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The Neos Moderation Team's Weekly office hours.

Here are the notes from 31 July 2022.

These are rough notes typed by CanadianGit, shamelessly stealing ProbablePrime's formatting. If there are errors please edit away!


Please do remember to check our Roadmaps as a lot of questions here are partially covered there. Do continue to ask them but the roadmaps are there for you to read:

Please make tickets! We love tickets!.

Recording here:

The next Moderation Team Office hours will be back next week!


gateway — Today at 16:01 What are the thoughts on pineapple on pizza?

  • No.

Stump1090 — Today at 16:02 Q: How do you plan to work with low-spec/mid-spec users in VR having performance issues?

  • Optimizations are planned for the future, though we don't have an ETA for the next update focusing on it.

Cervox — Today at 16:02 While being anonymous, what was the most interesting/weird/funny moderation case you have received and/or handled?

  • Unfortunately, moderation cannot disclose any ticket information.

Awesomeface — Today at 16:03 what's your thoughts on the vrchat disaster?

  • We're happy to see so many new faces, and generally have had very positive experiences with the new users.

KTNightShade — Today at 16:03 What's the road plan for questies? We are stuck on the terrible performance dumpster fire island and empty shell that is VRC right now.

  • Same as above - optimizations are the route to bring quest users in more effectively.

E.M.A — Today at 16:03 I uhm when I made an account on the website I saw heavy support of nfts uhm this isn't the case with the game is it

  • Neos does not support NFTs. If this changes at any point it will come with a message in the #anouncements channel.

Lord Tremor-San (VRC Refugee) — Today at 16:03 Out of pure curiosity, how does one become a moderator on Neos?

  • Fill out an application! They aren't always available, we open up applications when we need new mods. We'll send out an announcement when it goes live.

KoboldCrusader — Today at 16:04 Q: How will things be handled in terms of monetization and data protection for avatar creators who make original assets like myself?

  • We don't have the formal announcements on the market place at this time, but we do anticipate a lively community conversation on the discord and office hours when the feature is being implemented.

Fraud — Today at 16:05 Is neosvr more optimized than vrc graphics wise?

  • Never tested the programs side by side. Many factors can influence performance on Neos, as expected when you can pull in any number of assets at any time.

Henry — Today at 16:05 [Q] Following recent events in VRChat - how many players migrating would you be able to take in immediately and/or how would you expand the possible capacity in the nearby future ?

  • We have significant ability to ramp up services on short notice - within a day.

Lil Nani2g — Today at 16:06 Q - With VRChats built communities such as clubs, drinking communuties, and NSFW communities. Do you think some of those communties built in rules will intrude on Neos TOS bringing those communties here?

  • We have well defined rules around the use on Adult Content and encourage users to establish rules above and beyond the Neos Usage Guidelines when hosting their own sessions.

Cog — Today at 16:06 Will the moderation team have to expand, or will the moderation system have to change, to account for so many new players? The other day I joined a world and so many people there were being rude and hateful.

  • We have several additional systems planned to assist users with in game moderation, including user blocking, hard permissions, and content tagging. You can find more information on Github.

CreativeInsomnia — Today at 16:06 Q: what would be the best way to actually get a hold of a mentor in game?

  • Reach out in the questions-help channel in the discord or name a session requesting help.

gateway — Today at 16:06 Bit new here, is there a roadmap available?

  • Available on Github, yes.

Awesomeface — Today at 16:06 will the UI ever be fixed i think its the worst part of neos as its extremely confusing for new users and overwhelming most my friends i know have decided to move over to ChilloutVr simply because of the UI and accessibility/simplicity compared to Neos

  • The UI is mid-revamp with plans for additional work in the future.

DOS_CMD — Today at 16:06 Question as someone with visual disability will there be any way to disable bloom for example and or for other people color blind?

  • No formal setting in Neos at the moment, though I believe several mods have been made to assist with this.

Fraud — Today at 16:07 Do you think crashers will still be a big enough issue in neosvr as it's been in vrc? Despite the major lack of quest users

  • They will exist, but we hope to provide users with the tools able to deal with them in a reasonable fashion.

Zammu — Today at 16:07 What are your guys thoughts on being fully submitted into neos vr (SAO Like) Full dive?

  • I need to feed my cat on the regular.

ulti_fd — Today at 16:07 how big of a performance impact does staying in worlds have? from my personal experience it seems fairly noticable, enough that something like a setting to turn that off imight be worth looking into maybe?

  • Certainly some impact. A feature to remove past worlds when you join new ones automatically would be a good addition to the Github.

