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In this Office Hours, Probable Prime talks about:

No description available, sorry!


(Please note that the transcriptions will not be 100% accurate)

All right, it is the-- yeah, welcome to Office Hours

with Prime.

My name is Prime.

So I got distracted there because I set up

automation on Google Home to turn on my living room

lights about 4 PM, because I will continually figure out

at about 4 PM, we start needing lights.

So they just turned on the moment Office Hours hit.

It was like, bling, your lights turned on.

And I'm like, you're listening, lights?

What's going on?

Well, there we go.

Anyway, welcome to Office Hours.

This is where I answer questions that you guys might have.

Please drop them in the Office Hours text chat thread,

and I'll get to them in order that they arrive.

I'm just going to ping Office Hours again,

and then we'll go ahead and get started with my questions.

So Jack asks-- they first of all say party time.

It's not a party.

It's Office Hours.

Very serious, Office Hours.

You've got to put on your tweed jacket, get some coffee,

and sit in the big professor hallway thing.


Anyway, and then asks, how have you been?

I am tired and itchy, and I need to go grocery shopping,

but I'm not going grocery shopping until this is over.

Yes, that's how I am.

That's the only question we have so far.

So until we have additional questions,

I'm going to sit here in unimaginable silence.

So make sure you get some questions sorted.

Gray Foxen says, the Prime means more British things,

like bad weather and milk and tea, says Jack.

Jack even.

I have lots of British things.

I have a cup of tea next to me.

It was last night's tea, so it's empty, but you know.

Svekin asks, what would be the best way to play a sound only

when, say, a tap is being rotated and only when it's

being rotated?

Do remember that a joint and also a slider,

they both act as actually grabables.

They do in programming what's called

extending from a grabable.

So all of the grabable nodes work with joints and sliders.

So if you want to get an event when someone starts grabbing

a joint, use on grabable grab, and on grabable released,

I think it is, when they stop grabbing a joint.

Then based on that, you can do some logic

to take a look at how fast it's being rotated

or something like that to play a sound.

In fact, if you take a look in my--

this is like a random shout out.

Take a look in my public folder, go to memes.

My MMC entry there hasn't been submitted yet.

It's right there at the bottom of the meme's folder.

It looks like a DJ deck.

It's called the-- forget what Windmill called it.

They put it on Twitter a long, long time ago.

I can't find it.

Anyway, it's in the public folder there.

It's like a DJ deck, but it's like a kid's version of that.

It's been me.

Anyway, that has some logic on it,

which enables you to do the traditional DJ scratching


But that is on a joint, because you

have to spin the disk around to do DJ disk scratching.

And so take a look at that logic and how we are driving

the playback of that disk.

That comes from an old object, which I had in my inventory,

which is just like a regular cylinder that you can scratch

again, like a DJ, which has the bass part sound effect on it.

So I just stole that logic from there.

And then you can take a look at that.

It uses Drive playback.

By using Drive playback, you can work out

if it's rotating, go to the speed,

if you're rotating it faster, maybe speed it up a little bit

or stuff like that.

I think I also updated it so that if the sound isn't playing,

the audio output turns off, which is always good.

When you aren't using Play OneShot,

if the sound isn't playing, you should turn the audio output

off wherever possible.

Jack says, do you drink tea or milk?


Milk does not belong in tea.

There's like a-- where are we?

I'll try and find this.

I can't find it, but it's one of those sketch channels

where they show someone making tea,

and then they get all aggressive because they're doing it wrong.

I can't find the video.

Anyway, the point being is tea should be--

you should be able to taste it.

The amount of times in the UK particularly where I get tea,

which is basically just milk, is really annoying.

It's really, really annoying.

Tea needs to brew.

Traditional sort of breakfast regular tea

that you'd get if you said tea to a British person,

that doesn't need to brew for as long as you think it does.

It doesn't need a full three minutes,

but it does need some time.

Don't just show the teabag to the water.

You got to let it brew.

