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Veer: Moderation the bi-weekly office hours about Moderation.

Here are the notes from the 10th June 2021.

These are rough notes typed by ProbablePrime.

50 People were in attendance.


A recording can be found here.

General Information


3x1t_5tyl3: Q: What is the team's stance that "Mentor" is perceived as a precursor to "moderator"?

  • It isn't necessarily true, but it does sometimes happen. Non-mentors who are well known and behaved within the community will sometimes be made moderator if they are ready.
  • Onboarding is 3-6 months.

GunGryphon: Q: Is there an established schedule/rotation for moderator availability to ensure coverage?

  • We've been working on that, including getting moderators in Oceania such as Australia and Japan etc.
  • There isn't true good coverage but we're working on it.

Slow-mode timing was reduced down to a minute to aid in question asking.

marsmaantje: Q: Is there any info on the moderation tools for us in-game? Either to contact moderators or to handle stuff ourselves.

  • Currently, there isn't a lot of documentation in game on how to use the in-game moderation tools.
  • This may come when the session dialog is overhauled as a part of the UI Changes
  • If you need assistance or help via the moderators
  • You can also communicate with us via discord
  • It is preferable however, to use the Moderation Ticketing System.
  • If there is an emergency, contact Veer in world or via discord.
  • As a session Admin in the session menu you can:
    • Kick
    • Silence
    • Change their permission etc

Please read the Moderation page too!

The MTC will be updated with more information here too.

epicEaston197 Q: will some of you UI elements be overhauled so it would be easier for new users.

  • Yes, we are working on it.

See the UI Roadmap!

MysticPoro: Q: along the lines of Moderator and Mentor questioning is there any set criteria you have in mind when deciding either other than representation of Neos's brand

  • Yeah, people's temperament and history with moderation is taken into consideration
  • When it comes to Mentors please ensure you are asking Turk who is the lead of the Mentors program.

GunGryphon: Q: Will the ingame moderation contact tools include items to document the events such as screenshots, logs, session data, etc.

  • Good question
  • Stuff that we'd like to see in the future.
  • Will be looked into as we work on it.
  • We want to give users as many tools as we can to moderate their own sessions.

See the UI Roadmap!

Vegasx: Q: Will there be any plans to implement reporting into the default dash/UI? It seems weird that we have to spawn out an object when reporting is so fundamental to the game.

  • Yes, we want to make it quick and easy to do in the future.

See the UI Roadmap!

Epiceaston197 Q: could you go into more detail on the new UI if you can.

  • We are working on it in the future, stand by for updates.
  • Other office hours will talk about it.

Alex the derpy avali Q: Add votekick

GunGryphon: Q: In the potential scenario where a moderator might be suspect, is there / what is the process to ensure the issue is addressed fairly?

  • There is an anonymous ticket option on the ticket website.
  • When you fill that out we will not know who that is and can handle it. Only moderation leads and team members can see these reports
  • Raith: If a moderator has caused a problem Veer and the Moderation Leads will discuss it privately.
  • Git: The Ticket system is about transparency, anonymous tickets have a paper trail and cannot be hidden.
  • Try to leave out personal identifying factors such as your name or other details so we can know what's going on without knowing who you are.

3x1t_5tyl3: Q: Given the amount of new moderators, what is the stance on bias from a moderator towards users they might dislike as a moderator?

  • If there is any bias against the community, the moderator is not allowed to take part in that particular issue/ticket.
  • We don't want Bias, It doesn't foster a good environment. It fosters mistrust.
  • Git: No Ticket, is isolated to an individual mod. Other mods and mode leads can see it.
  • Git: There is an audit available for any actions that were taken so these can be reviewed by the rest of the moderator team
  • Git: The ticket system includes an appeal system please report issues if stuff happens

Mentalish Q: When it comes down to Moderation cases does everyone get a fair hearing from both sides before ruling it? IE Circumstances that lead up to a Moderation Ticket or a Moderator Intervention?

  • Yes we listen to either side. Usually in cases that involve a ticket we might not hear from the subject of the ticket.
  • A direct punishment usually only occurs if we have evidence
    • After we have done this punishment that user can create an appeal

Alex the derpy Avali: Q:How would you even know if they dislike someone that's a difficult situation

  • If someone is acting a certain way in the mod discord or in the session with undue emotion etc. That's a signal.

GunGyrphon Q: Is it possible to add a configurable 'timeout' to session kick actions?

  • Double check the GitHub for this.

Mysticporo Q: when you say direct input would that suggest they would be able to give their perspective indirectly, i think even if there is bias and they were there the information would still be important it would just need to be taken into account the person has a bias towards the person

  • Moderators aren't going to act alone.
  • Other moderators can add additional evidence and information to tickets.

Alex the derpy Avali: Q: Can permanent bans be lifted?

  • They can, we have to take into account everything to see if we will lift it
  • Depending on the ban it might not be lifted for a long time.

Alex the derpy Avali: Q: Is a ban a IP ban or just account ban and how is ban evasion dealt with?

  • The ban takes into account multiple things, we don't really want to go into specifics though.

Epiceaston197: Q: Can a moderator ban on the spot or does it have to go through the ticket system no matter what.

  • A moderator can ban on the spot
  • A ban needs a ticket associated with it
  • A moderator will write a ticket about it to follow on from an on the spot ban
  • An on the spot ban is usually just 1 day until it is discussed further with the moderation team.

3x1t_5tyl3: Q: The current moderation website logins are iffy and is there any possibility of that moderation site login to be merged with the neos login? And will we be able to see our tickets in-game in the future?

  • We are working on a new Moderation system that will allow you to login with your Neos account
  • Viewing tickets into Neos, check the roadmap for more information and no plans yet.

Enverex: Q: Do mentors have any level of moderation power and are mentors involved in any moderator discussion? (i.e. private moderator specific chats/channels/discords, etc)

  • Mentors are not involved in any moderator discussion or actions
  • They cannot see tickets. They cannot see actions or bans etc.

Alex the derpy Avali: Q: Are mentors more likely to become moderators than regular people?

  • Not necessarily, see the prior answer above
  • It is based on interest and interest in becoming a moderator and a bunch of other deciding factors.

Prime comments that he is making notes(these notes) as fast as he can.

Alex the derpy Avali: Q: Will moderators be demoted after a long time of inactivity?

  • Big possibility hasn't happened yet.

AshtonSparx: Q: Do you have a way to actually tell if someone's being away for too long? Like time logging, ect

  • Yes we can see that within the ticket system, we can see if they are logging in.

Beaned: Q: what is the procedure you guys go with when there is a user playing that is too young to be in neos (-13Y)

  • If we find out they are under 13, we ban the account
  • It can be overturned if we have proof.
  • Data pertaining to the user is removed due to regulations.

GunGryphon: Q: What activity rate does one need to maintain to be useful as either moderator or mentor?

  • We have no threshold where users may be removed
  • No concrete answer yet.

MysticPoro: Q: at the moment Mentors and i believe Moderators are introduced in waves however when Neos becomes larger will individuals be introduced and shadow other moderators/mentors

  • This is already occuring
  • not in huge waves, sometimes larger sometimes individuals
  • Git: Larger waves have a defined goal, Languages, TimeZones looking for specific criteria or focus

Epiceaston197: Q: once Neos gets really big will bots be sending tickets?

  • We're not sure what you mean.
  • We're trying to stay clear of automated moderation in general though.
  • Raith: All tickets are reviewed individually so it is not based on number of tickets.
  • Veer: We will steer clear of automated bans too.