Surrogate Pair To UTF32 (LogiX node)

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Surrogate Pair To UTF32
'Surrogate Pair To UTF32' LogiX node
  Char HighSurrogate
  Char LowSurrogate
  Int *

The Surrogate Pair To UTF32 node takes two characters within Unicode's Surrogate blocks and converts them to a UTF-32 character.


This node takes two characters as input and outputs a one-character string.

The HighSurrogate input must be a character within Unicode's High Surrogate set (0xD800 to 0xDBFF) and the LowSurrogate input must be a character within Unicode's Low Surrogate set (DC00 to DFFF). For a detailed explanation of how exactly surrogate pairs match to a UTF-16 codepoint, see Unicode Version 3.0.0 Chapter 3, section 3.7, D28.


In the following image, the high surrogate 55356 (0xD83C) and low surrogate 56621 (0xDD2D) are used to output the desired character, 🄭 (U+1F12D)

Logix Example SurrogatePairToUTF32.png

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