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In this Office Hours, Probable Prime talks about:

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(Please note that the transcriptions will not be 100% accurate)

Welcome to office hours with prime if you go ahead and get your questions in the office hours thread for questions

We'll get them answered in the order that they appear there are currently no questions

So we're gonna sit here in unimaginable silence until there are questions

For those who you who are just joining and don't know what this is. This is in half hour sometimes 45 minutes

Sometimes an hour depends how distracted I get

segment where you can ask questions about Neos and I will answer them whilst inevitably rambling about other things not to do of Neos such as

Prime's magical journey through this world that we live in so feel free to get your questions in until then

No noise will occur from my mouth runtime asks, can you turn the elevator music back on?

I didn't know that that was my responsibility. I think you can turn it back on

The waiting room at least you can't turn it back on whilst the the stage has been started as far as more weather

There we go our first Neos question fantastic

We have a question here from Lou Xanth who says is is there a way to change where a dev tip spawns an inspector?

I do not think so, but in the effort of completeness, I'm gonna go ahead and open up the code base

Which I haven't done today

And I will load into that piece of the code as soon as I can and give you another answer

As far as I remember what it does is it will raycast in front of you to find unoccupied space and put it in there

for the

Logics tip there's actually a better alternative there

Which I've seen a lot of people to Ray V was I think the first person I saw who did it

But now a lot of more people do it

Where they attach a logics panel to their wrist and then they can pull nodes out of that

It means they never close or open the logics panel. It's just always there

Which which seems to work out better for them. It sort of reminds me of the flap

That's on Buzz Lightyear's arm. I know that's just a sticker under there

But like, you know, it could be it could be the logic sim on you. That's like a weird thing

It's like Ray V's arm reminds me of Buzz Lightyear's arm. There you go, and that can go in quotes

Alright code is loaded. I don't know if it's gonna respond to control T requests, but we'll see control T is

Like the way to like just search through everything in a code base in C sharp

so if I do like control T I type dev tool tip in I get to the source code for the dev tool tip, but

If the code base isn't fully finished initializing into official studio

Sometimes that just won't work. So I have to like wait and be like hmm

Control T. Are you going to work today or you're not going to work today and it is it is working today


Code here. I haven't read ever. Oh

Here we are open inspector. Oh

Cool open inspector cool

To do create inspector. Okay and create inspector will do oh, yeah

Okay, so it just creates an inspector and then it will

Position the inspector in front of you using a very common function that of course you don't know which can't be the source code


position in front of user where position in front of user will


Interesting. Oh, no that only runs in user space. Okay, cool. All right

Yeah, okay, so it just gets a point in front of the user get point in front of these

It is exactly what I said it just raycast in front

Looks at that distance and then positions it so no you can't control it

The interesting thing was some special case handling for user space that doesn't really make sense and doesn't isn't needed

So I mean is needed of course, but like it's not part of the question

It just I read it confusingly because it made it sense

Like it made sense to like that wasn't running in user space. It would have been interesting, but it's running

Same with the logic node it will just do exactly the same thing unfortunately with the logic tip buzz light your wristwatch

Yeah buzz light your wristwatch

Moving onwards to specs this question

Do you have any documentation on building your ex it could be overwhelming to try and build interfaces with since the required?

Components are not immediately intuitive nor is the fact that the hierarchy matters a lot more than things

There is a 13 part YouTube tutorial series on a certain person's YouTube channel about uax development

Might have heard of him that is to need like large-scale documentation. I know of that system though. It's also 13 parts

I've actually heard of people saying I don't want to learn new x because prime tutorial series on is 13 parts

Or I can't be bothered to watch 13 parts, and it's just like I don't know what you want from me like I make video tutorials

Yeah, yeah, thank you for some enthusiasm on it. There is a lot of stuff there

I don't know if all of its helpful or for it'll make sense because there is like an awful lot

I try and go through

In sort of a logical fashion

Where we don't we don't cover layouts until it looks like part 10

What I would encourage people to do is just use layouts all the time in the first couple of videos you'll see

Me manipulating rec transforms directly and lots of people still do that manually right they'll manually update rec transforms

But what I recommend instead is just wherever possible use horizontal vertical or critical instead of manually changing rate transforms and

If you're worried about like no the performance the slot count inspector inspector

It's basically just like horizontal horizontal vertical horizontal vertical horizontal horizontal vertical vertical horizontal vertical

