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In this Office Hours, Probable Prime talks about:

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(Please note that the transcriptions will not be 100% accurate)

Welcome to Office Hours, it's now 4pm so we're going to go ahead and get started.

Right on cue, my living room lights just turned on because I got them set to turn on at 4pm.

And we're going to go ahead and get started by scrolling through the list of questions.

So Lou Zanth says, "Is there a list of slot names for temporary badges, fruits, account

creation, bread, etc?"

There is not, it particularly doesn't help that a lot of those are, what we do is we

copy the previous slot when we're generating them so the name gets longer and longer.

You also shouldn't, like, what's the word, you shouldn't make your system with those

slot names as guarantees because they may change at any time.

Depending on what you want to do with your badges, you have a few options, one is the

various aligner components or just doing it numerically, like stepping through each element

in the list etc.

Or you could just make your own icon to-ble-do, you know, whatever sort of scheme you want.

There's a lot of people doing that recently, they don't show their actual badges, they've

got like a custom list of badges.

Not to call anyone out here, but I believe that Shifty for example, she went down to

just the Neos team badge.

I think she was just done with badges and I perfectly understand that as the person

with the most.

So yeah, try that out.

Moving forwards, like, "Is there any updates on the fix for the native build of Neos being


We are taking a look at that and we'll get to it as soon as we can.

Grey says, "Is there a way to stop getting office hours pings?"


So, the problem with that one is, it's not the office hours role isn't anything to do

with that one.

The problem is that stages like to add everyone even though they shouldn't.

When you start a stage, there's like a button for it, but like I continually forget that

that button is there, it's just like notify the server or something like that.

I will go ahead and remember to use that setting next time I start a stage.

But if you do what the slinker posted, then you'll be able to mute that stage.

It's actually nothing to do with the office hours role, the office hours role is just

when I hang at office hours.

When I start a stage though, it's like at everyone pretty much.

Moving forwards to the next question here.

Fuzzy says, "Can you speak faster by watching your YouTube videos at 1.5 speed?"

No, you sound oddly slow.


I've always said to people, you can slow my videos down and I know a lot of people do

do that because apparently I'm too fast.

As I've said a few times before, I'm running at probably like 50% speed during a recording

of a tutorial because I need to explain things.

Whereas when I'm building, I can sort of barely explain anything.

Someone will watch me build and be like, "What are you doing now?"

And I'll just be like, "I don't know.

I don't know.

Just let me do it, please."

Ray asks, "Are we required to have internal organs to use NeoSwati?

We have external organs."

The state of your organs is not a topic that is covered by the Neos usage guidelines.

If it would be, there would be an update to the Neos usage guidelines.

I don't think your organs have anything to do with that.

Next question is, "Linka asks, "Any comment on the active sessions bot being down?

It kind of died when the SSL cert on the old API."

So I assume it's polling the old API in an ever-ending loop, most likely no idea who

hosts it.

That one I had not realized.

I will raise that with the team when I can.

Let me just make a note of that one.

And with that, we are currently out of questions.

If you would go ahead and come up with more questions.

Or don't, it's completely up to you.

Ray asks, "Does the drive node constantly update whenever it's driving, or only when

the input value updates?"

That is -- do you mean the drive drive node, the one that's in actions?

Or do you mean just the arrow, like a regular drive?

Okay, you mean the drive drive node.

So the drive drive node is effectively equivalent to the drive arrow, for those who are unaware.

If you see an arrow that's sort of got rounded corners in logic, that's a drive.

If you see a pointy sharp arrow, which is more transparent in the center of it, that's

a reference arrow.

So there's a good sort of rule of thumb to identify the difference.

If it's rounded, it's a drive.

But the drive drive node basically sets up one of those drive arrows, but programmatically

allowing you to sort of start and stop it with that node.

So it functions identically to an actual drive, it just has more controls, and you can start

and stop that drive.

So therefore it has the same rules as a regular drive.

And the regular drive is based on a sort of notification system that sort of floods through

the wires a little bit, like electricity would.

