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Alex from Alaska: Will neosine support loading old builds from before it's creation? E.g. builds from 2019, with the old dash, etc

  • I'm not certain. It would not be a priority. Some older builds might not even be compatible with the new system.
  • We're more focused on future builds at this time.

GunGryphon: Q: After baking reflection probes for many different light sources (walkway and ceiling lights) I would like to replace them with a more efficient area lamp. What light source would be best for even large area interior lighting?

  • This is really a question for the graphics office hours so take it there.
  • I would encourage you to keep your simplified light structure as similar to the overall view as you can though. Match it closely as you can.
  • For example if you had 4 Street lamps spaced equally apart in your probe. Cut out two, but perhaps increase the brightness of each.

Earthmark: Has there been any team discussion on getting a formal community manager for neos? It seems like a few staff members partially take on this role, such as yourself, but are there any plans for someone to formally take the crown?

  • Our current methodology here is to share the responsibilities that an overall community manager covers with the whole team.
  • When it comes to this question it is better to look into the gaps that exist and what's needed and to start there.
  • For example: Do we need a better twitter presence? Ok let's start there. Do we need a person for that or can someone we already have pick up the work here?
  • Its very important that we don't fill job roles just because we think we need someone with that title or its the "correct" thing to do.
  • If you think there's a gap let's talk about that.

wonfiddy.eth: Why is Valve corporate attacking Blockchain Applications?

  • I don't know.

ohzee: Q: not gonna be in the voice but when IS froox's birthday? I swear I saw three different people wish them happy birthday on three different days

  • October 30th, if my calendar is correct.

Earthmark: What is something you hope people would do more of? My question every week, so what's your answer for this week?

  • Moderation tickets: If its a moderation matter. I can't help you unless you make a ticket. Please make a ticket. I can talk to you I can listen but unless you make a ticket I cannot usually take any moderation action. It helps with a paper trail.
    • Of course we'll act here in emergencies but if this event happened in the past, please make a ticket. Moderation loves tickets.
  • GitHub Requests: We often see feature requests in game. Just make an issue
    • Sometimes, there are users who see/feel that GitHub is a daunting place. We're nice there. If you put in any effort making an issue we'll try and help!
    • Additionally, closed issues shouldn't be viewed as negatively. They create a knowledge base of issues and links and road signs between issues that are in your language of reporting stuff.
    • closed issues are good :D
    • Make Issues!
  • The feedback form:
    • Give us feedback.
    • you can write in anonymously.
    • We review this stuff monthly and take action!
  • see: for more things I wish you'd do more.

Earthmark: Is there an ETA on getting back into the steam store?

  • Nope, but we'll let you know as soon as we know anything. Like AS SOON :D.

Pat cat: I have people notifying me to Neos still not being available on steam. Any information on that? I do know of the standalone client but other than that.

  • See above :)

For both of you checkout Neos Credits/Steam Changes which talks about this in a lot more details.

Earthmark:The build systems used in the neos variants of the open source reps is not available for users making contributions, making it difficult to contribute with some level of confidence that the builds will work. Would it be possible to make that a bit more accessable for users trying to test and verify open source fixes?

Zyzyl: Re: GitHub documentation requests - assuming the info actually isn't already available, what makes a good documentation request? i.e. how can we help the team help us

  • Remember the XYProblem(
  • Most times we need to hear about your problem instead of your solution and this is also the same.
  • We need to understand what you're trying to do and why to help you.
  • In some cases this might leed to a different solution or different documentation request.
  • Let us know exactly why you need the stuff :D
  • Oh and volunteer to be a part of the solution too. Helping edit the wiki with our answers helps an awful lot.

ToyDragon (clarjon1):outside of vr tech -- any cool hardware or software projects that have caught your eye that you're excited about?

  • I'm not really sure right now. I kind of want a 3D Printer but I keep hearing how much of a pain they are.

KungFuMonkey: How often does the team review other metaverse platforms for feature inspiration? (ie, Horizon Worlds and their content tools)

  • I get weirded out by the term "Metaverse" a lot of it is just buzzwords and media speaking.
  • For example there's a whole host of Virtual Reality Meetings apps that always look the same.
  • Floating avatars with no legs. Its weird? Why does this occur?
  • When looking at other platforms we don't want to copy them. We're forging our own path through life and adding features we want and that our community wants.
  • We could do with a perhaps skinned down version of Neos for meetings. Which I hope would have legs.

