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To String Float
'To String Float' LogiX node
  Float V
  String Format
  IFormatProvider FormatProvider
  String *

The To String Float node evalutes the inputs to determine an output as a type string.


This node determines the string value of the first V input and spits out a string output.

Format provides the node with a pre-determined case of how to format the given input. Please see dotnet's documentation for more information.

This node can be overriden with any type and accepts objects and gives a cleaned up output when given an object as input.


If given input V is of type color and you give it a Red value; it's stringed output is [1; 0; 0; 1]. This is the internal object printed out in it's string form. This should not be used for comparison as it is prone to break.

If given a type that it doesn't directly parse (Example here is a Slot) it'll print out clean versions of the Object type.

If given a slot it'll print out:

Slot: Slotname The slot's name itself.

Parent: Slotname The name of it's parent.

If given a bool it'll print out true or false depending on the input.

If format is provided as 0.00000 and a float input. The print out will display a float as 1.23456 If format is provided as 0.0 and a float4 input. The print out will display a float4 as [1.1; 2.2; 3.3; 4.4]

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