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In this Office Hours, Probable Prime talks about:

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(Please note that the transcriptions will not be 100% accurate)

All right, and we start the recording because we're late.

Sorry for being late, everyone.

Welcome to Office Hours.

I was cognizant of the time up until 10 to,

and then I don't know what happened, and it was 16:01.

So I just didn't get everything done.

But we're live now.

I created the thread.

Welcome to Office Hours.

If you have any questions, please drop them

in the Office Hours text chat thread, which I just made.

Once again, apologies for the confusion.

I see people flooding in.

That's fantastic.

We'll give them a few minutes to flood in,

and we'll keep going a few minutes

after due to my tardiness.

Remember at school, some teachers would use,

like, you're late, and other teachers

would use, like, you're tardy.

And I always felt like tardy or tardiness was more

insultive than saying that I was late,

and I don't really know why.

It was like, somehow, more insultive.

So I have a question from Lex, who

says, how's the run up to the MMC deadline

as an organizer been?

It's usually quite OK for me, as Medra usually handles

most of the complexities there.

We do get a lot of questions which just repeat every year,

and they kind of amaze me, really,

because we haven't changed anything in quite a long time


Sometimes we change the categories or the prize amounts,

but the general core principles of the rules haven't changed,

yet people still seem to be very surprised by them.

We often get questions about licenses and things like that.

I guess this is an opportunity to sort of clear some of that

up a little bit.

We don't decide what can and cannot be used in the MMC.

What we decide is only appropriate licensed assets

can be used in the MMC.

So when you come to us with an asset,

and you're like, can we use this?

We don't make the determination.

We read the license which makes that determination.

You basically have to learn how to read licenses, which

you should be doing all of the time,

but you really only do for the MMC

if you're not really exposed to them every day.

But if you take a look at a license,

it very clearly will state if you can use it inside the MMC.

It doesn't use the words, can be used inside the MMC.

What it uses is words such as, you

can redistribute these assets.

You can use these assets commercially.

You can use these assets if you credit me, things like that.

Those are the words that you need to be looking for.

If you read a license and it says, can't be used by Prime,

then it's quite clearly that not only can I not

use that asset in the MMC, I can't use that asset anywhere.

And so that's the distinction.

We get a lot of people who think that we are the deciders.

We're not.

We just read the license, which then informs us

of what the decision is.

The decision existed before we took a look.

So if you can read licenses, you don't need to ask us.

It's kind of crazy that that keeps coming up.

The license says you can use it, provided

you can credit people.

And then people still say, but can we use it in the MMC?

And it's like, well, what does the license say?

And people go, don't know, because they don't read them.

Or sometimes they're very long and complicated.

And we all understand that.

And so we'll always answer for you.

But I want to, again, make that distinction clear.

We don't make the decision.

The license makes the decision.

And that's why it's so important to not use any assets

that you don't have licenses to, or if it's unclear,

and the safest option being, don't use it.

I guess we'll keep going.

If there's any other questions, though,

I'd love to go through them.

Oh, yeah.

This is another one from MMC.

Is there anything new you've learned from the MMC

submissions so far, assuming you've seen some?

I actually haven't had a chance to see some.

I've been a bit busy over the past couple of days,

mostly with headaches and weird medical-related issues.

I had a blood draw yesterday.

It had to be a fasting one, which is why you can't eat.

And it wiped me out for the entire day.

And I don't know why.

It was only three vials.

I have no idea why.

I've had six, seven, eight vials sometimes taken.

But these three vials, and I had to not eat before them.

And I immediately found food afterwards.

I got straight back on the bus home, got into the kitchen,

and devoured anything I could find.

But still, I was tired.

And the only thing I can think of is a whole combination

of events--

don't eat, take blood, travel, whatever, wipe me out.

And then I had a headache for the entire night as well.

And the blood work came back.

And I'm not allowed to take any painkillers for a month

to test some results of that blood work.

And so I'm like, cool, guess I'll die.

So I just rolled around in bed.

Hey, there's these amazing--

I'm going to get everyone the link to them.

If you get bad headaches sometimes,

you need to get these.

Let's see if I can find them.

There's a particular brand I use.

