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Please do remember to check our Roadmaps as a lot of questions here are partially covered there. Do continue to ask them but the roadmaps are there for you to read:

Also remember to read through our Moderation Article for info on moderators and self-moderation tools.

Questions =

Earthmark Q: What's your largest concern you see coming up for neos? Because vauge questions are fun

Earthmark Q: What can we do as players to help mitigate risks there?

Prime missed the first two questions in Note form sorry!

Earthmark Q: Would you like more emphasis and teaching on those tools then? For instance having a new user kick a mentor and then they rejoin.

  • Veer would like to place some emphasis or extra learning on the available self moderation tooling we have.
  • Double check our Moderation article for information on that.

Turk Q: Alright question, what's a question you wish people would ask more in regards to Moderation?

  • Veer wishes we'd have more info and learning about self moderation tools. See our Moderation article for more info.

'Earthmark 'Q: How should users interact with moderators in game? What does the badge indicate for a user to do differently interaction wise?

  • Please treat them as normal users, they might be hanging out
  • Make sure to use the ticket system for urgent issues

ProbablePrime Q: How do you see Neos' Culture evolving as it gets bigger? We already have some issues with Knockback guns and sort of "Gmod Spam" behaviour but what about when we're larger. How do we see things like "Ugandan Knuckles" being handled within our platform and our tools?

  • People running around as a certain avatar isn't a problem provided its not malicious
  • Self moderation tools are key here to prevent issues, see our Moderation article for more information.
  • A lot of it depends on the situation and context of the session at hand.

Earthmark Q: What purpose does the badge provide then? The mentor badge tends to imply something, I'm curious about miscommunication of intents there.

  • You can ask Mods about guidelines and ask them for help. We're not saying you can't. But please don't act "differently" around Mods.
  • Git: The badge is a token of representation for Mods volunteering their time. They are not "Cops" running around. Treat them asa regular user.

Enverex Q: Is badge injection a concern? Context: Originally badges all specifically meant something and there would be very few (with the single exception of a higher tier Patreon individual badge) but as time goes on, I'm seeing more and more people with large amounts of injected badges, making the badges somewhat useless (people aren't going to pay attention to what's there if they're possibly all fake) as anyone could have any badges and any quantity of them, people are also less likely to pay any attention to badges at all in future if many people just have large amounts of random badges.

  • As the moderation team we don't care about the badges added, provided they don't impersonate mods,team members or mentors and other users.
  • Also don't put offensive/guideline breaking material in their badges.
  • Eventually groups will be able to have their own badges etc. Which means users might not have much need for Badge injection.
  • There might be a limit on the number of badges available for display in the future. You'll still have them but maybe only see a limited number in the actual name badge.
  • Dante: If you have a concern look at the session list as you can't spoof the badges in there. This is good for checking if a user is a team member or a mod etc.

Mysticporo Q: would you say its to enable other users to know that if a situation arises that a player will be able to moderate or help with it if it gets out of hand. to add additional context

  • This seemed to be unanswered

Mysticporo Q: if there will be a limit of badges would you exclude badges that give context to peoples impairments?

  • These badges will be exempt from the limit.

Enverex Q: What is the purpose then, of an official group badge or paid for Patreon badge if people can just add/inject their own? (admittedly those won't show in the session window, but most people aren't going to care about that).

  • If you want to show your support, you can get the badges officially via Patreon
  • If you want to inject badges. It isn't a moderation concern. But do avoid any impersonation or malicious behaviour

Earthmark Q: Should I report code style attacks or privacy violations I see as possible, without verifying that they are actual attacks? I'm worried about creating an implementation of an exploit as then it would exist if it succeeded, and that gets very funky. What protocol would you like used for verifying attacks like that?

  • If its a problem or you're concerned, please report it as a security report in the moderation system.
  • Even if you cannot verify it if you are concerned please report it on the ticket system.

Sloppy McFloppy Q: I've had this dumb idea for a while that I am not sure if would be acceptable or not. I've wanted to make a (very obviously fake) MS paint patreon badge to bolt onto my badges. would that be ok?

  • No comment, use your own judgement. Patreon has large brand guidelines you may break though..ask them.

Patron Q: Btw, you said to not inject same badge as patron, but friend put our group badge as their Patreon badge and now demand me to inject the same image on me. What should I do?

  • Its up to you. Its not a moderation concern.
  • If someone is demanding you to do something against your will. That is an issue.

Mysticporo Q: what are some moderation tools that are not well know to the majority Veer?

  • The permissions for setting users to spectators within the session tab. You can set it that anon users are set to spectators.
  • Default Visitor means "non-friend" so you can use that for Guest/spectators
  • Prime: Permissions within worlds you control are VERY flexible. Check this tutorial series for more info:
  • Prime: Also checkout the published world "Purgatory" for an example of a locked down world.

epicEaston197 Q: I was wondering why Builder is above moderator is there a reason why?