Green teas and stuff like that that I drink, three minutes.

I have a Google Home routine.

Tea time.

All right, three minutes, starting now.

So that's what my phone does when I say tea time to it,

because it just knows three minutes is right for tea.

Anyway, moving on to actual Nia's questions

rather than tea questions.

Jack says, are there plans for improving

the undo system in general?

Yes, so the problem with the undo system is it's opt in.

So every single technical system has to opt into it.

So that's why you'll see that certain operations don't

have undos or do have undos.

I'm going to say the word do a lot,

so if you get giggly when I say the word doo-doo,

then you're in for it, right?

So when something needs to be undoed,

it needs to register with the undo system.

And not everything does register with the undo system,

so it can't be undone.

Additionally, some activities are just incompatible

with the undo system.

So we are investigating that whenever we can.

As a reminder, you can also use the undo nodes yourself

to make your tool undo compatible.

The first time I did that was a line tip.

I believe that's still in my public file drive, the tools.

It just creates lines.

That is full undo compatible, and it was a lot of effort.

The tool worked, and then I had to add undo capability to it.

And it took about as long as making the tool to then add

undo capabilities to it.

So do keep that in mind.

If you want that in your tools, maybe start building there.

Other things like limiting the amount of undo steps,

maybe increasing the amount of undo steps,

doing sort of like undo all would be good for those times

where something wrong just happens.

Like, whoops, I made the floor grabable,

and then someone grabbed it and turned it upside down.

It'd just be like, all right, stop, undo everything

would be also a good feature.

Make sure you have GitHub issues in for any advancements

to come to your system that you'd like.

Digin Bites says, isn't just hot chocolate just bean tea?

Our chocolate's a little bit different

because it usually has a lot more ingredients.

So the thing with coffee, or proper coffee,

is it's just the ground up bean.

The thing with tea is it's just sort of the leaf.

And then depending on what type of leaf it is,

it's ground up leaf or full leaf tea.

Always go for full leaf tea.

I'll link my place where I get tea from in a moment.

The hot chocolate, though, is like a bunch of stuff.

Usually hot chocolate powder includes cocoa, sugar,

and powdered milk so that you just

have to pour hot water into it.

So it's complicated.

It's almost like hot chocolate is a soup

because there's more ingredients.

Boba tea is gross.

I'll tell you why it's gross.

And that's because I frequently end up with a clogged straw.

And then I have to suck harder.

And then the tapioca balls in Boba tea

then shotgun into the back of my throat.

And being gross for just a second,

it feels like throwing up in reverse.

And I don't-- no, no, I don't want that.

Let's move on to the next question.

Digembite also asks, is NeosVR still using crypto,

and is it sorted with the owners?

OK, so for that one, you can read the announcements

channel for any updates.

Before you say there are no updates available,

I want you to read the announcements channel again,

because that's the only updates that we have for that matter.

Nothing has changed in that regard.

If something does change, it will

be in the announcements channel before it is here.

So before you ask any other team member, including Mr. Frixius,

the announcements channel is where you want to go.

Like, I know people just go around Neos,

and they're like, I'm going to find a team member

and ask them the Carol questions.

The answer is the same.

Nothing has changed.

Read the announcements channel.

So Jack has clarified that they want the ability

to prevent stuff from making undos in certain situations.

Were you the person who was asking

about doing that for gameplay-related matters?

Because, yeah, that was an interesting one.

Basically, if it's like a--

I don't know-- sacrifice the magic gem you've just

got from the water temple to the god to win the game,

and then you just give it to the water god, the god goes, yay,

and then animation plays.

And then you just undo, and then you've got the crystal bag.

It's kind of like, whoops, time to cheat.

I can imagine there being a shop interface where

I made this really cool thing.

I want to sell it to a shopkeeper,

put it on the shopkeeper's table, undo.

I got another one.

I got another one.

I've got another one.

Great, yeah, so certainly something we need to look at.

So to go make sure that there's a garbage for it.