Yeah, here they are.

They've got a cool 1990s name.

Here they are.

I've dropped them in the thread.

I have four boxes of these, so I never run out.

And they're worth every penny.

That's a pack of nine for $30.

That's good.

I usually just buy one.

They're just cooling gel patches.

You can do the same really with ice.

But the problem I have with ice is I never

remember to freeze it.

I've got a reasonable quality ice pack that's basically

what looks like Orbeez in a plastic bag,

and even a Valkyrie thing.

I got that when I went to the dentist once.

I just never remember to put it in the freezer.

Whereas those are ready to go anytime,

and they're quite portable.

I got a set in my travel bag as well.

So wherever I am in the world, I've got a set of those handy.

There's always gel and stuff like that.

Lots of times it looks like a sort

of deodorant with a rollerball.

But I don't think they work as well as those gel sheets.

I don't particularly know why.

Gross thing about those gel sheets

is you roll over in the middle of the night,

and it falls off.

And then you wake up, and it's stuck to the side of your face

because it's moved from your forehead, and you're just like,


But hey, it did its job.

Moving forwards, is this to-do going to be fulfilled?

So this is a to-do based on the Nenas voting server.

Yeah, so lots of people have said, yo,

I'm going to use mods and save the voting server

so I can see how it works.

And I'm like, you know the voting server's open source,

and I'm happy that you're interested in it,

but maybe be interested in it not in the official voting

world, maybe ask about it otherwise,

and I can just give you a look or give you a tour.

Don't mess with the actual vote.

So the to-do that Lex is pointing to

is a to-do in a new system I added for 2022

where I stored the entry name.

So when the result sheet is generated

using some of the parts of that GitHub repo,

it used to be generated with just the record ID, which

got really confusing when people did more than one entries,

and we kind of had to do it manually.

And we got tired of doing that, so I

wrote a system that would look at doing it for storing

the actual entry name.

But then lots of entries decided they wanted to use RTF tags,

so that each letter in their entry,

it was like a different color.

I'm reminded of the early days of MSN

where you installed so many custom emojis that the sentence

hello, how are you turned into like a Marvel film length

sequence of animated emojis.

Those were the days of MSN.

So that's why that to-do is there.

I don't know if it will be resolved.

I kind of wait until the MMC is over

before I get the voting going, because voting is like--

it's not immediately afterwards.

It's not immediately afterwards, so there is some time.

That lets me set everything up.

It's also easier to set everything up

once we have a list of entries.

So we can take a look at all the categories working

and everything.

So I don't know.

It didn't affect us that much, because only one or two entries

had the RTF tags.

And so we just was like, oh, it's the RTF tag entry

by this person.

And then we knew what it was.

But if every entry had RTF tags, it

would be a nightmare to go through the results sheet.

Ozzy asks, has the GitHub bot been down for a fair bit?

It has been down for a fair bit.

It's low priority, because we're not really doing that much.

It's also weird, because every time we do something minor,

people go like, oh, oh, oh, oh, is this Big Update Marketplace?

It's like, no, I merged a locale PR,

because I felt bad about the people that

have translated the entire game into a different language

that we don't support yet.

And they haven't seen anything for two years,

and there's absolutely nothing wrong with their PR.

And if we leave it open, we'll just forget.

So I might as well merge it.

And that way, when we do resume updates,

we'll get that translation in.

And people are like, does this mean Big Update Marketplace?

I'm like, it just means that I am just merging a PR.

It doesn't mean anything.

People are way too quick to put intention and behavior

around small activities.

I feel like if people desired, I mean,

we'd probably see if we could get a restraining order

or something.

But they'll be camping outside our houses

and with telescopes into our window.

And they'll be like, [GASP] Prime touched his keyboard.

Does that mean Big Update Marketplace?

It's like, nah, man.

That's just me ordering another cheese pizza.

Which reminds me, I want cheesy garlic bread.

And I want the biggest cheesy garlic bread

that can be given to me.

My local grocery store is a Trader Joe's,

which is renowned for hipster-style food.

And their selection is always less than a larger grocery

store because of that.

There is a larger grocery store a little bit further away

from me, but I can never be bothered

to walk that extra 10 minutes to get there.