So if we think about the simplest logic circuit that you can think of, which is adding two

numbers together and then driving the result of how big a sphere is with the result.

Let's say you put 1+1, you add it together, you get 2, and then you drive the size of

the sphere with that.

At that state, nothing is changing, nothing is updating, because the value of 1+1 equaling

2 is constant, and Neos knows that.

If you then edit one of those input nodes to maybe change that 1 to a 2 or whatever

number it is, you cause an update, both on the network to sort of say to anyone else

in the session, "hey, this value is now 3" or whatever you put in, but also in terms

of logic where it will re-evaluate that chain.

It will flow out of the input node into the plus node and tell the plus node "yo man,

update your value" and then the plus node goes "got it bro, updating my value" and

then it passes that on to the drive system.

So that's how it works.

There are of course exceptions, things like updating relay which will force stuff to continually

evaluate and various nodes which just by their nature force stuff to continually evaluate.

So it does depend.

The goal is basically to not do mathematics twice, we don't need to.

1+1 is always 2.

Although I did watch a long time ago, someone linked me this video of this, it was either

a retired military person or it was like a retired teacher, professor, scientist or something

like that, and they were just rambling in front of a whiteboard about how they'd invented

a new form of power based on the principle that 1+1 equaled 1 and it went on forever

and it was like a fever dream, it was amazing.

They were talking about the east and west magnetic poles as well and it was just like


It was very confusing, but there we go.

The CloutPanda says "how's my week been?

Also we had a comment on hope you have a headache-free day from Jackal at the start of office hours"

yeah, pretty good day.

I'm probably going to TMI for a moment here.

I was cleaning my bathroom yesterday right, and I needed to replace the toilet seat because

it's old and it was cracking and I wanted to replace it, so I bought what I thought

was an identical toilet seat.

It turns out it was the wrong size.

So just imagine me holding this new toilet seat triumphantly over my toilet, trying to

affix it, screwing it all down, looking at it and being like "that looks stupid" because

it was the wrong shape, and then having to unscrew it gently with much aggression, throw

place gently the new toilet seat to the side and then re-affix the old one, grumpily.

Well it was gently, because if I throw it I'd probably damage a wall and it's a rental,

so it was as aggressive as gentle can be to not damage anything.

I do wish I owned my own place outright, because then I could do what my dad does when stuff

annoys him, he just says "that's going up the garden" and he means it.

So there was this one time where there was a party, and he was using a blender to make

a sauce or something, I don't remember, but the blender just stopped working, and

he just opened the back door and just yeeted it into the garden, because that's where it

belonged apparently.

Moving forwards to Fuzzy's question, which says "been having trouble" exactly like that

gif, that's from the office isn't it?

I don't know.

Fuzzy's question "been having trouble working out the various inn, user inn headset,

etc. knows this, they don't appear to work agree with each other, trying to take AFK

type situations, things seem inconsistent" You need an updating relay for those, and

then you should be able to work out the difference, just make sure you've got an updating relay

for those.

I think Is User Present is like an "and" between the other ones.

I can open up Is User Present now, just go to the tab to the correct Visual Studio project,

seeing as I have 1, 2, 3, 4 open today, I don't know why.

Is User Present.

Is User Present will swap itself with Is User Present in World when it loads.

Is User Present is not a node that we have, it will just swap around.

Looks like we didn't remove it from the list, which is weird.

No no no no no, hold on, hold on, I read that wrong.

One moment here.

If your Is User Present node existed before a certain date, when you load it will be swapped

with Is User Present in World.

After that fact, it will still work as Is Present.

Is Present.

Is Present is present in headset, or not VR active and is present in world.

So are they in the headset and are they in the session?

Is Present inside the world, are they in this world?

No man, they're totally out of this world.

Is Present in headset, is their headset working?

Sorry, is their headset on?

Yeah, our version management systems are fantastic.

I've been trying to encourage us to do as a team, is to when we do that stuff, leave

a comment saying why.

There's a lot in programming and opinions about how useful comments are, etc.

