Vive Controller (LogiX node)

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'Vive Controller' LogiX node
  User User
  ControllerNode Node
  Bool IsActive
  Float BatteryLevel
  Bool IsBatteryCharging
  Bool Grip
  Bool App
  Float Trigger
  Bool TriggerHair
  Bool TriggerClick
  Float2 Touchpad
  Bool TouchpadTouch
  Bool TouchpadClick


The IsActive output indicates whether the User is using HTC VIVE controllers.

The BatteryLevel output provides the estimated remaining battery charge. The value is in the range 0 to 1 with precision to two decimal places.

The IsBatteryCharging output indicates whether the controller is currently charging.

The Grip output

The App output

The Trigger output

The TriggerHair output

The TriggerClick output

The Touchpad output

The TouchpadTouch output

The TouchpadClick output

Vive controller button diagram


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