But I went to that Trader Joe's yesterday,

and I was looking for the biggest garlic cheese mess.

I didn't care how big it was, how fattening it was.

I just wanted garlic and cheese and carbohydrates.

And I couldn't find any, so I was very sad.

For those who are like, you can order online, it's like,

have you seen the prices for online ordering of pizza-related

goods these days?

I'm like, I would like a single large garlic bread thing.

And they're like, please give us $30.

I'm like, what?

That doesn't make any sense.

I was filling in some, I think it was tax forms the other day.

And I needed an address from when I lived in the UK.

So I knew the street name.

So I just typed the street name into my email.

And I found the full address by looking for a delivery food

order from the UK.

And it was ridiculous.

It was something like two pizzas, blah, blah, blah, blah,

all this stuff.

And it was like less than $30.

And I'm like, how?

It was a lot of food, and it was very cheap.

And I'm just like, how?

Like, what planet was that?

And then I looked at the year, and it was like,

I don't think like 2013 or something.

And I'm just like, ah, that's why.

Ozzy asks about if there are any headsets I'm looking forward


I am actually looking forward to that big screen headset.

The reason is just like, the more I think about it,

the more I realize it is the weight that is bothering me.

It is, of course, the lack of features as well.

The lack of face tracking, the lack of eye tracking

does bother me sometimes.

But mostly what I want is a lightweight headset

that doesn't fall apart.

And that also includes the controllers,

because you know what index controllers are like.

The current ones I'm using are battered.

They are very battered.

I think the capacitive touch on the joystick is going,

but they're not drifting yet.

So I still use them, because the joystick drift

hasn't happened yet.

So there's no reason to sort of change them over.

The capacitive is done on the joystick, though.

I do have a fresh set that are unused.

I think I used them for like an hour,

just to make sure they work.

They're in my cupboard.

And I will switch to those at the moment,

like really bad joystick drifts sets in on those.

When I say battered, like you know

the curve of the outside of the top?

There's like a curve there.

It's quite a sharp curve.

That's been like rubbed away.

And I can see like--

it's just-- it looks like someone's

taking sandpaper around all of the edges

of the current controllers.

I don't remember how much the big screen weighs,

but I think it's like a third less or something like that,

or 2/3 less.

It's a big, big, big decrease in weight.

You don't realize how much weight is the problem,

but it is there.

I've always wondered why they're so weighty.

Like I don't know why more of the processing

isn't at the other end of the cable.

When you remember the original Vive had that link box.

It's like, why?


Look at any other system.

A monitor, for example.

Monitors are quite thin these days.

They're connected to a beast of a computer,

but the monitor is quite thin.

So why is the thing that I strap to my face like really chunky

and heavy?

I don't understand.

Yeah, there's position tracking and stuff like that,

but why is that chunky?

I don't understand.

Anyway, so we'll see how that controller works.

Charlie-san, you're in the wrong thread.

I will go into the old thread and take a look,

but you are in the moderation office thread.

Link asks, did I order the ITI controllers a long time ago?


I'm actually going to go look that up.

We've got time.

Questions levels are a little bit lower.

I want to just find out when I ordered those controllers,

because it's getting ridiculous.

Although, once I find that day, I

do admire what the community manager just did.

I'll talk about that once I get the date.

Gmail has logged me out for the 20th time this week.

And to log in, I need to pretty much sacrifice a goat.

Yeah, the order was 2021.

March 2021 was when I ordered the ITI controllers.

So what's happening there is they've repeatedly

said that they were--

sorry, excuse me-- that they were

going to be delivering those.

And then sort of accidentally fallen back on their promises.

So it was going to be before the end of the year,

or the community manager said that they were

going to eat an ITI controller.

They didn't actually eat an ITI controller.

I even gave them outs.

Like, I DM'd them, and I was like,

you could just contact one of those realistic cake makers

to make you an ITI controller.

It'd be a great marketing beat.

And then you eat it on stream.

It would be hilarious, but they didn't actually do that.

They did write a support article on the official ITI support

system, which talks about the safety of eating a controller

and goes through all the chemicals and materials that

make up an ITI controller, which again, I thought was great.

