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Another update 0.7.1986 with a bunch of asset processing functions:

New Features:

- StaticTextureProvider now shows a texture preview and stats in the inspector

- StaticMeshProvider now shows basic mesh stats in the inspector

- Added following processing functions to the StaticTextureProvider (they update the copy in-place)

-- Invert RGB

-- Invert R

-- Invert G

-- Invert B

-- Invert Alpha

-- Color to Alpha (white)

-- Color to Alpha (black)

-- Alpha to Mask

-- Flip Horizontal

-- Flip Vertical

--Rotate 90° CW

--Rotate 90° CCW

--Rotate 180°

- Added following processing functions to the StaticMeshProvider in the inspector

-- Recalculate Normals

-- Recalculate Tangents

-- Flip Normals

-- Reverse Winding

-- Make Dual Sided

-- Convert to flat shading