Some people say that the code should explain the why, and I'm just like nope.

Code sometimes cannot explain why.

So comments are needed to explain why.

And then code purists will come after me and they'll say "oh but if you update the code

then the comments are out of date" and I say well then your pull request or your code

review process should include an item saying "I have updated comments around this area

to make it make sense" and if it doesn't then that's a bad engineer.

You know, it should just be no excuse for it.

So if it's unclear why, or you think "hey 3am prime won't understand what I was doing

here later" then I add a comment.

There are actually some times where I add a comment with a link to the Stack Overflow

question where I got the stuff from.

That's good because it provides credit.

But it's also good because I go back to it and I'm like "what is this eldritch chicken

scratch here?

Why have you done it this way?"

And the answer is "because you spent 3 hours and here was the answer you found on Stack

Overflow after 3 hours" so I've even said "hey we can even reference issues, for example

if something weird happened we can just put a comment saying 'this is why we did it'

and then we can literally reference the github issue because it'll be there as long as github

is up" which I don't imagine it going down any time soon.

That's that question, I want to scroll through and make sure we got... okay that's that done.

I think we're out of questions now.

Fuzzy is asking a cloud variable question which is why I'm giggling because cloud variables

are... cloud variables are unfinished which is why they're so confusing.

I'm so sorry that cloud variables are so confusing.

I have to consult the oracle.

Give me a second.

By the oracle I mean my documentation on the wiki which is sometimes wrong.

It was wrong, I updated a bunch of it but like it's always wrong.

You're asking about definition only... definition owner only unsafe.

Okay definition own own... do you... can't even say it.

Definition owner... no.

Definition owner only unsafe can be used by users and groups.

Definition owner only unsafe is only used for a singular value and it's in read write

permissions though so it's useful for version control systems.

I don't know if you uclops here but like definition owner only unsafe would be what I might use

if the wiki is correct which it might not be for the version detection system which

redprint has for example.

I would probably use definition owner only there which means I could set the version

number inside the dash because I didn't want someone doing some hacky logics to do it in

an unsafe way with like "you guys there's a new version of redprint and it's called

version 17400 and cheese" which could theoretically happen if you use definition owner only unsafe

because it can be set in an unsafe context.

You set that for a read permission on a variable and it's still readable in world using a user

from username node unless read by... you set it for...

I'd have to look at like the setup and the configuration and which logics nodes you're

doing so if you can share that we can look at it more.

Great like it's not like there is no node by that name.

Can we like yeah can we can we just you know tone that down I'm looking at the full node

list here.

Yep I know that name.

Oh confusing the stage also has a chat channel oh my god we should probably like switch to

that at some point yeah.

Anyway moving on to questions.

Fuzzy wants a variable only they could okay so if you want it only that you can read it

definition owner only without the unsafe would be the way that you do it because with the

unsafe it means that people can read it if you're in the session and they know their

way around logics.

The oo node is a joke node you're not meant to use it for anything concrete it's just

outputs what's this much like the b0 3 all node which is just a typo that for example

funny so put it into the code.

I was actually thinking about this the other day and hey this is this is my space to talk

about random stuff including toilet seats so Microsoft has a policy where we don't do

April Fools jokes and because of my time at that company I agree I completely agree that

companies should not do April Fools jokes and what happened is that order or like directive

or I guess policy but the right word since we're not talking about military came directly

from like the chief legal officer of Microsoft and the reason behind that is like they calculated

the like cost in terms of sort of marketing legal financial etc about putting out something

that was confusing and it was large like say for example you put out like you know today

Microsoft is releasing Microsoft cheese because it's April Fools or Microsoft Pi 3.1.4 etc

some person somewhere is going to be confused by that and they're going to have some action

that may lead to a decline in reputation revenue legal standing stock price whatever so they

were just like nope we don't do it anymore and I just completely agree with that so I

want more companies to sort of do that measurement if they're like really small it's probably

not going to matter but like when it comes to like a gigantic company like Microsoft

it just like makes sense.