Again, another sort of good marketing thing.

But seriously, guys, just make an ITI cake

and eat it on stream.

All of the late they're taking a long time to ship

will be forgiven if you do that.

Just eat a cake on stream that looks like your controllers.

But anyway, what I mean by the community manager doing good

is they've actually updated the shipping estimate to be

approximately February and March.

They didn't give an exact date.

So instead of saying, by the end of the year,

they said approximately again.

So they didn't give an exact date.

I love that.

It's good.

It means that they've recognized that there is a problem

and they need to address that problem by continuing

to not make assurances and instead give vague stuff.

It's weird that I'm happy with vague,

but it basically means I'm not waiting.

I'm not clock watching.

Because before Christmas, I was clock

watching all the way through Christmas.

I'm like, the shipping in December,

so I was checking my emails.

I mean, not actively, but I mean, it was in my brain.

The thought piece of maybe the empty controllers

will be shipping to me.

But now it's like approximately February, March.

I don't need to-- it's not part of my brain right now.

Moving on, Rapper says, do I have a fruity phone?

Apparently, I need a fruity phone for the big screen thing.

I would just find someone that's got a big chunky phone

if mine's not supported.

I do have a Pixel 7 Pro that has got more lenses on the back

of it than I know what they are.

But I don't think that's a word.

I think it needs to be an Apple iPhone.

It needs to be a particular type of-- it's

one of the LIDAR phones.

It's fine.

I'll figure it out.

I'll just be like, yo, friend, you got an iPhone?


Yo, foe, yeah, you got an iPhone?

Great, thank you.

I believe we're at the end of questions there.

I don't think I've missed any.

I will scroll up.

Oh, no, I'll have to look in the moderation thread for do you

believe you.

So Charlie sent in the wrong thread,

but I let them know previously.

If you want a good lightweight pair of headphones,

try the still serious Arctis 3s.

I actually don't have a problem with headphones.

I've had a Bose QC35 since roughly 2016.

I love them.

With the idea that they die, I will immediately

purchase another pair of Bose QC35s,

because they are amazing headphones.

I don't use the index's on-ear headphones.

I immediately unscrewed those.

For those who don't know, it's just a small screw,

and then they pop off.

And then I use QC35s.

I found that the on-ear headphones leaked audio

into the microphone for the index,

whereas using the QC35s doesn't.

And I just can't stand leaked audio.

If I notice leaked audio from myself,

I will mute myself immediately in whatever voice channel it is,

and then spend the next 20 hours fixing it,

because it's just personal gripe of mine.

Sorta's talking about the edible stuff

they use to make things look realistic.

And they said that Raval almost need natural controller.

You're right.

They usually use fondant for those cakes.

And it's gross.

Fondant is-- in large quantities, it's gross.

The problem with those realistic cakes is a lot of times,

they have to make up a bulk, or some of the sculptures,

or some edges, or something with fondant, which

is basically like sugar clay.

And it doesn't taste very nice.

But the point about a cake, for me at least,

is that it has to actually be cake in it.

But with those realistic cakes, it's

a lot of just fondant painting.

It's still a skill, and they're still great,

but you don't want to eat them.

I guess it's also like--

I don't know if people will have this sort of memory.

But growing up when you had birthday cakes,

you might have had one of those ones that had--

it's just a generic white cake that's been iced.

But it had balloons that were put on top of it.

Those balloons were usually fondant.

And I would always, as a kid, I was like, cool.

I want a piece that's got one of the balloons on it.

But the balloon was basically just taking the icing

and doubling the thickness of the icing,

because it was on top of the regular icing, which

meant the fondant layer was double.

And as a kid, I quickly realized that wasn't a good idea.

I'm like, I want a middle piece as far away from the balloons

as possible.

I just searched like, "perfect cake" on Google Images,

and I can't find the stereotypical balloons

I'm talking about.

There's also ones where the balloons are printed,

but the ones I used to get from the bakery by my family

were always fondant balloons in the corners and stuff

like that.

Sort of was trying to forget the fondant balloons.


No, I remember them.

I remember one time I had a chocolate cake.

People are saying they don't like chocolate cake.

