On Grip End (LogiX node)

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On Grip End
'On Grip End' LogiX node
  LocomotionGrip Grip
  Impulse OnEvent
  ILocomotionModule Module
  BodyNode GrippingBodyNode

The On Grip End node fires an impulse when a user stops gripping the input Grip.


The Grip input takes a reference to a LocomotionGrip component.

The OnEvent output fires an impulse when the Grip stops being gripped by a user. Impulses are owned by the user who released the Grip component.

The Module output provides the locomotion module in use by the user who released the Grip component. This value is only available for the duration of the impulse chain started by OnEvent.

The GrippingBodyNode output provides a BodyNode enum value indicating which body node the Grip was released by. This will most likely be the Right Hand or Left Hand.


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