Set Child Index (LogiX node)

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Set Child Index
'Set Child Index' LogiX node
  Impulse Set
  Slot Instance
  Int Index
  Impulse OnSet

The Set Child Index node sets the index of the input Instance slot under it's parent to the input Index when an impulse is received at Set.


The Index input value defaults to 0.

The OnSet output fires an impulse when the index of the Instance slot is successfully set. Impulses are not fired if there is no valid Instance input or the Index value is less than 0.

This node works by changing the OrderOffset values for the Instance slot and all others with indices less than or equal to the Index input value. Slot order will not change apart from moving the Instance input slot, however any previously set custom OrderOffset values for slots with indices less than or equal to the Index input value may be changed. OrderOffset values for slots with indices greater than the input Index will be unchanged.

For more precise control of slot OrderOffset values use Set Slot Order Offset


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