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Veer's Weekly office hours for Moderation.

Here are the notes from 5th August 2021.

These are rough notes typed by ProbablePrime. If there are errors please edit away!


Please do remember to check our Roadmaps as a lot of questions here are partially covered there. Do continue to ask them but the roadmaps are there for you to read:

Please make tickets!, We love tickets!.

We're back in two weeks!.


Cyro Q: I've got a question that I've been dealing with a lot: How should we deal with people who are squeamish about reporting things to mods for fear of repercussions? Not necessarily from mods seeing what they're reporting and acting against them from it, but more-so from social pressures created by say, a friend who confided an exploit that turns out to be dangerous and should be reported. Perhaps this is too complex of a question, but I'm always at a loss for how to go about it whenever it comes up.

  • Veer: We do have anonymous reporting, you can use this to make reports in situations such as this.
  • Veer: Do remember that there are no repercussions for reporting an exploit, it's a good thing to do. You make Neos Safer.
  • Git: Its standard moderation policy to not provide details to the reported individuals about who reported them. If they find out and come after you that can be a case of harassment.
  • Git: We don't really have a fix for friends falling out of favor with each other due to a report though.
  • Veer: If you report it without anonymity, you can let us know if you want your name to not be mentioned. If you're super worried Anonymous reports are your friends.
  • Git: We do have some plans for incentives for reporting things coming down the line.

EarthmarkQ: I very often hear conflicting reports of what the in world capacity of moderators is, sometimes it's they're observing for issues, sometimes it's they serve ticket reports and in-game are no different. It seems like there is misinformation on this topic, are there any plans to make it more streamlined?

  • Veer: Mods are typically not in world looking for problems. Its rare for mods to catch currently occuring issues. So this isn't generally their purpose. if you see them in worlds they are usually just relaxing or chilling out.
  • Turk: sometimes we're called to a situation when it occurs but that doesn't happen that much. We can sometimes arrive to help the situation and calm down everyone.
  • Git: There are no moderation beat cops. we are not sending moderators to worlds to look for issues. Mods will seek out users to resolve or discuss existing issues sometimes though.
  • Git: We'll edit the Wiki page on moderation to make this clearer
  • Turk: Missinformation could be due to how other platforms handle these issues. We're somewhat different here.
  • Veer: Generally, in world mods purpose online is not to be "Police".
  • Earthmark: Perhaps this may be also that the mtc calls out that the badge is ingame moderation?
  • Veer: that's there to let you know that Moderators are there to help but not that they are a cop.
  • Git: we will certainly edit the wiki here to clarify it.
  • Turk: There is nuance here, sometimes its not clear.
  • Veer: If you have Moderation/Guideline questions please come to the office hours or open a ticket.
  • Veer: we'll always try to act if we see something live.

seif0: Q: I dont think I have seen anything about policy on alt-accounts, in general, as well as more specifically, punishments to someone's main account if they did something against the guidelines, and how that may affect any alternate accounts they may have. Any information that you have about that/or similar things?

  • Veer: You can have alt accounts but we'll need to make some guidelines here as each new account gets 1GB of storage. A limit might be "10".
  • Veer: on punishments, alt accounts will get the same level of punishment but we can't get into details.

Holy:Q: Welp here's a moderator question. We got new moderators a while ago. They don't have the moderator role in the Discord yet, will they get it or is this just planned.

  • Veer: Not every moderator that becomes a Neos moderator wants to become a Discord moderator. The Discord role is more for Neos Discord Moderators.

EarthmarkQ: Currently blocking someone through chat is an odd and accidental process involving what feels to me like a side effect of unfriending someone. From my perspective that's an important part of self moderation, and I get it's a messy question, but can there be some work to make the self moderation tools easier to understand?

  • Earthmark: If you unfriend someone they still see you as a contact though, your ghosting them
  • Veer: That's unintended. That might be a bug.

RaviidDidsdale: Q: Is their any particular method the moderation team uses to combat bias when moderating, whether known or unknown. Sorry if this is a repeat question.

  • Veer: if it is known Bias, social involvement etc. Then they will not be part of the matter/tickets.
  • Veer: We do encourage our moderators to speak up if they know there is a bias here.
  • Veer: if they do participate in the discussion with a known bias we will take it into consideration when a moderation discussion is happening.
  • Git: All of our moderation actions are collaborative and all moderators can contribute to the conversation. This stops a single moderator from answering/acting with a bias as it would be very apparent.
  • Turk: We try to be objective.
  • Veer: we never go by gut feelings.

Lucaedr Q: Question as a hypothetical that I may or may not have seen from someone who's been blocked from another user's sessions and sort of... instigates in the following ways:

- complaining in one or more other discords and in other worlds/sessions
- creating a session with the name based on the session they were banned called the "better <session name>"

Should this be something that is just ignored? Perhaps mentioned in a moderator ticket just to have them knock it off?

  • Veer: Do feel free to send in a ticket, this might not be actionable but do send in a ticket and we can take a look. Especially if this user continues to try and bother the target user as this might be considered harassment.