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These guidelines are not an exhaustive list. Additional legal and regulatory information about the use of Neos can be found in:

This document is a list of guidelines and content behaviours that a user should follow when using Neos. If you have any questions contact the Neos Moderation Team.

If you ever witness acts of these guidelines being ignored or a situation that these guidelines may not cover, please make a support ticket.

Conflict Resolution

When conflicts in Neos occur, the Neos Moderation Team encourages conflict resolution with session hosts or the users involved. First, try talking with others in the event of a disagreement. There are also self-moderation tools available with which users can manage many conflicts themselves.

If a conflict can’t be resolved with these tools, and the scope of the issue goes beyond what a session’s host, moderators, or users can manage, please contact moderation for assistance. Moderation tickets may be submitted with your username or anonymously.

Age Limits

  1. Account Registration or Use if you are under the age of 13 is strictly against the guidelines.
    1. Supervised use is only permitted with parental consent during play on the parent’s account.

Game Modification

  1. We have an in-depth modification and plugin policy.


  1. Harassment can be any persistent uninvited contact that is creating alarm, annoyance, or severe emotional distress or duress:
    1. The following are examples of harassment:
      1. Setting off fireworks in another user’s face after they have requested you to stop
      2. Messaging users repeatedly when they ask you to stop, or they cease responding to you
      3. Aggressively interacting or assaulting users due to your differences or disagreements
      4. Repeated and unwelcome social invitations for dates or intimacy
      5. Repeated and unwelcome interactions with another user or their avatar, such as petting, hugging, climbing onto, or other interactions the user requested to stop.
    2. The following are examples of acceptable behaviour dependent upon the social context and participants' consent:
      1. Respawn users as part of a game mode everyone joined in willingly
      2. Use/spawn in loud or disruptive gadgets after asking users if one can
  2. Sexual harassment is unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature which makes a person feel violated, humiliated and/or intimidated. Examples of conduct or behavior which constitute sexual harassment include, but are not limited to:
    1. Unwelcome sexual contact including stroking, kissing, fondling, or inappropriate touching
    2. Violence that is sexual in nature
    3. The use of threats or rewards to solicit sexual favors
    4. Sexual comments, gestures, or advances
    5. Sharing unsolicited sexually explicit messages, content, images, objects, etc
  3. Consenting users are welcome to have adult interactions in private worlds, but it is essential to be certain all others in the world are comfortable with your behavior before it begins.
  4. Impersonating other users, groups or Neos Team members with malicious intent outside of clearly recognizable parody and/or comedy
  5. Distributing personal identifying information, or “Doxxing” users with details such as:
    1. Real names
    2. Photographs
    3. Phone numbers
    4. Addresses

Hateful Content

The following examples are what we consider hateful content on the platform are against the guidelines:

  1. Intolerance, hate speech, symbols, actions, and discrimination of any kind.
  2. Anything that targets a group and promotes ill-will against them.
  3. Organizing, creating, or being involved in a group or more that is based on or advocates discrimination, harassment, or intense hate.

User Uploaded Content & Rights of Use

The following text below outlines what constitutes Uploaded Content is to a User and what guidelines you should follow.

  1. Assets or files uploaded by means of importing or streamed into Neos are considered “Uploaded Content”
  2. Users are responsible for what content is uploaded, or misuse that can occur on Neos
  3. Misuse can be considered as:
    1. Sharing assets with license agreements from storefronts or services, that you are not legally allowed to
    2. Publicly sharing paid assets with the intent for them to be distributed
    3. Taking others IP and passing it as your own
    4. Using assets obtained in the process of “ripping” from games, software etc. or from sites that host content obtained in such a way
    5. Using, saving, or exporting assets produced by other users on Neos without their knowledge or consent.
  4. If we are notified of misuse by a license holder then you will be notified and the content may be taken down.
  5. In general, for proper usage or ease of access on the platform, it is better to:
    1. Use assets with more lenient licenses such as CC0 or CC attribution which allow for general use and follow the rules of accreditation contained within them
    2. Keep questionable assets intended for research or personal use within personal projects private
    3. Use mediation in these situations, informing the users who are unaware of their improper asset usage is key
  6. If you find acts of profiting from uploaded content or gross misuse of content that a user does not have rights to, please contact the Neos Moderation Team or send a takedown request to

Obscene Content

The lines below deal with Neos policy on what qualifies as obscene content, and what is unwelcome and prohibited by the platform.