I do like that people are thinking about games more.

Seems to happen only during MMC.

Remember that there are 12 months in the year.

For the entirety of the 12 months,

you can make games in Neos.

I love seeing them.

So I'm going to play as many of those games that

come out in the MMC, which is going to be out soon,

like eight days or something like that.

Moving forwards, Digium says, did Neos VR

know Neo crypto already existed?

That's nothing to do with Neos.

There are many cryptocurrencies that

use the sort of futuristic words in their naming.

Neos is also, I believe, a medical device manufacturer

or something like that.

It's a bit like I used to work for the streaming site Mixer.

Mixer used to be called Beam.

And we had to change its name because we couldn't actually

get a global trademark on Beam.

One of the reasons behind that is

that there was a Beam telepresence robot, where

you could remotely steer a robot around an office.

And there was also a vacuum cleaner.

It was called a Beam vacuum cleaner or something like that.

So we couldn't get the global trademark on that.

So it was very interesting.

It's nothing to do with us.

So I don't know enough about crypto,

but I know that you can't just randomly combine coins,

particularly if they're not already.

It's like saying, yo, guys, let's take United States

dollars and Canadian dollars and merge them together

because they're both called dollars.

That's as much sense as that question you asked, Mix.

It's just a naming thing.

There's also Australian dollars as well.

Should we combine Canadian, United States,

and Australian dollars together into a global dollar?

And before you ask, yeah, I know that's exactly what euros did.

But Europe is very weird.

There's this thing called European Union,

which makes stuff happen really fast in Europe, which

the UK is no longer a part of.

But that's a topic for another day

when I turn into a political commentator, which I'm not.

So I don't care to comment on it.

Digium asks, authentication via Steam support.

I'm not a fan of logging in like it's 1995.

Logging in with a username and password is actually sometimes

the most secure operation when it comes to third parties

holding your identity.

As a good example here, think about all the times

where you've logged into a website with Google.

So you've gone to, I don't know, just a random website.

A common one I was seeing today because I was helping someone

out with job applications is they

could log into this job application website

with their Google account.

Let's now imagine that Google goes bust,

or your Google account gets canceled for various reasons.

You now longer can actually log into that account

because you logged in with Google,

because you handed your authentication

to a third party.

So I don't like the implication that logging

in with your own username and password is old or outdated.

Hence the comment about 1995.

However, we will be looking at additional authentication

options in the future and additionally

looking at increasing that Remember Me,

because right now Remember Me is just a seven day rolling window.

We could maybe make that a 30 day rolling window

or forever rolling window, depending on what we're doing.

Jack says, no, they're using sliders

for custom directional inputs.

Basically managing the position of myself,

the ability to undo transform brings a lot of complexity

and having to-- yeah, yeah.

It's like the same problem.

You want to prevent the undo, but for a completely different


Drafty-- I almost called you drafty, I apologize--

says any improvement on the deselect all bones,

so it only deselects your selection instead of deselecting

everything, including other people's selection.

The problem with that one is actually like a data model


It's similar to the logics interface problem,

but a little bit different.

So gizmos, which are the things that you deselect

when you deselect all, those are generated on the host.

They're not generated on the client.

And so when you do the select all,

we have no way currently to tell who owns what gizmo.

So what would need to be happening--

yeah, English is strange-- for that to happen

is that we change up the gizmo system.

So one of two things happens.

Either the gizmos register or shoulder tap each other

to say, I was created by drafty, I was created by Jack.

And that way, we'd be able to deselect everything correctly.

Or we would have to change up the gizmos

so that they're generated on the host, which then naturally would

have that whole ownership thing.

Not the host, the user.

Because then the user would be like,

I have generated a gizmo host.

And the host would be like, oh, thank you

for generating a gizmo.

I now know that you own that.

So both of those things are possible.

They just require updates to how our data model operates.

There are lots of tools.

I like the sort of radial one, which

will delete gizmos that are within a certain radius

of the person.

That's good.