It's like they wanted carrot cake for their birthdays.

They can't stand chocolate.

Yeah, I like cakes that are not as iced as they need to be.

Or different types of icing.

There are multiple different types of icing.

Here you go.

It's like this sort of thing.

It's like the balloons are just like triple or double

the thickness of the regular icing.

Got any more near-us questions?

Or we're just going to end up talking about cake

for another five minutes?

I just missed a call.

I don't know who that is.

If I don't know the number, I literally

won't answer the phone these days.

It's just like, cool.

There's one above I missed.

Oh, I got it.

Yes, thank you.

Thank you for pointing that out.

Specs, I'm sorry I missed your question.

Specs says, our MMC entry is going to be submitted.

We're going to work on a dev branch copy for future updates

after judgment.

How can one overwrite a published world

with a different separate version for the future?

You shouldn't do that.

You should leave the MMC one as the MMC one

and then produce a version two.

Or at least that's the preference that we have.

The goal is to sort of preserve a moment in time

of what you achieved in a month.

And then if you need to expand on that work,

make it a separate copy.

They also do that with the credit jam worlds.

They will save the credit jam world

at the end of the credit jam.

That is what they achieved in that weekend.

And then they'll create like a remix world, which is

where they then expand on that.

Mamie asks, how many MMC submissions

have been published so far?

Lex answers with 101.

We know that there isn't the like facet

on the side of the world browser updated yet.

But if you go ahead and you just search for--

no, wait, that's last year.

If you put plus MMC 23 into your world browser search bar,

it will restrict your entries to anything

which is appropriately tagged.

By the way, that's the whole reason that the MMC tag needs

to be in there exactly as we specify it.

It's so that that particular search works.

Because that's the search that the judges use and also

that the voting system uses to find your entry.

And so if you put, I don't know, MMC 28,

we're not going to be able to find it until 2028.

Rade says, I saw a couple of worlds that had quotations

like MMC 23.

Yeah, Medra needs to do that.

They need to remove the quotations from the tags.

They should still show up correctly

because we strip punctuation in some places.

But it needs to be plus MMC 23.

What that means when you do plus MMC 23 is the search result

must contain the tag MMC 23.

That's what the plus means.

And that's just how we do it.

And then the tags there are used for bucketing entries

into the various categories we've got

and also for bucketing them into the list.

So make sure they're correct.

If you're not sure, you'll be able to check the voting

system once it's live.

Which, of course, it'll be too late then.

So maybe check the world browser before that.

But yeah.

Rampa says, can't we just run a script that force fix

his tags on the backend?


Because the MMC is not a Neos competition.

The MMC is made by a third party company called CreatorJam.

And so while Neos the team does a lot of stuff

to help out the MMC, we have to put a limit on that.

And so the limit that we kind of put is,

let's not do anything special for the MMC.

Let's not do anything in addition for that.

Of course, the world browser button is an exception,

of course.

But what we don't want to get into the habit of

is for this company or this third party event,

we do special stuff.

And then for this third party company or thing,

we don't do special stuff.

Because that just gets problematic.

That's why other platforms will, in some cases,

like charge for additional features.

So they're trying to sort of make it a level playing field.

It's weird.

It basically just sort of sets up expectations.

If we did a bunch of custom work for the MMC,

then we should also do that bunch of custom work

for any other event that exists.

Yeah, and if your tags are wrong,

it's actually on you.

It's not on us.

It's entirely your fault. You have a month

to submit your entry and to double check it

and to ask us if you're unsure.

Moving forward to additional questions that we have,

Riggs says, will they be dragging into folders

in the future?

I think yes.

You can take a look at our roadmap boards.

I don't remember which roadmap board it's on.

But one of the roadmap boards there

will have better--

Neos Public Crunchings.

Crunchings Classic.

There we go.

One of those has an item for updating the file browser.

It also has things for dark mode.

It also has things for better UI, more tutorials,

more documentation, et cetera.

Whilst you're waiting for that, I

do want you to take just a little bit of time,

especially if you're a Logix developer

or you make anything inside of Neos,

just imagine how difficult it is to make an inventory system

where you are able to do that.