CoffeeKei: Q: Aside from getting Neosine up and getting back on Steam, what is the current major feature being worked on and how close is that feature to completion?

  • check the roadmaps for this.

ToyDragon (clarjon1): What is a question you wish folks would ask?

  • Whatever you want, keep asking me whatever you'd like

jonnyawsom3: That reminds me, is there any ETA on other IK options, such as digitigrade?

  • We don't offer ETAs
  • Please make sure that GitHub issues exist for all your IK Queries including digitigrade legs.
  • Thanks!

sls: why is neos closed source, will it ever be open source in the future?

ToyDragon (clarjon1): What has been your favourite tutorial to make so far?

  • I like the simple ones, these are easy to make. Transform/Drivers was great for example!
  • Some take forever and take a lot of energy.

Earthmark:Many newly arriving big companies are going for the meeting tool kind of thing. Are there any plans to make that kind of a meeting easier? I'm not sure what features would be involved, but I'm curious if that's being looked into

  • We have Neos Classroom which allows for classroom like applications. It might be possible to turn this into "Neos Meetingroom" to make a conference table, whiteboard and PowerPoint projector at some point.

NammiQ: When is Geenz having their office hours? It's been delayed over two months.

  • I have chased this up with the team and all office hours segments. We'll get updated hours, sessions and cancellations.

epicEaston197Q: I know this has already been touched on but I come across new users all the time that went to edit the graphics settings in their menu to increase performance I don't know if this will ever come

  • We can't do this without a number of things:
  • First we need the setting menu re-work. That gives us space and time to make settings make sense
  • Secondly we need the authors of maps to work with us to hook up settings. For example lods, lighting, textures etc all need to be changed/edited at various graphical settings etc.
  • In some cases we have plans to create stuff that will let this happen automatically BUT those features also take time.
  • I'm really sorry but this isn't just a quick "Shove some random controls" somewhere and its fixed.
  • Its really complicated.

Earthmark: Common guidance is to not touch underscore fields, however some components, like I think spinners, can not be used without touching underscore fields. Is it acceptable to make a github request asking for fields to be un-underscored?

  • Frooxius' answer was that this was a case by case basis. Open issues where you'd like to see this handled.
  • We can't do them all at once as there are so many components to evaluate and it would take too long.

OH⅄ƎHOHO⅄: Will the steam deck be neos ready aka works on it?

  • we don't know. Froox applied to join the developer program but we've not had any progress here.
  • DO NOT base your purchasing decisions on Neos' claims of supportability either. Its very risky to buy hardware... JUST because you want to play Neos on it.

Turk: Would there ever be better support for docs, pdfs, powerpoints, gifs or other meeting type interactions? Sometimes trying to work within is a bit tricky. Even having a browser support would help but it feels better in VR usually.

GunGryphon: What are your favourite types of interactions or events in Neos and what are things you would like to see less of besides roadmap questions?

  • I hate parties, I hate nightclubs
  • Anything else is cool!
  • I'd love more events, workshops, new people events etc.
  • Look at AltspaceVR's event calendar. It has tons!

Duff:Will the neos team or community be hosting some kind of Thanksgiving/November event or is it just a normal month?

  • I'm sure Nexulan will have a stream.
  • Hey Content Team, Perhaps make a !turkey command that puts a turkey on someone's head like in Friends!

ToyDragon (clarjon1): What headset are you rocking these days, prime?

  • An Index headset plus a lot of duct tape, cable ties etc.

Earthmark: Would neos consider incentives for users to make community tools? For instance commissioning a user to make and maintain an event board

  • This would be case by case right now and probably require some sort of paperwork etc.
  • When the Job system comes out this would be fairly easy.

I'm Erin:Can we get more information added to the neos team wiki? I want backgrounds of people like where they learned their skills and idk just some information other than assuming they are the big scary guys creating the world in charge of all of us

  • Team members are welcome to do this like I do
  • BUT, I cannot force them too and at larger businesses this usually doesn't happen.

Mysticporo:Prime what would your alternate name for the metaverse be?

  • Cheese