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'Raycaster' LogiX node
  Float3 Origin
  Float3 Direction
  Float MaxDistance
  Bool HitTriggers
  Bool UsersOnly
  Slot Root
  Bool HasHit
  ICollider HitCollider
  Float HitDistance
  Float3 HitPoint
  Float3 HitNormal
  Int HitTriangleIndex

The Raycaster node generates a raycast with the input properties which is updated every frame update. Details about the current hit target collider (if there is one) are available from the outputs.



The Origin defines the point from which the ray is cast. This value is treated as being relative to the local coordinate space of the input Root slot. Default is [0;0;0].

The Direction defines the direction vector along which the ray is cast. This value is treated as being relative to the local coordinate space of the input Root slot. This input requires an value to be set as the default is [0;0;0].

The MaxDistance controls the maximum length of the raycast. The actual length of the raycast is affected by both this input and the global scale of the input Root slot. Default value is very large (~3.4×1038), so setting this is recommended.

The HitTriggers determines whether collider components with the collider Type field set as Trigger or HapticTrigger are considered valid hit targets. Default is false.

The UsersOnly determines whether colliders which do not have an active user are considered valid hit targets. Defaults to false, in which case all colliders are considered valid hit targets (depending on other factors). However, if set to true, only colliders with an active user (i.e. are parented under a user's slot hierarchy) are considered valid hit targets.

The Root input defines the slot relative to whose local coordinate space the Origin, Direction, and MaxDistance are calcluated.


The HasHit input outputs whether the raycast has a valid hit target currently.

The HitCollider output provides the first valid target collider hit along the path of the raycast. Default is null.

The HitDistance output provides the global distance between the raycast origin and the HitPoint. Default is 0.

The HitPoint output provides the global coordinates of the point where raycast first intersects with the HitCollider. Default is [0;0;0].

The HitNormal output provides the normal vector for the intersection of the raycast and the HitCollider.

The HitTriangleIndex outputs the index of the mesh triangle which was hit in the case that the HitCollider is a MeshCollider (Component).


Colliders will generally be valid hit targets for raycasts unless their Type enum field is set to Trigger, HapticTrigger, or HapticSampler, though see details for the HitTriggers input. Colliders will not be valid targets if the IgnoreRaycasts bool is set to true on the collider component.


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