Zari says it always backfires it's not like it always backfires it's like the potential

for backfiring is higher than the reward right if you want to be funny be funny 365 days

a year you can see that with the social media accounts for brands where they're trying to

be funny sometimes they aren't funny sometimes they are but they are consistently trying

if the brand is only quote funny on April 1st then it's just it's really weird like

I kind of like for example I like Discord's brand Discord's brand is it feels quite young

it doesn't feel stuffy it doesn't feel you know too corporate like and that's because

they work on that brand every single time they do an announcement every single time

they do a release there's a frog on my head for example.

I don't answer cheese questions here yes questions or questions about toilet seats those are

mine today all right I don't see any other questions although fuzzy does say sorry for

all the dumb questions there is no such thing as a dumb question if you don't understand

something you have two choices in the world and that is to try and understand it or to

give up and trying to understand it is always the best option so please ask questions there

are like dumbly worded questions I guess would be the sort of term to use it you can read

all of that that at a page called asking good questions you could just Google I can't remember

the exact one I was looking for but yeah just how to ask good questions that's also the

XY problem etc let's take a look I have questions Tiki says to save something like a personal

playlist what kind of storage should I use playlist of videos I wouldn't recommend cloud

variables for that because lists are of course difficult you could comma separate value or

tab separated value or whatever the hell you want separated value a list of videos into

a cloud variable definition owner again is the sort of variant of permissions that you

need as as fuzzy as struggling with those you'll probably have to do some experimentation

but I wouldn't recommend cloud variables for a personal playlist when it comes to music

and playlists I actually recommend especially if it's a YouTube playlist make a YouTube

playlist and then you can like put that YouTube playlist into some of the players we have

in game and it will play that playlist and in some cases and I apologize for bringing

this up in some cases consider whether you need to play your music to everyone else in

the world gray says just check I think the user mesh hide component is broken yeah I

don't know what that one is either like this is another sort of like we need we need comments

and it's like avatar user mesh hider what do you think it does because I've just read

what it does and to answer your question I need to know what you think it does I've just

been through the entire node list gray like there's not a node by that name like I did

control T typed in that and then I scroll through the entire list and I need to scroll

down I'm sorry I don't realize I was gonna scroll down apologies for that I'll take a

look now sometimes I just forget a scroll bar exists I blame it being like almost the

same color as the background angry pilot says is it technically possible for users in the

US to load a resource pics videos etc from other user host if it's only available on

a local server for that host I don't know what you're asking let me read it again is

it any possible for users in news to load a resource from other users or the host if

it's only available on a local server for that host no the load would have to be triggered

by the person who owns it a good example for that would be let's say you have the latest

funny meme tik tok video on your hard drive you would have to import it for people to

be able to see it okay so catching up on the composition but use a mesh hider yeah it's

for like hair and stuff like that it should work I'm reading the code for it now basically

on equip it says yeah whoever's wearing the avatar we go through all the mesh renderers

are the ones that aren't on the exclude list it will just hide which which sounds backwards

I feel it should be like an include not an exclude list like hide the hair hide the hat

linker says that it does work people just think it hides the other yeah yeah people

I remember also thinking that the avatar mesh avatar user mesh hider was also some sort

of like safety feature right it sounds like user blocking it is not all of that will be

fixed by you know documentation it also be fixed in some cases by just having those features

generically yeah it just like it does a value user override for the for the hair etc it

will include mirrors it will include cameras anything rendered from the point of view of

the user who has it equipped camera avatar mirror whatever will have the effect like

if you wanted to do it if I don't know a photo shoot let's say you're dancing or whatever

you would have to get a camera person that didn't do that yeah it probably I mean I don't

know there's no comments in the code base around why it was added but it probably existed

before we had the net the near clip adjustments and it was probably something for excited

to give people additional options that weren't hey just do it do it vrchat does guys just

just do it just do what vrchat does which is where they like shrink your head to zero

from your head camera only right let's move forwards fuzzy says had some witness today

