Undoable Destroy (LogiX node)

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Undoable Destroy
'Undoable Destroy' LogiX node
  Impulse Create
  Slot Target
  Bool PreserveAssets
  Impulse OnDestroyed

The Undoable Destroy node destroys the Target slot and creates an Undo Manager entry when an impulse is received at Create.


The PreserveAssets input determines whether assets held under the destroyed hierarchy which are in use by other slots in the world will be preserved under a new slot under the world Assets slot.

The OnCreated output fires an impulse when the Undo Manager entry has been successfully created and the Target destroyed. No impulse will be fired if there is no valid Target set.

The Undo Manager entry is created for the owner of the impulse received at Create. This allows that user to undo the destruction of the Target via their radial context menu.


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