It just keeps going. It's like it's insanely deep if you look at the

Inspector spec says that they did come across it, but it wasn't complete apparently

Part 13 was made a year ago. I

Don't think it's ever gonna be complete. That's one of the things in my tutorials. I never say that they're complete

Yeah, I recommend you touch it biggest point of advice is

Please use the layout components. They are there to help you

Manually adjusting right transforms is just not ideal and yeah most UI systems that you'll see in game engines have similar systems where it looks

Like you're making a mess, but it's just how you do it

You know if you think you know you acts is bad or even as DIA says if you think you iron kiddo or unity or unreal

Is bad just go ahead and hit view source on and just question everything about the universe and what you knew

Like I because I you know, I'm very familiar with with web design and web development

I can I can tell you what all of does but it will still take me like five minutes to figure it out

No, I want to go to I don't want to search for Google for

How the hell did that happen?


moving forwards I had this interesting conversation very recently some other people in other context but a

Lot of cases I find tools that people make slower than the actual like real way of doing it

So I have seen a couple of like things which claim to be

UIX creators or UX tool things that make it easier to do UIX, but I always just go back to

UX like actual I will now scroll up and down and make sure I haven't missed any other questions Oh

Shadow has a different a different problem with the logic step

I'll go ahead and look at the code of logic step

What they want to do is to figure out the the logics for where the node will spawn from the logic step

So when you when you spawn a node where that's positioned that one I might be able to help you

I move I've just got to see where that goes

Tip. Yeah, it goes to the tip. So the the the

Tip of the tip the tip of the tooltip is is where that goes so you can go ahead and edit the tip position

That will answer that one

You just double check not missing any questions before the YouTube video link got it right now

I wrote to Specs question

So Specs says how was this year's MMC voting any new bugs or issues with the voting world or mostly smooth sailing?

Something interesting happened this year, which didn't happen last year, which I was a little grumpy about

So I apologize if any of you received the grumpiness of that

Do you remember that I have to run that thing three days straight and make sure that nothing goes wrong ever?

Because you know, we try and get like people voting as much as possible

Some people had issues and some people direct messaged me about those issues

Great more on that in a moment. Some people posted those issues publicly in a public channel. Not good DM me, please

It's just better to DM people about problems particularly when they like can be fixed really easily

It's slightly more polite as well. So we had a couple of those those were fixed up

And then the one that did DM me about it. They found quite a

potentially problematic issue

but they explored it in a way which was not okay, which is

so they found a way to

Duplicate and delete the voting panels because I forgot to put delete block and duplicate block on those panels

I understand finding that and being like that's a problem that needs to be fixed

But when I went in the world like five or six of the booths had been deleted or duplicated so were broken

It's like if you found a problem, maybe do it again another time

So twice to replicate that is a problem, but then stop don't break any more of the world stop and report the issue

Because like I think five five panels were down by the time I got there

So I just took it down for five minutes to fix that one

That sort of comes into sort of responsible disclosure and things like that. It's like hey

If I push this button on this bank's website, it gives me a million dollars. So I'm gonna push it a hundred times

And then tell the bank it's like you push it once until the bank one of the most interesting problems of MMC voting though

Is I forgot how it worked. I

Have a huge notebook

I use obsidian for my notebook and I usually write extensive notes on everything that I do but my notes for MMC's voting

Were lackluster somehow for some reason. I don't know if I was just like busy or whatever and didn't make them

So I just I didn't know anything

For example when I went through the world testing it I noticed that when you vote in ESD or art

it'll say saved instead of vote cast for blah and category blah and

I was like, why is this happening again? This doesn't make sense. Why is it different sort of like debugging madly unpacked a few logics knows

I'm just like, oh, yeah, that's why we don't have locale strings in the NES locale files for those two categories

So I can't fully localized do the phrase vote cast in category blah for category blah

In those two category instances

So I had to just switch to something I did have a locale string for which is saved

Saved is one of the locale strings, which is just part of Neos core

And so I could just stole that one

in fact

The majority like, you know, two-thirds or more of the strings that exist inside the voting panel are localized using

Neos locale strings and then the remainders are used, you know actual MMC specific strings things like okay

Cancel. Yes, you know, those are all available to be localized by everyone. So if you're ever looking to make a world

for multiple audiences

You can use those locale strings

It's a little bit tricky having a tutorial on it and I don't really have time to explain it here

So I'm asked I probably will try but you know, but you've got that, you know, if you're just using like, okay

Yes, no save cancel. You've got no excuse not translated to every single language which Neos supports

I mean for a nationwide question who says

Why do some logics nodes is a eg is user present in world seemingly just not work without an updating relay after them?