running headless or custom URL one person couldn't join through a button facet I made

although it's been working for weeks and work for me after giving them a regular invite

they were able to join the world and come back again using the facet not really a question

but moreover that was an odd moment if I was gonna manage try to report it yeah depending

on like the invite settings and the privacy settings even if you have a custom URL you

sometimes can't join it without an invite like the fact that you gave them an invite

and then the facet works makes me think it was like a permission II thing like if you

did like I don't know I'd have to I'd have to do an entire test matrix on it and I haven't

done that but like you could totally do that and figure out what the options are there

switch this is just out of curiosity any info what the universe ID is for what does for

I don't know if it works I don't think anyone's used it but universe ID is to segregate parts

of the Neos community this sounds so like the touristic is to segregate parts of the

Neos community into separate universes you can think of it a little bit like subreddits

so there's an example here a school my enter universe ID of hopefully something that isn't

just the name of the school but they're an entire universe ID and all the computers that

run Neos and then they wouldn't be able to see us us fairies hanging out in the corner

you know making fairy noises because they're a school they'll be on the school universe

I've not seen anyone use it successfully I've had many occurrence where we should be using

it but it's just not being used I don't know if that's because it doesn't work or because

people aren't aware of it but there we go as an example the user Peck is a professor

at the University of somewhere in Prague sometimes his students come in and they flood the active

session list with a bunch of sort of new users who are also your students and so that's always

fun to see that should probably be on its own universe like says what you think of this

show 256 it's impressive I hope you had fun I won't be reading it further because it makes

my head spin I am impressed that you got it done though picture says Aggie parts question

was more related to network and powers if it was linked to local server on another user

could it be opened on another user through the hose sort of similar to relaying RPCs

from loading no that can't be done the avatar use a mesh

is broken there's a difference between broken and not designed well it's working I guarantee

that reading the code it's really really simple guarantee it works it's just not designed

for the way that you want to use it so the avatar user mesh is broken it's just not designed

the way that you want to use it there's a there's a difference there that's also why

we have the bug issue type on GitHub and the tweak issue type on GitHub like that isn't

a bug that's it that's a tweak you are requesting additional functionality to be added to the

component thank you parlor elaborates and talks about them having a local FTP server

and asking if news users could go through that and talk to them no that would be would

have to bring would have to bring the external news user into your network which just doesn't

exist could we ferry packets somehow there's probably some sort of protocol where we can

sort of proxy or something yes so like ultimately that's possible but no you can't right now

gray asks so you can make an adult universe maybe gray needs a cold shower theoretically

yes but you'd have to abide by all nearest usage guidelines even on that universe so

nothing in public sessions etc etc go read the guidelines there would be not much reason

to do it is what I'm saying because you would still be breaking the guidelines if anything

was public in the future perhaps eventually not now not now you might be able to do and

have public adult sessions Yuki asks so question though would would wouldn't even with separate

university you'd have access to both essential photos I think you would yeah I don't know

how much the universe system has been implemented I just haven't had a chance to try it zinc

has followed up with some information that says you can send it to anything really and

then only works the world browser and you can still join in contacts it's literally

hidden but allowed in contacts page it does nothing to folders see it's purely session

listing gray is still claiming it's broken yeah it only does it when you equip it so

you need to once you've set it up you need to re-equip the avatar Lex is seeing how to

break the guidelines if someone else uses your universe ID then the universe sessions

would show up publicly in the session browser of that content so it would still be public

because it's still viewable to the public and yeah you might make a universe ID like

a random alphanumeric string that is like very long but someone could still guess it

gray says please don't put whatever my sorry it wasn't intention I will go ahead and make

a tutorial on it for you and that way we'll see if it works Yuki says a school setting

universe ID isn't enough they would have to delete those fault yeah I'm trying to sort

of figure out and have a conversation with the team about what we do about near essentials

and central tools I want to combine them together essential tools should just be near essentials

tools and I also want to sort of come up with a way where we don't have as many orange folders

inside news essentials as we do like I don't I don't like how there are team folders in

