Set Parent (LogiX node)

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Set Parent
'Set Parent' LogiX node
  Impulse DoSetParent
  Slot Instance
  Slot NewParent
  Bool PreserveGlobalPosition
  Impulse OnDone

The Set Parent node reparents the Instance input slot under the NewParent input slot.

As usual, precautions related to the duplication and reparenting of dynamic variables apply, as described on the Dynamic Variables page.


The NewParent input defaults to the world root slot.

The PreserveGlobalPosition input determines whether the Instance slot's global position will be kept constant during the reparenting event. If False, the Instance slot's local position is preserved instead. Defaults to True.

The OnDone output fires an impulse after any reparenting has been successfully performed. This happens regardless of whether the parent of the Instance slot was actually changed. No impulse is fired if there is no valid Instance input.

If the Instance has a non-zero OrderOffset value, this is maintained during reparenting. Otherwise the slot's index after reparenting is 1 greater than the highest index among children of the NewParent slot before reparenting, i.e. it is added at the bottom of the list in the slot inspector.


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