Hex — Today at 16:08 Perhaps a general overview of where Neos is now for those of us that are new? Particularly regarding the current situation with the platform's internal development and the C-suite. It keeps coming up whenever the platform is mentioned as an option among our community. What can I share with them? There's some issues going on?

  • Information on this topic can be found in the #announcements channel, and more information will be posted there when availabled.

Kull — Today at 16:08 Q: is there any plans for neos to have something similar to safety settings in vrc? My friends with slow internet have a hard time loading in to a world + everyone in it. Something to get around that would be awesome

  • Several future features should help with this, including user blocking, hard permissions, and content tagging, but an exact comparable feature is not planned.

TheFlyingTesla — Today at 16:08 Q: Are yall worried about as the community grows there will be malicious actors with crashing avatars and items etc

  • Not worried, but interested in providing more tools to deal with difficult users in the future.

TheUnknownCrano — Today at 16:09 What is your stand on NSFW content.

  • Well outline in the Adult Content subsection of the Neos Usage Guidelines.

Stump1090 — Today at 16:09 Is there a report feature in the case that see something against the TOS?

  • Yes, please submit tickets through

Bitcyon — Today at 16:09 What is the dividing line between self moderation of instances and the global moderation of Neos? In the Workshop, they mentioned that not even the staff could override things like world roles. So I’m just wondering how moderation works on Neos in practice?

  • Neos Moderation can apply account restrictions to users, usually limiting how they can interact with the broader comminity for the duration of the restrictions. More information can be found on the moderation page on the Neos wiki on types of account restrictions. However, no mods, or Neos Staff, are capable of over-riding the roles and permissions you set in Neos. We are treated as regular users when we join your session.

NoUserFound — Today at 16:11 How is the banning processing handled is it like 3 strikes then your gone permanently? Also are nsfw worlds allowed?

  • We escalate on a case by case basis. Repeat offenses will lead to longer and more severe account restrictions, including permanent.

Olaf — Today at 16:12 Q: Can we listen back to a recording of this office hour someplace later?

* Yes! It will be provided on the wiki (linked in #office-hours) after the session.

Fraud — Today at 16:12 I was told that quest access to neos vr costs a Patreon subscription and PC does not. Is this true and if so why?

  • The quest build is not officially released - Patreon users can see a preview. It is fairly buggy at this point.

Lord Tremor-San (VRC Refugee) — Today at 16:13 This is more a question for the mentors. How does one become a Mentor on Neos? Is it just a Application System like moderation?

  • You can apply directly, applications are always open. You can find links on the mentors page on the Neos wiki.

Pyrosshade — Today at 16:17 Q: what is the current plan for quest support?

  • Optimizations are planned for the future, which may assist with Quest performance.

Awesomeface — Today at 16:18 will FBT ever be reworked the current system is confusing. I like the dynamic system but compared to vrchat/chilloutvr a Static full body tracking system would be easier to hop into. im now going to get myself some breakfast.

  • Additional improvements to the Full Body Tracking system are certainly planned, though we cannot provide an ETA at this time.

gateway — Today at 16:19 Is there a guideline for what constitutes as a malicious mod?

  • Yes, we have a mods and plugin policy you can review, and as part of it is a requirement to be compliant with the Neos Usage Guidelines.

rTerm — Today at 16:19 hmm, first of all is it possible to self host your own instance/world on your own hardware? and how would moderation be if that was a thing?

  • You certainly can, and most Neos instances are run on the hosts own hardware. The Neos Usage Guidelines still apply, even in private sessions, and if we receive reports on incidents we will take action.

NoUserFound — Today at 16:20 In the future will you make avatar making and the other tools in Neos more streamlined?

  • Certainly planned, no ETA at this time. You can generally assume all aspects of Neos are up for further refinement.

𝔼𝕝𝕝𝕒ℂ𝕍ℝ — Today at 16:20 Will neon’s Vr come to quest

  • Following improvements in optimization.

Fraud — Today at 16:21 You think that people would appreciate it more if we were able to easily customize the UI to our liking for say if you do not have modding experience?

  • Further ability to customize the UI is planned, though facets allow users to make some fairly significant adjustments without mods at this point.

rTerm — Today at 16:21 if thats the case does that mean that there is a chance for neos vr to have their own version of 2b2t? like an instance with absolutely zero rules?

  • No - while we welcome hosts to make rules for their sessions above and beyond the Neos Usage Guidelines, hosts cannot remove parts of the Neos Usage Guidelines, they are always in effect.