multiple locations like I would love if it was just like in those actually a folder for

a community folders and then inside the community folders we put all the team folders in there

because then it would be it just like it's clear that you're entering an area that is

not near essentials because right now they're just everywhere I also think as a team we

need to come up with a policy of what goes in near essentials and what doesn't because

it's very clear that some team members put useful items in there whilst those items are

useful it's sort of like do we have a policy and what should be included and what shouldn't

be included I don't so we need one those sorts of things are things that you only think about

when you start getting into like a larger company when you're like oh you know it's

beyond sort of like a few hundred people playing now it's a few thousand people playing now

it's ten thousand people playing and you're like okay we need to make sure nothing goes

wrong we also need a policy for what gets featured how stuff gets featured etc word

policy might sound scary to some people but it's basically just like let's discuss it

and then record that we've discussed it so that we're not confused later tiki says it

often happens in desktop mode the world goes fully white on a session switching session

everything's okay coming back it's still white until I respawn and ideas how this happens

I had that for months literally months and then it just randomly stops so I never looked

into it I apologize I don't have much more information on that one that literally happened

for months and I've only really just now remind remembered it I could look the flashbang right

sometimes it would happen and used to go like what's up and I like I don't mind me the flashbangs

got off I'm gonna respond sorry says the new shield has always struck me as not being well

placed in the official news folder yeah I don't like the new shield I don't think it

should be there now to be clear because I know we have this issue and then in this community

that doesn't mean I dislike the owner or the author it just means I don't personally like

that particular item and I don't think it should be exactly writers jackal says very

good point about nice essentials I mean there's interesting stuff in news essentials but as

a relative newbie a lot of things have for me meaningless names because they are named

for the people who built them and such and such so-and-so is creative stuff yeah there's

also a problem where some of the items are named like you'd name a book or a film not

how you'd name a tool like for example a screwdriver is called a screwdriver because it drives

screws but in neo sland a screwdriver might be called like primes super fantastic ultimate

RGB tag special ultimate RGB tag version 17 thing and you're like yeah I have no idea

what that does and then you spawn it and there's no instructions it's just like a tool you

hook up but you don't know what it does some people do have like ways around that the basic

is one I say movies where a gearball will like parent a piece of text to the object

which is set to non persistent when it loads so it's sort of like spawns in the text but

won't hang around and it says like equip this and push left trigger to fly or whatever if

you look inside the examples folder inside news essentials that's kind of sort of my

playing ground is a little bit more organized there and sort of functional units although

of course there's always more work to do on that line gray says why don't you like the

shield the shield teaches the wrong solution to a problem so the solution to the problem

is to combat the culture that you're experiencing which requires you to have the shield now

of course you'll say yeah but so many new people come in and then they get our hands

on stuff the you know do does stuff that the shield protects against which like okay can

a people stop making that stuff be can we stop handing out to new users see can we start

educating new users on our rules and guidelines and then like D E F and G and H is like please

report people who are consistently harassing you to moderation they need to know it's bad

we are running over time here but I'll give you a quick example of the story I was in

a world there was some unoccupied avatars in the corner a brand new user who was young

but old enough to play the game so 13 or above came into the session and started verbally

abusing an unoccupied avatar in the corner now of course this unoccupied avatar was unoccupied

so they weren't verbally abusing some actual person but I went over and I told them off

and I said hey this behavior isn't appropriate on this platform we don't insult each other

we you know we have fun we hang out and they didn't really get the message for a little

bit but a bit later they did get the message and they actually went back over to this under

completed avatar and apologized to it and I thought that was kind of sweet I have never

seen that user ever again I presume they went on to go play gorilla tag or something but

it was just like a perfect example of I taught them the culture that I wish that the entirety

of Neos had which is we see an issue we talk to them about the issue until they understand

it and if they don't understand it we continue to talk to them about the consequences of

them not understanding that issue which is the consequences are you will be kicked like

here are the consequences of your action Lexus how do we currently change the culture without