Take for granted the fact that it even works on Windows.

It is a very complicated problem.

I want to eventually get the world browser to a state

where it's similar and not identical to-- so just

hear the word similar.

Don't quote me as being identical to--

similar to things like the Twitch front page or the Steam

store front page, where it's not really even up

to engineering what goes on there.

Engineering, of course, have made sort of squares.

And the squares have different functionality,

but it's up to sort of like a marketing team or a marketing

person to decide what goes on there.

I know that's how it works, because I

used to work for Mixer, and that's

how we made the front page on Mixer works.

Basically, we were like, cool, you want a featured category.

It's in a featured game box.


We have made that box for you.

What is in that box?

When that box appears, when that box disappears,

it is entirely up to you.

Don't ask us about it.

Here's how you do it.

If you have any difficulty using the tooling, we can help you.

But it's not up to us which games get featured.

And that's what I wanted to do.

I also want to get to the point where

we don't have to do an update to update that.

Say we wanted to do Thursdays at 3 o'clock,

we showcase cheese worlds with a cheese world banner.

Then great, that just happens.

We don't need to do a code update for that.

I don't know how world overwrites works,

actually, unfortunately.

There is a bug open that says that world overwrites don't

work, but they do.

I think I made an update on that when I figured out

how it worked.

But then I still think that was a bug.

And so I haven't actually used it successfully,

so I don't know.

There we go.

So Ozzy can tell you how.

It's all on you.

All the fingers now point to Ozzy.

All of them.

I was thinking for world paths, I

went on a three hour expedition into the source code

to figure out world paths.

Couldn't figure it out.

Asked Fruks, he gave me an answer that I didn't understand.

And so I need to go back to Fruks and ask,

but I haven't done that yet.

Yeah, that's pretty much what's going on.

Same with cloud variables.

You'll notice on the cloud variable documentation,

there's a bunch of sort of like--

Prime doesn't know what's going on here,

because Prime kept making mistakes

in the documentation there.

Speaking about myself and third person's weird,

but you know what I mean.

I kept making mistakes on how cloud variables worked.

And so I just blanked out some of them.

And I'm like, look, I've got to look at these later.

If people want to look at them and figure them out,

they're free to update the documentation.

But there we go.

Also, that reminds me, for anyone here,

cloud variables are fine.

We had someone in another one of the Discords

here that said they were told to avoid cloud variables

for some reason because they were quote "bad" or something.

They're fine.

Use them.

And for anyone here that has been telling other people

that various features are bad for some reason, stop it.


People are like, logics is bad.


Components are-- stop.

Yeah, it's really weird.

It's like-- a lot of people say--

like I said, a lot of people say use components, not logic.

But then, I'm like, logic is components.

And then the whole reality is shattered.

Just use whatever works for you.

I'm tired of reading, like, is there a component

to add two numbers together?

Yes, the plus node in logics.

Also, use the sort of principle of pack often, pack early,

when it comes to that, stuff like that.

People go like, but they're not have

to get logic, sir, and stuff like that

to add two numbers together.

Yeah, do it.

Make a two node chain that adds two numbers together.

Pack it into the same slot those components are on.

You're done.

You never have to unpack that logic again.

I do it all the time.

I even have logics that purely updates properties

on components because I'm lazy.

One that I'll often do is something

along the lines of the slot name drives the variable

name of a dynamic variable.

So let's say you had a dynamic variable prefix of world,

because you're using the world dynamic variable space

like that.

And then you make a slot called cheese.

I then sometimes have on that cheese slot,

I've got like a dynamic variable value.

And for the variable name, I just

do world plus slot name in logics.

And then it's like, cool.

Now, whatever I name this slot, wherever I put this slot,

it just works.

Anyway, I'm tired of ranting about that one,

but basically, just stop telling people not to use features.

Like if there is a feature that we shouldn't be using,

put it in the announcements.

There is the things to avoid list,

but that's things to avoid.

And the way you need to think about that

is doctors will tell you to avoid alcohol,

to avoid eating giant cheese garlic breads that I'm still

going to try and find today.

They'll tell you to avoid too much caffeine,

avoid too much sugar, but you're still going to eat the cake.