𝔼𝕝𝕝𝕒ℂ𝕍ℝ — Today at 16:23 Is neons Vr going to move to easy anti cheat

  • No.

𝔼𝕝𝕝𝕒ℂ𝕍ℝ — Today at 16:24 What is your view on vrchat update

  • We're happy to see so many new faces, and generally have had very positive experiences with the new users.

AnadiaShark — Today at 16:26 🇶 Speaking of crashers, if user hosts a instance on server, and someone uses a crasher, are the users (admins of server/instance) able to ban/kick the problematic user from server?

  • Yes - you can kick/ban users via the session menu in game or through the contacts menu.

𝔼𝕝𝕝𝕒ℂ𝕍ℝ — Today at 16:27 Where is my data going In neons vr

  • We employ Azure servers.

Dark_Dutchie — Today at 16:29 i joined late but how does uploading an avatar work and also can people rip someones avatar is it possible

  • You can drop files directly into Neos by dragging them onto the application. Further help is best sought by looking up tutorials or finding a mentor for assistance in the questions-help channel.

Olaf — Today at 16:29 Q: Where will we be able to listen back to this recording?

  • On the Neos wiki. Each office hours has its own page.

𝔼𝕝𝕝𝕒ℂ𝕍ℝ — Today at 16:29 Will neons Vr come to iOS

  • No announcements or ETAs at this time.

Pyrosshade — Today at 16:30 Q: what is the stance on and recommended handling of wearing an avatar in publics that has nsfw features hidden on it?

  • Don't. This is still in violation of the Adult Content guidelines. We recommend employing a separate, public compliant, avatar. You can find fine details on the Adult Content section in the Neos Usage Guidelines.

Henry — Today at 16:31 [Q] Are there any clear guidelines available for distinguishing what is considered NSFW by Neos staff ? Something similar to PEGI / CERO / ESRB ?

  • You can find fine details on the Adult Content section in the Neos Usage Guidelines.

𝔼𝕝𝕝𝕒ℂ𝕍ℝ — Today at 16:32 What do you think about vr gangs

  • We don't anticipate significant issues, but are interested in providing users with more tools to assist with problematic users.

Awesomeface — Today at 16:32 VRchat had a massive issue with minors entering worlds/places they shouldn't be will there be a way to set a world or instance to 18+ or some way to moderate people who lie about there age? Also my breakfast was good.

  • We don't have announcements or ETAs on plans to help vet user age, but it is part of discussions the dev team is having. When we have more concrete plans we will bring a post to the announcements channel.

𝔼𝕝𝕝𝕒ℂ𝕍ℝ — Today at 16:36 Will neons collaborate with ChilloutVR

  • No plans or announcements at this point.

humor — Today at 16:37 Because you can easily bypass getting banned do you have any ideas or ways to prevent this from happening?

  • If users bypass in game session or contacts bans, we encourage you to submit a ticket at, we will be happy to assist.

NoUserFound — Today at 16:39 Will the future user created content market only be able to be bought with with crypto? or could we use a credit card or PayPal account to purchase user created content?

  • Multiple forms of payment are planned, but more information on this will be available when we're closer to the marketplace being implemented.

humor — Today at 16:40 Also just for myself to know, is modification of the game allowed (Clients & mods). And up to what extent is it allowed until it is possibly a threat to other people

  • It is, and you can find more details in the mods and plugin policy on the Neos wiki.

Hex — Today at 16:41 Q: If we need some more specific mentor help e.g. regarding a gesture system, logix, IK/constraints for e.g. handling digitigrade legs/rigs how can we attract the attention of a mentor that is a more focused subject matter expert with experience with systems such as these?

  • Send out a request in the questions-help channel.

𝔼𝕝𝕝𝕒ℂ𝕍ℝ — Today at 16:42 Why not add 18+ version of neons vr

  • We want to keep a single version, but have alternative ideas to handle Adult Content in Neos.

Keenatron — Today at 16:42 With a high enough patreon pledge, you gain the ability to host what's called, a "headless" session. how do you set up that session?

  • You also gain access to the #headless-client channel with several breakdowns and tutorials.

elderkin — Today at 16:44 how will neosvr handle things like being able hide avatars if they are have a complex or obnoxious avatars?

  • We hope to implement user blocking in the future and currently hosts can remove users with problematic avatars.

Lisiasty — Today at 16:44 Q: Will there be possibility for nsfw worlds to exist as a public ones?

  • Right now, no. When additional features such as content tagging arrive the guidelines will be modified to address the new capabilities.