  1. Obscene content is defined as media depicting extreme acts of violence, self-harm, fatal injury or gore
  2. Such media is not allowed in publicly accessible sessions, livestreams or within social media alluding to the Neos Brand or in any way associating the offending content with the platform
  3. Examples of prohibited use of this content:
    1. Showing a video containing depictions of fatal injury in a session where the host doesn’t consent
    2. Showing content containing acts of grotesque dismemberment, death or extreme shock value

Adult Content

  1. Adult Content includes sexually explicit avatars, pornography, nudity, the depiction of sexual acts, or engaging in a sexualized activity.
    1. Adult content/nudity is exposed or visibly defined genitalia or genitalia with dynamic bones.
    2. Adult Content is prohibited in:
      1. Publicly visible sessions. This can include any session that is viewable to the public or users who have not provided consent, such as through the World Browser, Contacts tab, or nested sessions (Anyone, Registered Users, Contacts [without consent], Contacts+, etc).
      2. Any session where all users present do not consent to view Adult Content.
      3. Any session where all users are not at least 18 years old.
  2. Consent requires users to explicitly affirm their willingness to view or engage with Adult Content, it cannot be assumed as part of joining a session or room, and the user must be aware of the type of content they are consenting to view. Consent cannot be provided by users who are minors (under 18 years old).
    1. Hosts are responsible for ensuring all users consent to the content of their session and are at least 18 years old.
    2. Failing to gain consent will be treated as sexual harassment (more information is available in the Harassment section above).
  3. To make use of Adult Content without violating the Neos Usage Guidelines, we recommend:
    1. Hosting Adult Content in a private world.
      1. Private sessions are sessions that require an invitation to join.
    2. Hosting Adult Content in a world where all users who access it, or can view it, have consented to view Adult Content and are of the appropriate age.
    3. Do not include any Adult Content on avatars used in public sessions. If Adult Content is present on the avatar in any capacity, regardless of the system or method intended to hide it or remove it, it can only be used in sessions that are not publicly visible, only contain users over 18 years old, and if all users have consented to the presence of Adult Content.
    4. Engaging in sexualized activities only within private worlds and with users who have provided consent.
      1. Sexualized activities are defined as any action or interaction that is intended to cause sexual arousal.
      2. Wearing an item that is merely associated with a fetish or kink does not meet these criteria.

In order to provide some assistance with the adult content guidelines, an Adult Content Session Matrix has been created. This table is derived from the guidelines but is not actually part of the guidelines itself.

User Data Tracking

  1. The use of any on-platform system to track users in Neos is only allowed with the knowledge and consent of all users being tracked directly or indirectly. Examples for this may include,
    1. Using WebSockets or HTTP Requests to track user top scores within an on-platform game
    2. Logix systems/cloud variables which track users
    3. Tracking pixels on items, tools, or avatars

Users must be explicitly informed when they are tracked and the purpose of the tracking through on-platform request dialogues or have the information readily available when the user makes use of the item, avatar, world, or experience.

Systems may be exempt from this guideline with the following:

  1. Systems in which the data is limited to the session. Example: a user join/leave tracker which only stores the history of the current session and doesn't transfer data out of the world.
  2. Anonymized data. Example: A polling system that collects responses but not the identity of the submitter. Data that can be used to indirectly identify users is not anonymized.

Commercial Content

  1. A Neos Pro License is required if a users usage is Commercial or Institutional
    1. Users do not need a license to make independent content for Youtube, Twitch, TikTok, etc as long as they mention the Neos brand
    2. If unsure please send a request to and we will respond

Transcription Information

This page was last transcribed: 2021-07-22 from the original guidelines document. Every effort was made to keep the content and meaning accurate but it may be out of date from the original document.