So it's things to avoid because it's like, hey, I'm Dr. Prime.

And I say, for your health, you should avoid these things.

But they do taste good.

They do taste good.

Rick says, what foods do I avoid?

Bread, strangely.

There's this video and principle--

this is getting way off the weeds.

We'll close in just a moment.

But there's this thing called changing your behavior

by changing your environment.

And it's more effective than just changing your behavior.

For example, if you need to go to the gym

but you keep not being able to go to the gym,

you put your alarm clock on top of your gym bag, which

is packed and ready to go.

And then to turn off your alarm, you

have to touch your gym bag.

And then you've already got your gym bag in your hands.

And so you've changed your behavior

by changing your environment.

You've got everything ready, and you've

given yourself an environment that

condenses going to the gym.

I do that a lot with food.

So if I buy a loaf of bread, I know

I'm going to find excuses to eat it.

It will go as far as I will just eat bread plain.

There doesn't need to be anything on it.

I will just eat it so I don't buy bread.

And therefore, I can't eat it because it's not in the house.

I did an experiment because it's been a few years

since I bought a loaf of bread.

I bought a loaf of bread.

I bought it home.

It lasted half a day, an entire loaf.

I would smear things on it.

I ran out of butter, and so I went to mayonnaise.

I ran out of mayonnaise, and so I just smeared ketchup on it

and ate it.

Whatever is there, I will put it on the bread.

And if there's nothing on the bread available,

I'll just eat the bread.

Sort of just talking about alarms

and how that doesn't work in theory.

I now have this amazing thing where

I have to scan NFC tags for my alarm to stop,

and I can't stop it until these NFC tags are stopped.

Now, one of them is in the bathroom,

and one of them is on top of my water jug, which

is in the fridge.

It's a Brita water filter.

And so until I scan both of those,

the alarm just will not turn off.

The bathroom one was to sort of encourage

me to get out of the bedroom.

But the water one is like, hey, you've

got your hand on the water jug.

You might as well pour a glass.

And sometimes I'll leave a fresh glass next to the fridge

as well.

And then I have zero excuse to not just pound a pint of water.

But there we go.

Try that if you've got NFC chips lying around.

I used to do programming with NFC chips.

Long story.

Something to do with motors-- fine.

I'll just carry on.

I used to work for a motorsports company.

We wanted to do technical screening of motorcycles,

but people kept pulling fast ones on us

where they would change which motorcycle was being presented

for their inspection.

And because it's a race bike, we can't even

do things like plates, like number plates,

because number plates.

I will go through the questions in just a moment,

but I'm halfway through the story.

And then we said, well, we could do VIN numbers.

I hate when people say VIN numbers, because they're saying

number number.

But anyway, we could do VIN numbers,

but VIN numbers are usually really small and difficult

to read.

So the way that we did it is we just

bought NFC chips that destroyed themselves

when they were removed.

And they got stuck to a part of the bike.

They were branded to the motorsports organization.

I wrote code for an Android smartphone application, which

would write the vehicle's identification number to it

and then lock the tag so it couldn't be manipulated.

And there we go.

And it was great.

So in developing that, I have like 100 or so NFC tags left.

I think there's a bag somewhere with like 500 in them,

but I don't know where that is.

I've got 100 of easy access ones.

So that's why they're just like all around my apartment.

Anyway, I'm going to go back to questions,

and then we will leave off.

We'll try and stay on topic.

No more cakes, no more motorcycles, no more bread.

So just scrolling up to make sure I'm not

missing any questions.

Lex says, is anything going to happen with Neos'

coffee in the future?

Or coffee, as I sometimes say it,

so people don't get confused.

Coffee is another funding source that we have where

you can do a one-time donation.

We were going to hook it up so that it made sugar cubes.

I don't remember-- the sugar cube thing

is the whole before my time.

But it was meant to be that if you did a coffee donation,

you would then get some sugar cubes.

When I was new to Neos, I thought

that donating via coffee was the thing that

got you the coffee badge.

And so I donated using coffee to Neos

to see if it would give me the coffee badge, and it doesn't.

But I only gave them like $5, so it's fine.

And back then, it was--

I wasn't even on the team, so that's fine.

