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Constructs a 3 composited data type from three individual inputs(Equal data types). Unconnected inputs will act as a default data by individual data types.

Inputs & Outputs

Default color Label Type
x Single data types(Not like float3, int2, bool3...)
y Single data types(Not like float3, int2, bool3...)
z Single data types(Not like float3, int2, bool3...)
Default color Label Type
* *3

Pack xyz


This node can make every 3 composited data. But, Input data type is must same each other.


In this example Float3s are analagous to Vector3s in several other game engines. They are useful for representing several types of values, particularly Cartesian coordinates and Euler angle rotations. By using the Pack XYZ node, float3s can be constructed directly, allowing for manipulation of properties such as object transforms.

Example of Pack xyz

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