Release Notes:

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New Features:

- Material Gun can now convert material to a different type (automatically copies shared properties, accessed via the circular menu)

- Two new Material Gun modes - Object Global and Scene global. Replaces every single instance of the material on the target object or in the entire scene

- Added button "Bake Mesh" for procedural meshes. This bakes the mesh into a static asset and replaces all references in the world

- Point Cluster Mesh now supports using a texture for the point generation, with intensity and alpha clipping. It also allows scale the range along each axis.

- Added ControllerDiagnostic tooltip, which prints out all raw data coming from your controller


- You can now open/close dash, world switcher, inventory and so on by pressing the X/A button on Touch or A button on Knuckles without doing the near-the-head gesture

- You can now override the repositionable status on any tooltip (e.g. make your custom Developer Tooltip repositionable)


- Some bugfixes to the ScaleObject (hopefully fixing rescaling when another user grabs it)

- Fixed exceptions during user status update on the cloud server in certain situations