Face and Eye Tracking (Troubleshooting)

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Neos Supports face and Eye tracking with the following hardware currently:

  • Vive Pro Eye - Eye Tracking
  • Vive Facial Tracker - Face Tracking
    • This doesn't require a Vive Headset. Users have had success with a variety of headsets and Tape.

If you're having issues with either of these systems please take a look and follow the general advice below.


  • Make sure everything is plugged in. If you're unsure unplug and then re-plug all cables. A green or blue light should be present on all items.
  • Check all cables are intact and do not look frayed, damaged or kinked.

For non Vive Pro Eye headsets, you may need a USB-C to USB Adapter. These look like this:

A USB-C to USB Adapter

Face Tracker Mounting

For non-vive headsets, users have been sharing all sorts of mounting options. A short list of these is supplied below for reference.

  • Tape - Lots of tape and the Tracker sticks quite well. Any tape works.
  • Double Sided Velcro Tape - This provides a removable mounting option. Make sure it is heavy duty so it can support the weight of the tracker and the movement of your head.
  • 3D Printing
    • Simple Mount - A simple mount that can be stuck to the bottom of the headset with tape.
    • Friction Mount - A mount that uses friction/clips between the mount and the Valve Index Frunk. This can fail if you are moving your head around too vigorously.
    • Magnetic Mount - Uses the existing Valve Index Frunk Cover's Magnets to stick to the headset. This one will require magnets with the following dimensions: 1/8" dia. x 1/8" thick. Stuck to the print.


Installing the Software

Both Facial tracking and Eye tracking require the same software from HTC. You can download the software from the HTC Website. Once downloaded please find it within your Start Menu and run it. Once installed and ran it should place an icon in your system tray(the icons to the right side of your taskbar) which look like this:

SRAnipal's System Tray Icon

If this icon appears, tracking will usually be functional.

Tracking Status

The icon(a robot), also communicates the status of the tracking:

  • The Eyes of the robot show the status of Eye Tracking
  • The mouth of the robot shows the status of Face Tracking

The color of the eyes or mouth tell you what is happening:

  • Black means the tracking is inactive
  • Orange means the tracking is idle/standby
  • Green means the tracking is active

About Window

If you right-click the robot icon, you will see a small menu, selecting about will bring up a window. This window will provide addtional information such as:

  • The Software Version
  • The Eye Tracker Version
  • The Face Tracker Version

If N/A is displayed in the Eye Camera or Lip camera portion it means that the software cannot detect your device. see Hardware for some troubleshooting steps.

The current version of the software is:

Eye Tacking Calibration

The Vive Pro Eye, needs occasional Calibration to detect your eyes as best as it can. See HTC Vive Pro Eye Calibration for how to do this.

Additional Software / Hardware Help

As the Vive Headsets and Facial Trackers are made by HTC, they have their own help sections and support systems. Please see their resources for additional assistance:


Once the software and hardware is setup, you should be able to just run Neos and everything should work out ok. After Neos starts and is running in your starting world.

If you have Eye Tracking, the Robot Eyes should be green. If you have Facial Tracking, the Robot Mouth should be green.

Now, try equipping a Face/Eye Tracking Compatible avatar. You can find the Face Bot in Neos Essentials -> Avatars -> Face and Eye Tracking Ready. It has full capabilities. Equip it and move your eyes and face around to see.

Issues with Neos

If your tracking is not working in Neos. Try:

  • Ensuring the Robot Icon is in your System Tray
  • Restarting Neos
  • Restarting your Computer
  • Adding -ForceSRAnipal to your Command Line Arguments

If things are still not working. Please grab some logs and ask in #❓questions-help within the Neos Discord.

Shape Keys and Setup

Once your avatar is working please see the guide on setting up your avatar. TODO: THIS NEEDS TO BE WRITTEN.

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