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A bit smaller build today, been fiddling with some math and editing a video.

New features:

- Added LinearMapper1D, 2D, 3D, 4D and LinearRotationMapper components. These create relationship between scalar value and two points in space (or two rotations). Supports inverse mapping as well when the point/rotation is changed

- Added ConstantLerp nodes, which interpolate towards a target value at constant speed (no ramp up or ramp down) (at request from Bom "Bitman" bomb )

- Added "TypeDelta" node, which provides the last typed string

- Added "OnTriggered" passthrough impulse source to DynamicImpulseTrigger and DynamicImpulseTriggerWithValue nodes

- Added "CreateOverrideOnWrite" property to ValueUserOverride. When enabled, if an user changes the value, it'll create a override for them, rather than changing the default. This can be used so each user writing a value has their own value, allowing to more easily setup local-only properties


- Joint, Slider and other Draggable components can now operate on objects whose position/rotation/scale is hooked, rather than not working at all

- Removed packing button from Logix interfaces. This is no longer necessary with the new packing system and usually just messes up things anyway


- Fixed the last ScaleObject not getting reactivated by the ScaleObjectManager