos/de emergencia

Existen atajos rápidos o de emergencia que puedes utilizar para acelerar tu flujo de trabajo o protegerte.

  • Abrir/Cerrar Dash - Poner el mando izquierdo cerca de la cabeza y pulsar el botón App/Menú
  • Abrir/Cerrar el conmutador de mundo - Pon el mando derecho cerca de tu cabeza y pulsa el botón de la aplicación/menú.
  • Abrir/Cerrar Inventario - Coloca el mando izquierdo cerca de tu cabeza, mantén el agarre y pulsa el botón de la App/Menú
  • Abrir/Cerrar Control de Sesión - Coloca el mando derecho cerca de tu cabeza, sujétalo y pulsa el botón de la App/Menú.
  • Desconexión de emergencia - Coloca ambos mandos cerca de tu cabeza y mantén pulsados los botones App/Menú de ambos durante unos segundos.
  • Reaparición de emergencia - Pon ambos mandos cerca de tu cabeza, mantén el agarre en cualquiera de ellos y mantén los botones de App/Menú en ambos durante unos segundos

Build Edit Mode

Build Edit Mode is typically used in worlds where you are a building and need elevated permissions to interact with it

  • Hold both controllers near your head, hold the Context Menu button on one controller and double-tap the Context Menu on the other controller.

UI Edit Mode

UI Edit mode is used when you wanted to Remove/Change Facets, or manually adjust a Tooltips position.

  • On Index/Oculus hold one of the dedicated userspace buttons (that opens/closes the dash) and double tap the other.
  • On Vive/WMR, hold down both menu buttons at the same time until both rings fill.

UI Edit mode is also useful to adjust the grip position of an object you expect to hold in your hand.

  1. Enable UI edit mode.
  2. Grab or equip the object in one hand. You should see a ghost robot hand interposed on the hand you're gripping with.
  3. With the other hand, grab the object and adjust its position and rotation until it looks good.
  4. You can repeat the process with the other hand.
  5. Once you've adjusted the grip positions, you can exit UI Edit mode and save the object to your inventory. The grip positions are valid for your avatar. Using the object with another avatar or for another user will require altering the grip pose again.

Switch Between Desktop/VR

  • Currently Neos supports the functionality of switching between Desktop Mode and VR, to do this press F8 on your keyboard.

Other Menus

There are also other types of Menus that have their own control types or quirks