changes to soften it Neos essentials and updates of the platform to make it easier one way

would be to I guess a few ways would be first of all recognized as a session host you do

actually unfortunately have to go into teacher mode sometimes and do what I was just describing

which is you explain to someone why their behavior is inappropriate you talk about the

consequences for if they continue the behavior and then you you you kick them I've seen a

lot of users who sort of come forward or talk about it where they are the session host but

they feel bad about maybe kicking or banning people because they don't want to cause strife

or upset etc that's the sort of thing that we need to change like it also happens in

in the real world there's whole sort of I think it's called like bystander training

or something there's a whole name for it like green green dot or something I can't remember

what it is it's basically like if and this is a horrible topic but let's say I don't

know you're on a subway train and you see I don't know let's say someone being harassed

in the corner like are you going to intervene with that and if you are going to intervene

do you know how to intervene appropriately would other people on the train back you up

not in a way where they're going to throw fists or anything but like would they back

you up in the ways of sort of correctly de-escalating the situation and you know getting the person

to safety etc would they and the answer is probably no and bystander training is the

idea of trying to improve that situation there are a couple of updates that can be made to

worlds to help things as well if you go into the permission system you can set the max

scale and min scale they're currently set to a little bit of a weird number if you just

raise those up and down a little bit that will help you can also set the full respawn

position to a little bit higher that will also help because that means that when people

do fall off terrain they won't spend forever falling they'll just fall for a little bit

and then immediately respawn so it minimizes them for time where they're disturbed there's

probably like other stuff you can do in the character controller to like limit the velocity

of people like globally I know that you'll be able to do it with the the locomotion modifiers

that I've seen that I did that big world on it is a difficult problem and like it's it's

not like I'm asking you guys to solve it and we won't like trust me like I want to solve

it I want to like provide as many tools as possible to solve it it's just we are currently

stuck in that situation where we can't there's a particular variant of the bystander training

I just can't like it's something like green green light green dot it was all sort of like

trying to sort of like change the mindset from sort of like that isn't happening I should

ignore it into I am an active participant in this event and it's on me to try and do

something or something like that green dot find standard intervention training that's

the one yeah there we go Specs has an amazing statement which I'll read we are leaving off

so please drop down the level of questions I'm trying to wrap things up here now but

Specs says confrontation can be scary most time people will listen I've had people quite

firmly hey please don't keep sporting noise color vomit 5000 or I'll have to kick you

and they stop doing it do you remember when it turns when it comes to loading stuff as

as grace's collide initialization route it was literally the first tutorial I did please

go watch it you'll learn a lot about like paroms first tutorial and it tells you how

to fix up your collisions so that you don't fall through the ground on load whilst I'm

here because I came up in conversation at some point as well consider not spawning the

hermit meter by the way the hermit meter for those who are not aware is a meter which gets

the percentage of people in private worlds and it's an unhealthy metric that I don't

think you should do what it does is it points a massive big finger at those people hiding

in private worlds and says haha you're a problem and that isn't a healthy way to get them out

of private sessions like if you want to get people out of private sessions you need to

give them a reason to come out of private sessions and if the first thing they see when

they come out of private sessions is people discussing people in private sessions it doesn't

encourage them like it's basically just going like these people are a problem and when they

come out of private sessions we're going to talk about them even though they've they've

braved a public session it's it's just like it's it's the wrong way to do it like give

them a reason encourage them and invite them very good specs you've won the sort of analogy

award for today specs is if you've ever been told by parents or family oh so you've come

out of your cave as an introvert you know how much that sucks good good good analogy

uh yeah i'll speak to major about i didn't realize it was in the creator jam uh template

like if you want a hermit meter flip it upside down have the non-hermit meter and then try

and increase that it but like the number of people in public sessions right now the social

meter the potential friends meter i'll go ahead and leave off there if you have any

additional questions please feel free to dm me tag me send me pigeons whatever you want

to do i will go ahead and answer them to the best of my ability i am starving i'm gonna

go feed myself cheese will be involved