Shouldn't those knows update themselves since they're all for an updating relation used

It's difficult for me to understand

I've asked Fuchs a couple of times, but he seems to answer for that specific case. What I want is

Like a rule of thumb, but what I get is an individual reason

So it's a little bit challenging in that regard

I just opened the is user present node and

Oh, no, wait, I did the is user on ground node somehow by a mistake. I

Don't know how that happened because I typed present and I got like oh

There we go. Yeah. Um, so it just it's just a quirk that I don't understand

the rule of thumb that I have now established though is

Put updating relays in if you notice a problem

But just before you're done making your application before you're done making your world or whatever

It is

remove those updating relays and see if it still works and the reason I say that is because a lot of times we add updating relays

Because we want to see the values for a good example of that being is the global transform

Node we usually want to pull out a display node and look at the global transform of an object as it moves around

Etc and because we're human we want to see those numbers move

Maybe that helps us to figure out what we need to do to those numbers to do the effect that we want

but what we actually then do once we figure those out is we have an impulse chain and


like most understood

misunderstood think about about logics is when an impulse is

Evaluating nodes along its chain. It will have the most up-to-date value whilst that impulse is being processed

But the display node might not update still so example

There might be you take the global transform of a cube and then you write that global transform plus 10 in the Y

So you're just moving up by 10 units, but the global transform display node might not update but the

Logic knows that it's correct, right?

Because when the impulse fires it can pick up that value because it picks up the most relevant most recent evaluated value from there

What happens there is that the impulse chain executing will instruct that node to get the latest value

But that display node doesn't instruct it to get the latest value because it's a different way of looking at it

Which is then sometimes why the updating relay is needed so you can see their numbers moving

But if it's only impulses that are using this data

Then you don't need the updating relay

Hence if it makes it easier for you to develop logics put the updating relays in there

Try removing them once the logic is complete and then you can be like happy and be like I removed one and I didn't actually

Need it and then you'll start learning when they are on when they are not needed

As for why some nodes have it and why some nodes don't I don't really know sometimes this is sort of optimization thing

There are some nodes as well, which are like clearly meant more to be used locally rather than synchronized across the network

Most of those exist in sort of the weird areas of controllers and things like those

Like, you know controller nodes always local. I really liked it meant to sync every single controller boolean across the network

It just meant to sort of sync the result like ah, they push the trigger that means the gunfire

So we transmit over the network gunfire not trigger pulled. Let's move over to

additional question

Shadow asks, is there a good tutorial and a proper use tensor materials and this dead

This does some parameters on limit

I've got it to half work one time really like a clear guide on it watching unity tutorials

It's also not ideal as those include editing shader code, which is different from Neos. No, there is no guide on it

I usually just scratch my head and scream when I do it, but

There was one

I'll try and find it. There was one like blog article that was unity related

but it had sufficient information for me to understand it and apply it to

Neos it did talk. Yeah, this is the one it did talk about

Editing shader code etc. But I I just mapped those shader code editing

Ujima flips to the material inspector. There is a bug as well, I believe with

Some of the stuff going on there

In the some of the the shaders that have stencil parameters don't have Z right and you kind of need to in some cases

manipulate the Z right operation as well as these stencil parameters to get everything to work and

I you know couldn't figure that out either looks like this one's good particularly because it references are one of my favorite games which is

Anti-chamber. I need to do another run of anti-chamber, but like there's a good there's a good link there for it as well

All right moving that down to the thread

So we've got the shader the stencil question done. We'll scroll up and down make sure I haven't missed any others

No other questions have been missed. So if you have any additional questions, please go ahead and

Give it a look

Meant to be like an anti chamber - she did this this Daniel website is a little bit broken

Because I just clicked a link and it said like localhost 4000 because they haven't updated the logo in the top left there

they have a bunch of

Universal rendering pipeline tutorial they have a bunch of tutorials. They're a bit old from 2021, but like I will bookmark this website

