User Head Output Device (LogiX node)

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User Head Output Device
'User Head Output Device' LogiX node
  User User
  HeadOutputDevice *

The User Head Output Device node outputs which HMD platform the input User is using.


When supplied a User value via LogiX this node will output the HeadOutputDevice Enum value which corresponds to the headset or system that this User is using. Please see the HeadOutputDevice page for a full list of values. Note that not all headset systems have a value and in some cases there are overlaps. This is especially apparent within the SteamVR based systems such as HTC Vive, Cosmos and the Index.

When using this node within Neos, try to make sure that you're covering for as many potential values as possible. Using this value in a conditional for example could unintentionally lock out a User or prevent the LogiX from progressing if they are using an unusual headset.


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