Jack Q: Are there any plans of adding a proper white-list system for worlds / world groups (nested worlds)? Currently I am using my headless's friends list as a crude whitelist, however it would be nice to have a proper system for that.

  • you can use some of the headless settings within the "Auto-Startup" worlds option of launching neos. See the Command Line Options article for more info.
  • Double check our roadmap for cards about making these features into UI. Prime isn't aware of any cards on the roadmap but they may be there.

GunGryphon Q; Isn't moderator not able to change the world?

Mysticporo Q: when making a report would you it rather be concise short and to the point or would you rather there be more detail and context about whatever situation occurred to understand the full scope of the situation? in order to consider what road is taken when looking over the ticket.

  • Do include as much information as you can and feel free to put in a ticket.
  • Check your emails as we may ask there for more information we may need.
  • Include any details you think are relevant. we are happy to read.

Rampa Q: So to clear up my question, since I made mess of it: I was asked to wear a group badge, I am OK with it, but the friend who is leader of the group has it as their custom patron badge. Is it OK for me to have it injected with their permission?

  • Yes you can.

Earthmark Q: How are you feeling so far with this office hours?

  • I am happy with them, which is why we extended them to an hour. But there are less questions here today.

Jack Q: Hm, so when I use the cloud variables to specify which user is allowed / denied, does that impact world listing / visibility in the world browser?

  • Prime isn't sure he'll check

Earthmark Q: What is a behaviour you wish you saw less of, but isn't directly against the moderation guidelines?

  • I wish users would talk down other platforms less. Especially to new users of the platform.
    • Don't say things like "Other platforms can't do this" etc.
    • Instead talk up what Neos CAN do not what other platforms cannot do.
    • We won't enforce this, but please consider not doing it. We're not social police.
    • Specifically in the discord, please don't do this. Check the guidelines channel for discord specific guidelines.

Mysticporo Q: what are your thoughts on more chaotic players that enjoy playing Neos but are in a grey area when it comes to harmless/malicious

  • We try to educate people about self-moderation tools. If there are individuals not breaking the guidelines but still being problematic pelase consider self-moderation.
  • If a guideline breach does happen please open a ticket.

Rampa Q: What would you suggest to people holding meet ups in Neos moderation wise? I was talking to another friend who wanted to hold one, and they for example never heard of having session mods.

Sloppy McFroppy Q: Would a private/hidden world that is accessible through a public sort of "lobby" world still count as private?

  • If the public can access it, then it is public.

Earthmark Q: What do you recommend when wrangling trolly users, besides kicking them?

  • use your own judgement and our self-moderation tools. See our Moderation article for more information.
  • Veer: We want to make sure that users aren't afraid to use the tools available. You can use them if you want to.

Enverex Q:@ProbablePrime | Docs I've had people tell me that they utilise that spectator override to basically use whatever they want in a world and bypass spectator, as they can then tag their own items as spectator (assuming they know the tag you're using, which may be the case if it's using a simple tag like "spectator"). Any thoughts on that?

Prime Q: If a mod is hosting a world do they need to be "nice"? Can they still kick/ban a user?

  • Yes provided they are polite about it. It is still their world.

Earthmark Q: What is a question you get pestered with more than any other?

  • We weren't that pestered. We were almost annoyed with the lack of questions.
  • Please don't feel afraid to ask anything.

Rampa Q: Btw, office hours wise, are more topics planned too?

  • We're considering it. Please let us know what you'd like to see.
  • Specifically for froox make sure to watch the Friday Streams.
  • Check Office Hours for more info.

JJ the Husky Q: Let's say someone is interested in helping out with Neos? Moderation etc. How do we show interest or try to join the team?

  • That's a good question, its a little hard to answer.
  • Specifically for moderation, speak to Veer for now.
  • Eventually there may be an application system setup.

Earthmark Q: Should we make reports for things we feel are sketchy, but don't directly violate the rules?

  • Yes, if you are uncertain or concerned please make a report.
  • We aren't going to be angry at you if you make an invalid report. We'd rather not accidentally miss reports due to any hesitation.

'Earthmark 'Q: At what point in my thought process should my action be "ask veer"?

  • Veer asked this to be re-worded. Earthmark jumped in to use voice.
  • Earthmark: You mentioned that people don't ask Veer enough questions. So Earthmark is wondering when or what he should ask. At what point should I consider asking Veer?
  • whatever questions you want to ask me, try to bring them to office hours.

FuzzyFoxe Q: Are admins able to join worlds that are locked down in an emergency?

  • Mods and team members cannot join private/locked down worlds without an invite. We can't even see them.
  • We do not have any backdoors.

Mysticporo Q: curious on the KFC front i know its currently fake but when sending it what if someone feels uneasy taking it, it kinda just gets handed to you without your say so

  • Its fake. It will always be fake.
  • Its just a number
  • You can opt out by sending Neos bot: /KFCoptOut