Because it means if you're working

in a corner of the map, you can deselect just stuff

that's within a meter or two of you,

and it's usually the problem, rather than map-wide.

I have something which basically does the same as the material

tip area mode, where I can turn a mode on the tool,

or I can just sort of wave a collider over a gizmo

that I don't want.

That's complicated to access.

I know that a lot of people have got this shake to deselect


I want to move over to my tool at some point.

But I keep forgetting, so that's fine.

Digiamp says, with the whole currency thing, it's more,

why not use an established coin rather than a new one?

I have no idea what the motivations of the original ICO


I know that it's too late to switch to another coin.

Read announcements for information.

I think we're done talking about coins and currencies

in crypto.

Jack asks for hardware 2FA.

Yes, there is a doobly-doo for that.

However, until we have that implemented in Neos,

did you know that you can store 2FA secrets on hardware


What you do is you go download from your phone.

You download Yubico Authenticator.

And then what Yubico Authenticator requires

is that you have to either plug in--

or if you've got one of the NMCs, Yubico things,

you can put that on the back of the phone in a C chip.

And that's the only way you can access your 2FA stuff.

I'm moving some of my 2FA to that

because it protects you against the whole phone thing.

Most 2FA problems occur with, I got a new phone,

and I was careless when I got my new phone.

And I didn't move my 2FA over before I lost my old phone.

We get a lot of that in support.

So if you are getting a new phone, you move your 2FA first.

You can also use services like Authy,

where it will migrate your 2FA to your new phone.

I question the security of that one,

hence why I'm moving over to Yubico-related stuff.

But then again, I've moved the problem.

Instead of, have I lost my phone or I've got a new phone,

it's like, have I lost the YubiKey?

So you always have a backup one.

And ideally, that backup one should

be moved or stored offsite.

A safety deposit box at a bank would

be the paranoid way of doing it.

Did Jim clarify, is with Auth, you still

have access to an email, an option to recover a password?

Yeah, that means there's two options.

You've linked your Steam account,

or you've linked your Google account.

You can log in with that one for speed.

But you can also log in with your password

should you lose that Google connectivity.

However, that kind of just moves the problem.

Because what the other thing you're doing there

is you're saying, what you're really saying is,

it is easier to maintain a session on Google

than it is to maintain a session on Neos or Steam

than it is on Neos.

And so what you're really, really saying there,

if you look at the crux of it, is

you're saying, I want it to be easier

to maintain a session on Neos.

And there are a bunch of ways to do that that aren't strictly

just Steam login.


Make sure to just refer to the announcement section.

It's like, you said things that are completely rumors,

and I have no comment about those rumors.

Just stick to the announcements.

I just hear rumors all the time, and I'm like, none of these

are even remotely true.

It's like, rumor, Prime has pink hair.

There you go.

There's a free rumor.

Free rumor.

Everyone's just like, hmm, I'm going to sit here and come up

with random things that don't make any sense

about this current situation.

And I'm like, well, if you want the actual answer

about what's actually happening, you

could just read the announcements channel.

People are like, no, I would rather have rumors.

I'm like, OK, fine.

I've got pink hair then.

I should complete that meme now.

I should just turn up to a random convention

with pink hair.

Oh, here's a good question.

Thank you so much, Shadow.

Back on topic now.

Shadow has 2FA set up, but they've never

been asked for it when logging in.

Is there supposed-- yes, there is.

So once you have 2FA enabled, 2FA

was originally added to Neos primarily

for NCR-related transactions.

So by default, it is not enabled for you to log in.

You can read the 2FA page on the Neos Wiki

here, which will show you how to do it.

But if you want to be asked for your 2FA when you log in,

you can just send enable login 2FA to the Neos bot.

And then it will require your 2FA doobly-doo when you log in.

If you don't do that, it won't require it when you log in.

It is weird.

I wish it was just more clear.

But we are having a lot of difficulty

with users not understanding the severity of 2FA.

