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Veer's Office Hours, is an office hours segment about moderation

Here are the notes from the 24th June 2021.

These are rough notes typed by ProbablePrime.


A recording will be available soon.


Please do remember to check our Roadmaps as a lot of questions here are partially covered there. Do continue to ask them but the roadmaps are there for you to read:

You can also read this weekly update for information on how the moderation systems work.


Enverex: Q: Do you intend to buy a pop filter?

  • Once Veer has an actual microphone.

Mysticporo: what questions are best suited for todays meeting?

  • Anything to do with moderation

Slow mode was lowered to 10 Seconds.

GunGryphon: How busy is it to be a moderator at this stage of development?

  • It depends, sometimes just on the day of the week.
  • Currently, not too bad. Veer is busy though with a lot of other things.
  • Veer is all the time on it.
  • Git: Relatively Light. Do remember that the team is all volunteers to balance this. Individuals are free to volunteer only a few hours etc depending on their desires. Its busier at weekends and quieter during the week.

Krydar: Q: I'm not sure if this is covered in the Wiki as I haven't had much time to give it a solid read, but what can a moderator do in-game? I realize the role of moderators in the Discord server, but what capabilities does a moderator have in Neos itself outside of the usual session managing Admins/Moderators of a session have?

  • Froppy linked the Neos Wiki:
  • They can issue a variety of bans of varying degrees. That can restrict what you can do in game. Please see the wiki page.
  • Prime will update the page if its out of date.

GunGryphon Q: How much moderation work is done outside of tickets? (Ex. You find or are notified of stuff ingame)

  • There is some but we'd prefer tickets

Mysticporo Q: so im not sure how deep the discussion is wanting to go but there was talk about a blocking feature in the future in terms of how thats going to be implemented im interested in knowing how it could effect the community and its population and communication (Obviously harrassement is a big nono so its important thing to consider when this feature is being developed)

  • i dont intend to open a can of worms here so im just curious for a short statement.
  • We are looking into a blocking feature, some parts of it are planned out but it is still pretty much an idea and is not implemented right now. We'll implement if it is needed urgently etc depending on user demand. We're probably not going to focus on it just yet.
  • No timelines available.
  • Git: Its a complicated system and we want to make sure that it is implemented properly. Check the GH issue:

Krydar: Not a question but rather a statement; I feel it's very telling about Neos (in a positive way) in general that a blocking feature isn't urgent as of right now.

  • Veer: The community is great at staying positive for the most part. It is good.

1amNick Q: Any plans for Item Moderation? Like there is an item that will just disconnect you from the world that has been floating around. Can malicious items or tools be banned?

If its an item that's just made for malicious intent, we can go in and remove it from Neos if needed.

Some items might be just buggy or unintentionally malicious, please report bugs. If they are serious security bugs please report them via as a security issue.

Mysticporo Q: when it comes to upholding moderation when the platform expands how will this be done in a natural manner (currently theres waves of mentors & Mod's so im not too concerned about it but again im interested)

Currently we have a lot of moderators. We should be good until we see 2-3 thousand players until we need to really increase the number of Moderators/the structure. We're prepared for the future.

Krydar Q: This is related. Are there any plans to, for example, have a system that automatically disables certain things that could be used for malicious intent (i.e. The Architect's Force feature and/or the Open World node with the "Force Focus" bool set to True)? I know this would be complex but I was wondering if that was on the table or being thought of

  • Currently no, we don't really want to do automated moderation as that can lead to exploits etc.
  • We want to handle it on a case by case basis.

GunGryphon Q: how would one get the data needed to properly isolate what item caused the issue and who is responsible. It's not always easy to identify a malicious agent.

Neos Moderation team has the tools available, but we don't really want to get too in detail here about how they work.

HodufanQ: One criticism I've heard before is that moderation can be inconsistent between moderators. If this is truly an issue, what steps have been taken to combat this?

  • We have all of the mod leads reading and reviewing any ban actions and circumstances. They can all see the tickets and make sure that stuff is happening fairly. Veer is not aware of any issues that are inconsistent.
  • If a moderator is personally involved, we don't want them to dish out bans. We prefer someone who is not emotionally involved.
  • Just so you know, any time there's a ban various people including Veer are altered and can and do review.
  • Git: There's 2 systems for consistency. Deliberation, No Individuals making decisions. Second system is appeals. You can appeal a decision.

Hodufan: From what I've heard, its not necessarily on moderator action, but rather asking mods what is or isn't allowed.

  • We are working on unifying the understanding of the Neos Guidelines within Neos so that everyone is on the same page.
  • Its sometimes uncomfortable for Individual mods to comment sometimes as users might take that and run with it
  • We want clear cut guidelines.

MysticporoQ: in terms of mental health for Mod's, if one doesnt feel like they can reach out or a situation has fallen the wrong way & they feel to blame is there a system in place for them to feel safe or acknowledge they wernt in the wrong? Anyone from the Mod team can come and talk to Veer or the mod leads to discuss if something is going wrong.

rampa_3Q: I was told by few people, that they don't like guidelines being a wiki page, and that it should be on an official web. What is your view of this? Also I heard complaints about not having a checkbox for consent with guidelines and link to them during registration. What do you think about that?

  • Veer: this is growing pains we want it on the site and as part of the registration flow, The question is when, how and the resources etc.
  • Prime: The wiki allows for community contributed translations and is regularily policed by Prime for malicious edits. We can protect pages from edits if needed. This benefit is worth it at the moment.

1amNick Q: Any plans for time based bans where people can be banned from a session or game for a set period of time?

Krydar Q: Considering there is a present Japanese community in Neos, are any of them native to Japan or is any of them fluent in the language? I know you have moderators dedicated to that timezone but I'm curious to know if they actually speak the language We have two Japanese moderators Orange and Rabbutz.

Jj The HuskyQ: How does the mod team go about identifying/handling problematic users, who may not specifically be breaking the guidelines but causing discomfort for users.

  • Please report all problematic behavior, so we have a report and can follow up about it.
  • Git: do remember that we have self moderation tools available. We encourage you to use them and expand them. Check the github and let us know your feedback.

Prime note: Sorry I lost the flow here and missed some notes. Please check the recording around this time.