So yes, in the future, pending stuff and announcements.


Greg says, is there a public repository of things

that people have already made, like quality of life things?

There isn't a public repository.

You can get a way of just asking people,

or you can get away with a tool called

RedX, which allows you to search through things

that people made.

Like, if you load RedX and you put in, I don't know,

multi-tool, you'll probably just die,

because it's going to be like four pages or something.

But that's all we've really got.

Eventually, we'll sort of get an inkling for it.

We do want to make that better.

That will be in the Marketplace sort of tools update thing,

where you can kind of see, and we'll

be able to categorize items down a little bit,

so you'll be able to see there.

And again, the front page of that Marketplace,

I want to be entirely marketing driven.

So if they want to have--

this week, we're going to do a special on featuring hats.

And the entire front page of the Marketplace

is just like a feature of hats in a square.

Again, just offload that kind of stuff from engineering.

Make it so that someone who isn't engineering

has a button to push.

They're like, I'd like to feature hats today,

and it just appears.

I think I blocked sending sugar cubes, simply because it's not

that it's a problem.

It's that it's an unfinished feature.

And so if you guys keep sending them, and then we finish it

or remove it, it creates a dependence on something

that we might remove.

And so we don't want to do that.

With that, I think we're done on questions.

So avoid talking about other random stuff.

Oh, there we go.

There's a question.

Aaron asked, what the fuck are sugar cubes?

So sugar cubes were meant to be a unique thing,

a physical object that was sent to you when

you made a Ko-fi donation.

I don't particularly know why that was a good idea or even

an idea, but it never got implemented.

There are bits of it still lying around,

and hell knows why it's there.

I found in the code base the other day--

apparently it's public knowledge,

so I don't mind saying it--

we were going to have stickers in contact messages,

like stickers in Telegram and in Discord now.

We were going to have stickers inside messaging

with inside Neos.

And there wasn't code added for them,

but there were graphics added for them.

And they are basically larger versions of the Neos emojis


Got more questions.

So specs and rampa, you are the last two questions

I'll accept, OK?

I've got to get going.

I've got to do other stuff, things.

Yeah, OK?

Nami, no.

No question.

You can still type, though, Nami.

I'm not preventing you from typing.

Just no question.

OK, so Terra says, I noticed that there

was a tool for making curves in the Scratch space world,

but it's not in the essential tools folder.

Why not?

It's broken.

We're probably going to remove it or fix it.

It's very broken.

It's a tool from 2013.

It's very, very broken.

Rig says, I was looking at the Patreon,

and I saw that there was one mention that

was being on the board.

Is there a board on who is on it?

That is a misleading statement, which I have asked

to be removed multiple times.

That Patreon tier will give you access

to a once a month meeting, which is currently not being held,

where you can speak to all of us.

That's it.

It's not being on the board.

There is no paperwork.

As for who is on the board, there is no board.

I mean, sure, there kind of is.

Like, technically-- well, actually, not technically,

because it's long story read announcements.

Hypothetically, there are three people

on the board, which are all the people with C-level suite


Hypothetically is all they'll say.


Hand waving, jazz hands, moving onwards.

Aaron says, why were they removed?

If you're referring to the stickers,

they were never implemented.

You're referring to the sugar cubes,

they were also never implemented.

And that's it.

Yeah, last week-- OK, so the problem

with generating transcripts is I've

noticed my CPU said spiking.

And so if I'm doing anything active on my computer,

I can't generate the transcript.

And so I was just busy for the entire week.

So I didn't have a chance to run it.

I did run it when I fell asleep yesterday, though.

I was like, well, my computer's on.

So my computer's on, so I might as well run it.

But I will run this one straight after,

because I should just be doing low CPU activities after this,

like getting a giant glass of water,

because I've been talking a lot about stuff that

isn't Neos related.

We're going to leave off there and not take any more questions.

If you have any additional questions past this,

please drop them in the Questions Help channel,

DM me, open GitHub issues, open moderation tickets

if you have an issue.

I will see you again next week.

Maybe we need to start a second prime time where

I don't talk about Neos, and that way I

can tell you all the random stories I have.

I will speak to you guys later.