OZ I believe I answered that question less than less than a month ago like so


Maybe refer to the older notes on that one. No main changes that although I'm thinking of headsets

The big screen headset the one that's really light awesome looking headset, but don't make me require an Apple phone to purchase it

Thanks. There we go. It has to be a 2018 or newer Apple phone and not the SE series. Yeah, that's that's really weird

I get it because they want the 3d scan data

If they like partnered with a store, I actually don't know the names of tech stores in the US

I was about to say Curry's but no one would knowing that any idea what I'm talking about, but Curry's PC world

Big Best Buy, maybe

name a tech store, maybe if they partner with a tech store like go to the tech store and

Have your face scan by a thing there and buy it there. That would be good

I think they could do that but like it's almost like they're too late for that

Stores are dying and I've even to a mall recently, but it's crazy

I bet you the Apple store employees will love that if it gets popular. Are you here to buy an iPhone, sir?

No, I'm here to scare my face and then leave and never come back would be my response. I did just buy a brand new phone

I'm now running a

pixel 7 pro and

Come on, but the next time I buy a phone it's gonna be you know, like 2030 or something

The last time I bought a phone I looked it up was something like 2013. I don't know

I'll have to after double-check that exact number. I don't really know

Tiki us is there a way to have more than one camera for recording thought about having a second news client if anything if you mean

Simultaneously no, there is no way currently to have a second camera to record

Things that you can do though, and this is really hacky, but I've done it multiple times

so I will mention it is if you put your camera your main camera into orthographic mode and

Stick it into a camera anchor you can then position additional cameras in front of that orthographic camera

And you can kind of set up like a CCTV view, you know

Where you've got like a grid of four cameras on the screen

And that way you can record multiple camera angles. There is a bit gross though because it's like, you know

Taking a photo of your phone to like share

It's that one sometimes with like logs or Neos we asked for log files when you know diagnosing issues

there are sometimes where I've got like a phone camera picture of the log file on someone's screen and I'm just like

But yeah, it's a bit like doing that but it that has worked a few times we did that for data collection as well

Sometimes we had like three camera angles and then the third

Fourth the fourth the final quadrant was data like a graph or something

And that was like, you know, three camera angles plus a graph to show what's going on. That was good orthographic camera

Though is is pretty needed there. Otherwise you get the perspective

Doubly added because you're looking at a perspective camera looking at perspective cameras like an orthographic looking at perspective camera. That's fine

But if you're doing two perspectives, sometimes it just looks weird. Okay, I've solved Tiki's problem

Yeah, we've got exactly what they need there. Yeah, try it out. If you have any issues, let me know

I do I do it all the time. Also remember the sender display tip

You might not be able to make the streaming camera orthographic

So in which case make an orthographic regular camera use the center display tip on it

And then it'll do the equivalent thing

The center display tip was the old version of the mirror to display option that exists inside the camera streaming thing

I think that's what we do. Keep the questions coming. We're um running up against the clock here

But I'm happy to go if anyone else has any additional questions

See Jackal is typing so we'll take Jackal's question and then we will leave off

If you have other questions that would help you understand stuff go for it like, you know, we're here for all levels of

Understanding. Okay. We'll wait for runtime and shadow now just shadow guys. If you've got questions, you have to type faster. Come on

I want to hear your like desk make like aggressive banging noises from your typing

Just so you can get the question out before we close. No, no worries red tape

It's always weird when you call out people for that typing indicator. I wish you could turn it off

you can turn it off on I think telegram and

Maybe what's that? Yeah, I usually if I have the option to I turn it off so people don't see that I am typing

I think it's just like in some situations

It can cause anxiety

Like here's an example you're at work and you use Microsoft Teams and it's like your manager is typing and you notice it

It's just like oh

Yeah, okay, so we have no further questions some comments on typing noises so go ahead and leave off here

I'm gonna go consume like half a cow worth of food and I'll get back to you later

If you have any questions, please drop them in the questions help channel direct message me. Send me carrier pigeons. Send me smoke signals

I'll try and respond do

Remember that we can all

Enjoy eating cows

Not tipsy cow tipsy cow is a restaurant that is about one town over

It takes me like a 20 to 30 minute bus ride to get there. Otherwise, I'll be going there all the time

No, I'm just gonna go find whatever's in the cupboard and shove it in my face

I don't know what it is. I mean look I will speech you later. Bye. Bye