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Veer's Weekly office hours for Moderation.

Here are the notes from 21st November 2021.

These are rough notes typed by CanadianGit, shamelessly stealing ProbablePrime's formatting. If there are errors please edit away!


Please do remember to check our Roadmaps as a lot of questions here are partially covered there. Do continue to ask them but the roadmaps are there for you to read:

Please make tickets!, We love tickets!.

We're back next week!


Electronus Q: is it being recorded?/ transcribed?

  • Notes are being produced by CanadianGit, it is not being recorded

Duskitten Q: what's the current status of the mentor program

  • It’s running again, new applicants are coming in from both the new form and prior applicants.
  • Old applicants do not need to reapply, we are reaching out
    • If you are a very old applicant – first wave or earlier, and never heard anything back, please reach out to the mentor leads/Canadian Git/Veer if you’re still interested. You will not need to formally reapply.

Veer Q: Asked about preferred timeslots for the office hours. Some comments:

  • bit late for Europe for Sunday
  • better time slot than prime time for Europe tbh
  • Saturdays work better same, easier to stay awake

Shadow Panther [RU/EN, UTC+3] Q: Yeah, just wanted to ask about how that cryptoflood went for you mods

Zari Tenjin Q: was gonna ask how hard it was to get the ncr peeps under control

  • We brought on a mod specifically with more crypto background to assit
  • Channel is acknowledged to be a little ‘spicy’, we’re keeping an eye on it

Jam10o Q: lots of discussion around licensing and object ownership recently, and folks talking about "the enforcement falls back to moderators" * is this a thing you've already had to deal with in the past (plagiarism, stolen assets) or something that is going to be addressed in the future?

  • Moderation has previously addressed DMCA reports
  • Future systems should better prepare us to deal with these issues, such as ObjectID or Hard permissions

Zari Tenjin Q: has the security bounty program had significant interest yet without naming specifics of course. primes been pretty vocal about it existing and offering rewards but its always good to hear if its actively used

  • It has had reports and rewards issued
  • There is a new example report tied to the security document, users are welcome to copy its format for their own reports

Tangle Q: Can I come up and discuss Hard Perms and Object ID?

  • Discussion on implementation and feedback on the systems themselves is best brought to the feedback form or Github.
  • Office hours are predominantly used for fielding questions, not seminar style discussions, but we do want to hear your input in the sources above

Jam10o Q: are y'all more fans of enforcing the spirit of the rules, or enforcing the word of the rules? :p

  • Objectivity is the goal, we’re looking to craft the ‘letter of the law’ to be as close to the spirit as we can
  • Suggestions and feedback on unclear guidelines can be brought to the ticket system and feedback form
  • Revisions for the guidelines are currently planned

Zari Tenjin Q: Mentor question: Whats the usual skill level that you encounter with new neos users? Since Neos is less well known i'd think people are a bit more comfortable in VR than maybe in other Social VRs with more turnover in users.

  • We’re a diverse bunch, it’s difficult to consider an average

Tangle Q: Can I come up and discuss this? Mainnet. NCR is on Polygon right now I helped Karel Map it over there. That is a Proof of Stake Chain.

  • We’d like questions confined to moderation and the Mentor Program, but we welcome discussion on NCR topics up in the #neos*credits*ncr channel.

Duskitten Q: what would you recommend in terms of knowledge for mentor, or moderator status to be obtainable, and would you say age on the platform is a factor due to just general reputation

  • We’re interested in a basic familiarity with Neos, and require new mentors to be 18+.
  • Criteria for joining the Mentors is currently being codified and will be announced when ready, but it will follow in line with the above

Zari Tenjin Q: Have you guys ever wished to have some time off of Mod/Mentor duty and just disable the badge ingame to have some piece or quiet or has overload not settled in yet?

  • Mods do not currently feel overwhelmed, but it is planned for all users to be able to toggle badges in the future, and mods will be able to take advantage of this feature for some downtime.

Duskitten Q: oh also, i dont know if this is a mentor related thing or not, as it does involve new user experience, but is there a new starting world being worked on if you know, or perhaps an official alternative to the MTC related worlds

  • Currently in the works, but moderation does not have details on the development
  • The content creation team can be found at their new weekly stream, Workshop Wednesday, where they open the world to all users for an hour following the stream

John Nada Q: In relation to moderation is there ever going to be some sort of age authentication system or ways to mark servers as inaccessible to underage users? I understand if this is meant to be our current internet standard of "its up to the server owner to enforce their stuff" but some sort of flagging system in the works at all? I'm seeing a more hands off approach currently is that the case going forward?

  • It has been in discussions, but there’s not currently a plan for implementation
  • More information will come down the line as the on platform workshop and marketplaces come closer to development

RaviidDidsdale Q: would off duty moderators still be obliged to moderate in certain situations? Sort of like an off duty cop witnessing a robbery.

  • Neos Moderators are not beat cops, they are never patrolling instances
  • They will, however, likely report incidents they directly observe
    • They are all volunteers, but all have an interest in keeping Neos a safe and welcoming community

Duskitten Q: is there any progress on the in*game moderation system (like sending full reports and such) or is that also a dev question

  • Planned, but require the UI overhaul

sls Q: how does the moderation team feel about us building our own user blocking features ex: only people on this list can see me/ people on this list cant see me?

  • Allowed, but the guidelines on harassment still apply to these systems.

RaviidDidsdale Q: just curious, how much moderation would you say you and the team have had to of done since neos began? an obscure question ik

  • Neos is a friendly community, moderation has never felt overwhelmed so far, but we periodically onboard more mods as the community grows to keep ahead of the work.

sls Q: how does the moderation team feel about users leting banned users join there sessions?

  • If you are able to invite users with account restrictions to your session, it is intended for the level of restrictions they received and in no way against the guidelines.

Toxic_Cookie [NTC Founder] Q: What is the process like for handling exploit reports? I've heard that a certain user simply reported an exploit and it was immediately escalated to a permanent ban that was later reverted

  • Exploits tickets are reviewed by the entire moderation team, simply reporting an exploit is never grounds for account restrictions.
  • Some activities around exploits can be cause for account restrictions
    • Using exploits in public sessions, boasting about being able to use exploits – details on what actions may lead to account restrictions can be found in the security document

Delphox Q: 16:36 Q: Is there anything in place to ensure there is no bias towards a users punishment with anyone on the moderation team

  • Tickets collaborative to avoid a single mod acting with bias. Each ticket is visible to all mods when submitted.
  • All account restrictions handed out produce an audit that devs and mod leads can see, allowing no one to issue bans without oversight
  • If any ban is issued in error, a ban appeal can be made in the ticket system which will be visible to all mods.

Q: Has there been any concerns in the past current and future that a punishment handed out may be too severe?

  • Punishments are handed out following a group deliberation. While the decisions may have shifted slightly with time, we’ve error on the more lenient side whenever uncertain.

Q: If a user has gotten into trouble how would this effect their chances of becoming a mentor and would they ever be considered after a time has passed?

  • Yes and yes. Past account restrictions do weigh in the application based on severity, but they do not bar you forever.

Q: Is consideration taken into account if an incident has occurred that breaks Neos TOS without the user knowing an incident has occurred like for say an accident?

  • Intent is relevant when deciding if account restrictions are necessary, however even unintentional behaviour if reckless may receive account restrictions.