Render To Texture Asset (LogiX node)

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Render To Texture Asset
'RenderToTextureAsset' LogiX node
  Impulse Render
  Camera Camera
  Int2 Resolution
  String Format
  Int Quality
  Impulse OnRendered
  Uri RenderedAssetUri

The Render To Texture Asset node will generate a texture using the provided camera when an impulse is received.


Upon receiving an impulse, the node will capture an image from the perspective of the provided camera, respecting the configuration of that camera. The output Uri can be written into the URL field of a StaticTexture2D component. This data is only available for the duration of the impulse chain fired from OnRendered.

The Format input refers to the file extension of the rendered image, by default this is 'webp'. Other commonly used formats include 'png', 'jpg', and 'tiff'.

The Resolution input refers to the width and height of the rendered image in pixels.

The Quality input currently only refers to the quality level of the webp format. This input ranges from 1 to 100, anything above 100 will result in a lossless image.


Example of writing the Uri into the URL field of a StaticTexture2D

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