But you know when you set up 2FA, and it's like,

save these backup codes, people just go like,

this information isn't for me.

Where's the-- what is it?

Yeah, there we go.

This meme image, it's like, that side

can't stop me because I can't read.

Save your backup codes.

We really do mean it.

Technically speaking, if we were following

the letter of the law about two-factor authentication

and two-factor security and stuff like that,

if you lost your backup codes and your 2FA device,

we should not recover your account.

Because we have no current way to prove that you are there.

So if you do lose that, do drop in a ticket.

We might be able to help you out.

But you need to follow the instructions.

So if any of you here have not saved your backup codes,

please go disable 2FA using your current 2FA device.

And then re-enable 2FA and save the new backup codes

that we give you.

Put them in a Notepad document.

Put that Notepad document on a flash drive.

Then throw that flash drive somewhere in your house

where you know where it is.

Moving forwards, away from 2FA, Draphey says,

can we expect the ability to host headless servers

without the need of Patreon in the future?

That's an interesting thing because those

are like beta features.

It's weird when we are like a beta application that's

early access that then also has beta features.

So the Patreon thing is to reward

people who support the product, who support Neos,

with additional features that we are testing.

And once headless servers are more standardized, better,

smoother, easier to use, we will then

move out of the Patreon pool and it'll become a global feature.

Of course, right now, read the announcements channel.

We aren't going to be changing anything about headless

for the foreseeable future.

When we do, you'll be seeing that in the announcements


Until then, yes, you'll unfortunately need the Patreon.

Having said that, though, the only thing

that requires you to access the Patreon is that headless key.

So you can go ahead and get that headless Patreon-y doodad

and get that headless key and do whatever you would like.

The Bumble, I think I'm reading that correctly

with the numbers there, bouncingbises asks,

bouncing out of the game, I've been

trying to work on a game on Neos and still new to Neos.

I saw the same issue where users can duplicate stuff.

So my work around so far has been to make a unique hash

to an object.

If it finds the world again, auto deletes it.

So the permanent option will be awesome.

Oh, there are a couple of tagging components which

prevent the duplicate button.

So you know the context menu that says duplicate?

There is a way to prevent that.

And there's also a way to prevent it from being deleted.

Those, of course, don't work if someone's got an inspector

or if they've got builder access because they could just

duplicate it or delete it using the inspector, which

will bypass those checks.

But if they're in a game map where you haven't given them

builder permission and the only way that they can duplicate it

is by using the context menu, then you can block that.

I have a video on my channel called Useful Tagging


I believe Froppy is probably rushing to YouTube

to get it right now.

If you won't, I'm sorry, Froppy, but I'm just preempting you.

That's usually what happens.

Either way, I'll grab it in a few minutes

if Froppy hasn't grabbed it already.

See, Shadow says, thanks for reminding me my codes are

on a PC I don't use anymore.

You see, you ought to think about it.

There are ways to look at security,

and it depends on your attack vector or your threat model,

et cetera, is what would happen tomorrow

if your house set fire?

And think about that both from a personal possessions--

so maybe there's a photo album somewhere,

something sentimental that you would need--

but also from your digital identity as well.

Your house sets on fire.

You can't access any of the devices that you're on.

Maybe your phone even gets lost because the house set fire

and you just had to run.

How difficult would it be for you to do very important

things-- access your finances, let people know you're OK,

organize insurance claims?

Think about that, and then adjust your life

if those answers aren't easy.

Moving forward to Jidget--


I'm getting like halfway through office hours.

I just lose the ability to speak.

I'm just going to roll around on the floor drooling in a second.

DiginBite says, any plans to make Neos more user accessible?

I found new installs seem to force the tutorial to escape.

That's actually our plan to make it more accessible,

which is a weird problem that we have.

We are finding, just generally, that it's

very difficult to tutor people who

have different expectations of what a tutorial should be.

So some users come in and they don't know VR.

So they need to be shown their controllers

and like, this is a button.

This is how you push the button.

This is what the button does.

