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Neos is capable as running as a websocket client in game by utilizing the WebsocketClient component and the Websocket LogiX nodes. This can lead to a powerful opportunity to connect Neos to other applications.

Basic Information

Check the information on these nodes and components for basic information about how to use them:


For websockets to work you'll need to ensure:

  • A websocket compatible server
    • Not a regular Socket Server
    • Not a Socket.Io Server
    • Not any other kind of server. Specifically Websockets
  • A computer to run your Websocket Server.
    • This can be the same computer as the one that runs Neos.
  • Some knowledge of how to program a websocket server.
    • Most websocket servers are basic and do not include your application logic.

Neos Limitations

  • Neos can only send and receive text based messages.
    • Do not send Binary data!


If websockets are not working in your world please check the following:

  • Is your address correct?
    • It must be an address that Neos and your computer can reach.
    • Localhost or are ok if you're referring to your local computer.
  • Is the port correct?
    • You can run a Websocket server on any port.
  • Does your address start with ws:// or wss://?
    • It must NOT start with http:// or https://
  • Is your websocket server running?
    • It must be running to connect successfully.
  • Is the "User" property set to the person running the websocket server?
    • Websocket connections run as a specified user. If this is incorrect they might not connect correctly.
  • Have you denied the webhost in Neos?
    • Navigate to the home screen of your dash.
    • In the bottom right corner click on Debug.
    • Then in the window that appears click the "Web Hosts" tab.
    • Check for any line in the window that shows the address that you're trying to use.
    • If it says "Denied" click "Remove Setting" next to it and make sure to "Allow" it when the request access dialog appears.

Suitable Servers

Here are some suitable servers to get you started: