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Sync Errors are a variety of issues that prevent your copy of Neos from synchronizing with the Neos Cloud. There are a variety of issues which are common, but we're writing guides for each of the common variants which are listed below. There's also some general guidance that will work for any variety of Sync Error.

General Guidance

Here's some general guidance that works for any Sync Error:

  1. Ensure your main drive (Default C:), has enough free space. Neos requires free drive space to sync, so ensure you have some free space.

If want to change directory, check Command Line Arguments

Specific Guides

We have multiple guides for Sync related matters, please ensure you are reading the correct one for your problem:

  • Stuck Sync - A general guide for resolving your account syncing when it is "Stuck" and specifically not moving. Based on this guide, you may end up back here, but with better information!
  • Sync Conflict - For resolving an account Sync conflict.