Some people come in and they're rushing

because they're trying to meet up with their friends.

They're like, I don't care about this tutorial.

I don't want to read it because I'm

rushing to meet up with my friend

and chill out and hang out.

And some people come in and they're experts.

And they're like, I know everything.

And I don't want to be taught.

I know everything.

I know that you're telling me that I don't,

but I know everything.

Get out of my way.

And so we're trying to find a way that sort of level

sets that.

And the only thing that we found so far that to do that

is to actually force you to go through the tutorial.

Because those who know what they're doing

can just spam through it.

Those who don't know what they're doing

will usually follow the tutorial.

And those that are really, really annoyed that you're

forced through the tutorial will add skip intro tutorial

as a command line argument to the shortcut

they use to run the game.

I'm one of those guys.

So I never see the tutorial.

It's an interesting problem.

We're trying to solve it.

We've got-- we want to do more MTC updates to make

that experience better.

It is what we've got, though.

I don't think it's the problem that's making

Neos not user accessible.

I think that problem actually occurs when it happens,

is when you go past that tutorial.

We then don't follow up with additional tutorials

or additional information or additional documentation

inside the game.

All of it's outside, or you have to ask someone

which is effectively outside.

Moving forwards.

If you lose your backup code, you

need to prove your identity by beating Prime in a chess match.

That'd actually be quite easy.

I'm not that good at chess.

Random side note here.

I was exploring VR chat worlds many years ago.

And a world came up in the world's browser

called Daddy's Chess Dungeon.

And I'm like, what is this?

This sounds risky.

This sounds like maybe I need to be at a private session

to go into this world.

No, it was literally just a dark room with a chess board in it

made by a guy called Daddy.

So it sounded rude, but it wasn't at all.

It was just a chess board in a dark room.

That was funny.

The associations we have of various words and concepts

lead you down a different path.

Stifle linked to the useful tagging components.


Digium says, how about a menu dialogue option for skip

tutorial basics in advance?

We have discussed having a skip tutorial button.

The problem is that people that need the tutorial

would push it.

People don't want to learn sometimes.

And sometimes you have to sort of guide them and force them

to learn.

It is a problem.

I do agree that it could be better.

And the content team are looking at that

and trying to make that better as they go.

Any feedback that you have would be great.

I think there's some issues for it.

I also think there was an issue where we discussed the skip


And that's where you can read the historical conversation

about why that doesn't exist.

If you struggle with the tutorial at a later point

and you're frustrated by it, if the cage is up at the MTC,

just spam the next button.

It'll go down.

You don't have to do anything on the screen.

But you see, that's a problem now.

Because now I'm going to tell you that.

And you're going to tell other people.

And then no one's going to read the tutorial.

And then no one learns.

So you see, it's like a chicken and egg problem.

It's like we want people to learn.

But people don't like the way that we're teaching them.

So they're going to skip it.

So they can't learn.

So we need to improve it.

But we don't know how to improve it

without forcing them to learn.

It's difficult.

Jack says, looking forward to exploring the MSC entries,

by the way.

Yep, I am.

Immediate thing I have to do once the MSC entry closes

is go test the voting system, though,

because that's my responsibility.

The Bumble says, is there a tutorial on gesture shortcuts?

I think there's something somewhere that does them.

I'm not sure if it's in the MTC.

But there certainly is something.

Why is my phone--

like, hello, phone?

The screen just turned on and was like, hello.

And I'm like, is that a call?

That usually means a call.

But it wasn't a call.

Very confused.

Yeah, if you go back to the MTC, I think part of the problem

is actually us calling it MTC.

It's meant to be the metaverse training center.

But if it was actually called tutorial, click here.

Or maybe put a neon sign around it,

like tutorials with a big arrow.

It might be easier to find it.

Something I think we need to do a lot,

and I think that will actually help a lot,

but we need to find out where we do it,

is when you change worlds in VRChat,

they display little announcements to you

whilst it's loading.

The world is loading.

