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Groups is a Neos feature that allows a collection of people to be added and collected together into a Group. A Group provides several features that make collaborative or group projects and worlds easier. Click here to see all available Group commands.

Group Features

Groups have a number of features, these may vary depending on the group but generally a group provides:

  • A Group Home World - This is a world for each Group to have that matches the functionality of a user's cloud home. Group members can open this world and hang out etc.
  • A Group Inventory Folder - This is a folder where group members can save and share items with each other. See below for information on how to access a group inventory folder. Group folders usually have 10GB of storage.
  • Group world publishing - A world can be published by a group, it will show up in the world browser as "By:<Group Name>"

Opening a Group Inventory

Once you are a member of a group, you can open a group's inventory by:

  1. Opening your inventory
  2. Clicking the blue "Cloud" Icon on the top bar of your inventory
  3. Clicking the Group name in the new central area that appears.

To return to your personal inventory, repeat these steps but select "Personal" instead of a group.

Only group members can access a group inventory, but you can create and share public folders from a group inventory.

Group Management

Creating a Group

Groups can currently only be created by Neos Patreons. It requires at minimum the Architect tier to create one group. To create a group the official points of contact are to send an email to, or sending a message to its Telegram with your request.

Managing a Group

Once the group is created it can be managed through the Neos Bot. Only the group creator can manage a group.

The commands listed on there will allow you to:

  • Add and Remove members
  • List the members in a group

Common Questions

Can I be in more than one Group?


Do Groups get Badges?


Can I make other members of a Group an Admin?

Only the group creator can manage a group.