Create Field Undo Step (LogiX node)

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Create Field Undo Step
'Create Field Undo Step' LogiX node
  Impulse Create
  IField Target
  Bool ForceNew
  Impulse OnCreated

The Create Field Undo Step node creates an Undo Manager entry save point for the Target value field when an impulse is received at Create.


The Target input can be set to any value typed slot or component field by connecting LogiX wires as normal. Note that the color of the input will not change from it's dark green color.

The ForceNew input determines whether a new Undo Manager entry will be created for the Target field even if another one was already created for the same field in the preceding impulse chain. Default is false.

The OnCreated output fires an impulse when the Undo Manager entry has been successfully created. No impulse will be fired if there is no valid Target set.

The Undo Manager entry is created for the owner of the impulse received at Create. If this node is placed before any other nodes which alter the Target field value in an impulse chain, then the effects of those nodes will be undone if the user performs the Undo action from their radial context menu.


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