And it says, remember, these things are against the rules.

You can report rules with the Report button.

Or it says, here's how to do this thing.

And you might not read them because you've

seen them so much, or maybe you're an expert.

But the information is still there.

And you still process them a little bit.

So it still reinforces that in your head.

And it gives them an opportunity to do updates and announcements


Maybe their rules change, they could put an announcement


So we certainly need something like that somewhere.

I don't know where.

I like the fact that you can load into a world

and have a loading screen.

We need somewhere to put little messages like that, though.

Robbie says, have the loading tips been narrated by Audiobook


It is a common thing as well.

I seem to remember the first game I remembered seeing it on

was Fallout 3 or something.

I'm not sure if that's the first game that actually did it.

It's the first one I remember.

I'd got an Xbox.

I put in Fallout 3.

And I'd loaded it.

And it was like, I don't know, because I don't remember much

of Fallout.

But like, rockets are good at exploding things,

would be like a loading screen tip.

But you're like, got it.


Understand that rockets are good at exploding things.

Gray Foxen asks, can I help you try and break the voting system?


We've tested it sufficiently to know that it is OK.

It is not foolproof.

So I have to watch it like a hawk.

And I also have a 10-step validation process

that happens once voting closes to validate each vote.

So it's fun.

There's a huge problem with electronic voting.

It's basically just fraught with error.

You can find information about that on a Tom Scott video,

which I've got linked somewhere.

So I have to be really careful and take a look at it.

I also use pivot tables.

Does anyone know what a pivot table is?

I take the output, which is a CSV,

and then I put it into like a--

not that one.

That's the wrong video.

But it's OK.

That's a good video for the voting system.

Here's the right video.

There we go.

But yeah, I take the output as a CSV, convert it to Excel,

and then I use a pivot table.

Pivot tables are amazing.

All right, we are at time.

So if anyone's typing any questions, go for it.

But take a look.

Make sure I'm not missing any additional questions.

If anyone's typing a question, go for it.

But we'll cut off questions that people are typing very soon.

I'll get those in.

We'll keep that in mind.

Jackal says that if they need a voice for stuff like loading

screens, I'll do it for free.

We'll keep that in mind.

It's an interesting take, because I

was looking at the locale files, and we

need to go back through anyone that's contributed to the locale

and get them to sign some paperwork at some point.

It's going to be interesting.

It's basically like we don't technically

own the contributions.

We don't have a license to their contribution,

so it's a bit weird.

We need to go back and do that.

Contributed license agreement or something like that

is usually what we need.

We need to go back and do that.

But that only matters once we start

putting from locale again.

So I'll sort it out eventually.

I remember every year, someone ends up managing

to break one of the booths.

The way it works is we've got 10 booths, five on the left

and five on the right.

And I always have to put red tape,

caution tape or closed tape over one of the booths,

because someone always ends up managing to break one of them.

And then what I do is I look for--

oh, look, there's no one voting right now.

I can quickly restart the world.

And that will kick one of the broken voting booths

back into there.

I do have the idle restart on, but sometimes I

just want to make it work again so that I can figure it out

in a way that makes it make sense.

With that, I think we're at the end.

If you have any additional questions,

please feel free to direct message me,

drop it in the questions and help channel,

send me carrier pigeons, whatever you want to do.

Smoke signals, I don't know, lasers, moss code,

whatever you want to do.

I'm happy to help you out.

Good luck with your MMC entries.

Do you remember to submit the world early?

I'm going to tell you again, submit the world early.

You don't need to wait till the world is finished before you

put it on that submission plate.

And for the last day of the MMC, you

shouldn't be making edits.

You should be testing.

What happens for desktop users?

What happens for more than one user?

Can this be broken?

What happens for users that may be a color blind?

What happens for users who are deaf?

What happens for users who are blind?

Well, blind's like a strange one.

Partially sighted would be a better term.

Visually impaired, whatever phrasing you want to use there.

And I will speak to you again soon.